How To Choose A Brand Name

How to Choose a Business Name That Stands Out?

An amazing brand name that reflects your brand value is much more than something that just looks cool on your business card. It is about communicating with the customers and enhancing your presence. One good way to identify a good brand name is to check whether the customers are able to identify, remember and discuss your brand name. An ideal brand name is your company’s most valuable asset.

Choosing the right business name can be a challenging task, however. The real question that crosses the mind of each budding entrepreneur is how to find an appealing brand name. A name that catches the attention of all and stands out. A name that is available and is easy to remember. While some belief in using a name generator as a solution, others believe in putting in some effort to come up with a brand name that actually makes a mark. Based on your branding requirements or budget, you can choose a brand naming agency. Unboxfame not only helps you with a brand name but product naming as well.

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What Inculcates a Great Brand Name?

Multiple theories and studies are available on what makes a great name. A 2010 study by the University of Alberta, for example, claimed that customers react more positively to brands with repetitive words such as Jelly Belly, Coca-Cola, Kit-Kat, etc. This is just one perception. There are many other techniques of brand naming that can help you stand out. Ideally, your brand name must be:

  • Meaningful: It must have a brand essence, invoke an image, and connect with the audience on an emotive level.
  • Accessible: Your audience should be able to spell, Google, or interpret your brand name. No matter how bizarre your brand name is, your audience must be able to understand it.
  • Distinctive: Your brand name must be very unique and not a rehash version of some other brand. This is the key to standing out from the competition.
  • Future-proof: Your brand name must be such that it stays relevant and grows with the company as it expands.
  • Translation: Your brand logo must also be enticing enough and that’s only possible when your brand name is interesting.
  • Robust: Your brand name must have a domain name and you should be able to trademark it too.

How to Find Some Amazing Brand Names?

Searching for a good brand name is an infuriating and exhausting task. Whether you are looking for bespoke logos or the perfect brand name for your business, Unboxfame is here to help. We are the #1 brand naming agency with experts in the field. If you are willing to take the plunge and do it yourself, below-mentioned are a few steps that shall help:

What Are the Steps to Select a Great Brand Name?

Step 1: Articulate your brand values:

After you have come up with a business idea, it’s also crucial to understand yourself and the things that you are trying to achieve via your brand. Articulating your brand values is the key here. It includes defining the vision, values, purpose, and mission of your brand. All of these combined influences everything around you.

Step 2: Consider your key USPs or what sets you apart:

Understanding your own USPs is extremely important for finding the right brand name. Of course, your brand values do matter a lot but there are other things as well that make your business stand out. You have to consider what makes you different before going through the naming process. One way to do it is by analyzing your competition and getting a better sense of what they are doing to prove their worth.

Step 3: Think thoughtfully

Once you have certain ideas in mind, you must engage in a healthy discussion with all the stakeholders to decide what’s best for your business. Have some guidelines in mind that aim at deriving meanings. Next, perform certain exercises such as:

  • Jot down all the points that describe your business, product, or service.
  • Think about what your clients will feel when hearing about your brand or product.
  • Mix and match words in a way that conveys meaning.

What are the techniques of brand naming?

There are many techniques that brand experts imply for naming your brands or products. Some of them are listed below:

  • Descriptive: This includes brand names that describe what you are into.
  • Founder: This includes brand names based on the name of the founders or other relevant people.
  • Metaphorical: This includes brand names that are mythology based.
  • Fabricated: A brand name that’s created with made-up words is kna own as a fabricated brand name.
  • Acronyms: These types of brand names are made using abbreviations or initials.

Engage in an activity wherein each individual has to suggest brand names belonging to different categories and pick the brand name that suits your brand and brand values.

Step 4: Recheck your brand name

There’s no point in choosing a brand name that’s already taken. Your brand name will lack essence even if a similar brand name exists in the market. Therefore, you must narrow your preferences to list your favorite. Next, check them for domain name availability and claim the name.

Step 5: Retest

Once everything is sorted, you can get other things done as well such as logo making, trademark, copyright, etc. All of these elements together make a brand. Getting your website designed and devoting some efforts towards SEO and online presence is equally important too.

How to Give a Finishing Touch to Your Brand?

Your brand name is only the first step in building a strong, memorable brand. From name to messaging, to your visual identity, you want to approach your brand thoughtfully and strategically.

Once you have your name, you can work on completing your brand.


Build your brand strategy by considering your target audience. Think about your brand voice, personality, and pillars. Design a robust brand identity and create useful brand guidelines. You may also put some effort towards marketing.

Remember, a brand is never built overnight. It requires constant effort and commitment. If you feel stuck at any point, it’s a good idea to bring in some support. Unboxfame, as a brand naming agency, is always ready to serve you in the best possible way. So don’t hesitate to contact us right away.