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With an extremely busy schedule and lots to take care of, registering your images for copyright might be the last thing on your mind. However, image copyright is something that you should put on top of your to-do list. Besides the protection of your images, image copyright also prevents potential infringers to put you down and obtain a license to use your work.


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Why Is Image Copyright Important?

Image copyright is significant due to many reasons such as:

Complete control

Complete control

It gives you complete control over your work and the way it is used and distributed.

Avoid legal consequences

Avoid legal consequences

It helps you to defend your intellectual property rights.

Protection of Brand Identity

Protection of Brand Identity

Image copyright helps others from using similar content as yours.

Helps Prevent Confusion

Helps Prevent Confusion

By helping avoid infringement issues, image copyrights also assist businesses to avoid confusion.

How Can Image Copyright Help Your Brand?

Image copyright is important because it gives creators control over how their works are used and distributed. This includes the right to decide if and how their images can be reproduced and shared. When you respect the copyright of others, you are helping to protect their rights and the value of their creations. It is also important to understand and respect copyright laws in order to avoid legal consequences.


Frequently Asked Questions

A copyrighted image cannot be stolen or used by any third party without the permission of the one who created the image.

No! Nobody can use copyrighted images without prior permission from the owner. Only when you have legal permission to use a copyrighted image can you obtain its license.

You can do so by submitting a removal request which is a sort of legal process. However, you should do it only when important.

How to Copyright a Photo?

Copyrighting a photo involves legally protecting the exclusive rights of the photographer to reproduce, distribute, display, and create derivative works based on their image. To copyright a photo, the photographer must first ensure that the work is original and fixed in a tangible medium, such as a digital file or print. Next, they should register their copyright with the US Copyright Office by submitting an application, fee, and a copy of the photo.

While copyright registration is not required to establish ownership, it provides greater legal protection and the ability to seek damages if someone else infringes on the photographer's rights. Photographers should also consider including a copyright notice on their photos to discourage unauthorized use and to help establish their ownership.

Can You Use a Watermark to Copyright a Photo?

No, a watermark does not serve as a copyright for a photo, but it can help identify the owner and serve as a deterrent to unauthorized use. While a watermark may indicate ownership, it does not automatically establish copyright protection. Copyright protection is established by law when an original work is created and fixed in a tangible medium, such as a digital file or print.

However, adding a watermark with the photographer's name or logo can make it clear to others that the photo is copyrighted and who owns it. Watermarks can also make it more difficult for others to use the photo without permission, as removing a watermark is considered tampering with the photo's ownership information. Nevertheless, it's essential to register the copyright with the US Copyright Office for full legal protection.

How Do You Know If an Image is Copyrighted?

It can be challenging to determine if an image is copyrighted, as not all copyrighted works are marked as such. However, there are a few ways to determine if an image is copyrighted or not.

Firstly, assume that every image you come across is copyrighted unless stated otherwise.

Secondly, you can conduct a reverse image search using search engines like Google or Bing. This can help identify the source of the image and any associated copyright information.

Thirdly, look for copyright notices or watermarks on the image itself, which can indicate the owner and their rights to the image.

Lastly, you can also check with the US Copyright Office to see if the image has been registered for copyright protection.

It's important to remember that using a copyrighted image without permission can lead to legal consequences, so it's essential to obtain permission or a license before using someone else's work.

Why Choose Unboxfame to Copyright Your Images?

Unboxfame copyright experts hold the extensive experience to help you with your copyright issues. With us by your side, you can be assured of the following things:

  • Prevention of confusion that is caused by two companies using the same images.
  • Ensuring unique, memorable, and distinctive brand identity.
  • Protection of brand reputation from people who are accidentally or deliberately trying to destroy it.
  • Ensuring that no one else chooses the same image as you, no matter whether they belong to the same industry or niche or not.

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