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8 Ways to Increase Your Brand Visibility

Here are 8 ways you can stop being ignored and be swiped up so you can increase your visibility and make it easier on yourself to sell more.

Create Content that Your Audience Want, Like and are Interested In

There’s a quote by Peter Drucker – The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well, the product or service fits him and sells itself. If you are looking for business naming services, then Unboxfame is the best company to offer you the best services.

This is where the content you create comes into its own. No need to feel icky when it comes to selling. Your content literally does it for you. 

Ask Yourself

Are you sharing content they want to read, hear and watch? Avoid the trap of writing what you think they want, like or are interested in.

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Research Your Audience

Get around the tumbleweed, and spend some time ‘listening into their conversations. What are they talking about that’s troubling them? What solutions are they looking for?

Then you create content that smacks them right between the eyeballs, and they’ll think you’re able to read their minds.

You’ll then hear squeals of joy as they announce, ‘How did they know that’s exactly what I was talking about the other day?’

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Sound like a Human Being

Ditch the robotic, telephone voice and sound like you, but without the techy speak. Your reader is going to be confused, bamboozled and bewildered if you do so, remember to ditch the curse of knowledge.

Also, there’s something that seems to happen to your brain when you sit down in front of the computer to write.

Our fingers can’t type as fast as our brains work or the words come out of our mouths. If you need product naming services, then you can contact Unboxfame. We offer our services with proper skills and experience.

You may find it easier to:

  • Write your content out using pen and paper and then type it up
  • Record your content so it sounds more conversational and gets a VA to type it up for you
  • Type it up, and then leave it for a week. Stop and do something else then come back to it with fresh eyes.
  • Read it out loud. Not only can you check if this sounds like you, but it’s great for spotting those random typos too.

Have a Clear Marketing Message

Your audience is busy. Your audience is bombarded with a gazillion million messages a day so aim to get your point across.

  • Be understood
  • Be clear
  • Be succinct
  • Be memorable

Once you get clear on your message, you can use it to spread the word about what you do. It’s simple to remember so your audience remembers you more easily, which means your chances of them buying from you is increased.

It’s also the lynch-pin to the content you create. There’s a consistent theme that will stick with your audience.

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Use Images to Show Your Product/Service in Action

  • Your audience wants to see your product/service in action.
  • Think about what you see on TV.
  • The vacuum cleaner is the star of the show.
  • The car is the star of the show.
  • The food blender is the star of the show.
  • The baby food is the star of the show.
  • They all take centre stage, being used and what a difference they’re making to the lives of the people in the ad. You can use this approach online too.

Share Your Fab Content – Consistently

Write Blogs that your audience wants to read and be sure to include a call to action.

Become a video star and create videos for YouTube.

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Use Different Ways to Present Your Content

There was a wee chat over on LinkedIn about video posts. Do you love them or hate them?

The chat was really interesting.

Some people devoured them, others bypassed them completely and some said if they don’t deliver within the first 2 minutes they’re off.

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