Logo Copyright Service: Why should you know before being caught?

Copyrighting a logo can help to protect the unique identity and branding of a business's intangible assets and to ensure that it is able to effectively control the use of its logo in the marketplace. Creative logo design safeguards the logo’s novelty and ensures that the company’s image remains different and evident. This can exclusively upgrade the brand identity and recognition in the field. This proactive tactic can save you from potential legal battles and financial implications down the line.


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Why Is It Important to Copyright Your Logo?

Acquiring copyright, a creative logo design is crucial to protect its distinct visual oneness. It secures against unauthorized use, maintaining brand singularity and recognition in the market. Legally copyright empowers you with a daunting cache to battle any issue in usage. Some of the things that make logo copyright important are as follows:

Protection of Brand Identity

Protection of Brand Identity

Logo copyright helps others from using a similar logo as yours. By regulating logo copyright, it is safe to say that no one will be able to copy your logo and steal your identity.

Helps Prevent Confusion

Helps Prevent Confusion

By helping avoid breaching issues, logo copyrights also assist businesses to avoid confusion. Create a unique logo, search for existing analogies consult legal experts and register as a trademark.

Assists in Identification

Assists in Identification

Logos also outshine language barriers. In a globalized world, where brands are accessed by diverse audiences a logo’s visual nature allows it linguistic complexities.

Defending Property

Defending Property

Logo copyright can help you to defend your intellectual property rights in case your rights have been infringed. Steadily address any potential infringements. When your logo is copyrighted, you gain the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute and display it.

How can copyrighted Logo protect your Brand Forever?

This is achieved through a combination of legal measures, strategic branding practices, and diligent monitoring with the help of logo designing agency or logo creative agency. Consistent branding guidelines maintain the visual and tonal integrity of the brand.

Brand Protection

By copyrighting a logo, a business can prevent others from using, mirroring, or distributing the logo without permission. It ensures that others can’t use or reproduce these elements without license, reinforcing your brand’s uniqueness.

Avoid Confusion

In addition, having a copyrighted logo can be useful for a business in the event that someone else tries to use a similar logo in a way that could cause confusion among consumer.

Exclusive Rights

Copyrighting a logo can help to protect the original artistic expression that is embodied in the logo and if you encounter unauthorized use of your logo that could lead to confusion, take legal action to enforce your trademark services.


Frequently Asked Questions

Copyright a logo refers to the symbol used to indicate that a creative logo design is protected by copyright. It signifies that the owner of the work holds exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute and control the use of work.

It is advisable to copyright one’s logo to preserve its uniqueness and originality. It gives unique rights to a business and ensures that nobody else can steal your work. As a business owner, it gives huge satisfaction and offers motivation to an owner.

No, they are not all the same. While copyright law is not all-encompassing, trademarks and patents may pose some more sanctions. While the terms are all used interchangeably, they all provide different types of protection.

The business owners and those involved closely in an organization are mostly affected by the changes or troubles that a company might encounter. Therefore, business leaders must opt for logo copyright, as it gives them a sense of protection.

By submitting a USPTO trademark registration, a special logo can be protected. If the business for which they are permitted to file is primarily situated in the United States, anyone may apply online at the USPTO. A patent attorney will be needed to make the filing if the company is headquartered outside of the US.

Simply use Google Drag and drop the logo you had in the search bar currently by clicking on pictures. If the logo already exists, it will perform a reverse image search and return the result.

How can I protect my logo online from being copied?

Copyrighting a logo can help to protect the original skillful expression that is personified in the logo. It can help your brand by providing legal protection for creative works, designs, content and marketing materials.by securing copyright protection for a brand’s logo, businesses can establish a clear connection between the design and their identity. This identification becomes crucial in an era where visual recognition plays a pivotal role in consumer decision making.

For protecting your logo from being copied, you may take the following steps:

  1. Create a distinctive logo: Design a logo that is unique and distinguishable from others in your industry to reduce the risk of confusion.
  2. Check existing logos: Conduct a thorough search to ensure your logo doesn’t resemble existing trademarks or logos that could lead to confusion or legal issues.
  3. Trademark Registration: Consider registering your logo as a trademark with the appropriate government office. This provides legal protection and exclusive rights to use the logo in connection with specific goods or services.
  4. Design Documentation: Keep records of the logo creation process, including sketches, drafts and dates, as evidence of your original design.
  5. Copyright considerations: While copyright protects the artistic elements of the logo, it’s usually trademarks that protect logos in commercial contexts. Consider both types of protection if relevant.
  6. Include usage guidelines: Establish guidelines on how your logo should be used including colors, proportions and clear spacing to maintain its integrity.
  7. Monitor Usage: Regularly check for unauthorized use of your logo and take prompt action to address infringements.
  8. Enforce Rights: If someone uses your logo without permission take legal action to protect your rights and seek remedies if necessary.
  9. Renew and maintain: Keep trademark registration up to date through renewals and continue using the logo in commerce to maintain your rights.

Why copyright your business logo?

Listed below are the top three reasons why should you consider copyrighting your business logo:

  • Brand recognition: Your logo is the face of your brand, and copyrighting it ensures that no one else can use it to confuse customers or dilute your brand.
  • Legal protection: Copyrighting your logo establishes legal ownership and gives you the right to sue anyone who uses it without your permission.
  • Deter Infringement: Having a copyrighted logo can deter others from copying it as the will be aware of your legal rights.
  • Asset value: A copyrighted logo can be a valuable asset for your business, as it can increase in value over time and potentially be licensed or sold for a profit.
  • Licensing opportunities: you can license your logo to others for use, generating additional revenue while maintaining its control over usage.
  • Enforcement: If someone does infringe on your logo, having a copyright makes it easier to take legal action to protect your rights and seek compensation.

When you obtain copyright protection for your brand’s logo and other visual assets. You effectively keep the uniqueness and memorability your brand has thoroughly cultivated. This legal safeguard erects a defense against external parties diverting your brand’s visual identity for their own purposes, which could result in customer dismay or detriment to your standing. Moreover, a securely guard brand identity bestows business advantages, encompassing the potential to venture into fresh markets, explore licensing prospects and raise the allure for potential collaborations or backers.

How much does it cost to copyright a logo?

A logo copyright can be filed for various fees. The cost to register a copyright is $55 for most applicants, whereas the cost is a mere $35 when there is only one author and that person is the one who actually created the work. Keep in mind that copyright laws and fees may have changed so it’s best to check with your local copyright office or legal expert for the most up to date information specific to your jurisdiction. Beyond the immediate benefits, logo copyright equips you with a solid legal foundation to take action against infringements both domestically and internationally, backing consumer trust, sustaining creative freedom and empowering the enduring recognition and authenticity of your brand in the market. This legal aid encompasses the ability to halt infringements, seek redress for damages caused. So, Investing in Logo Copyright has to be applied in your branding process.

How do I create a logo without copyright?

By producing a creative logo design based on your brand's message. Ensure only particular colors, typefaces, symbols, etc., are used in your logo. In your logo, stay away from stock photos and symbols. Keep records of the creation process, drafts and design iterations to establish your original authorship.

You can share your logo work with Unboxfame, a popular marketplace for entrepreneurs to acquire a creative logo concept. You can find hundreds of fresh logo design concepts here, provided by as many graphic designers.

How do you find out if my logo is used by my competitor?

At first you should search a class from the main government website. The class information lies in the top left side user can search classes. This page has three-part first part is the language by default its English, the second part is search phrase and the last is the nice class. The user must leave the first and last part blank and input the product or service segment. Secondly, user has to search a name on its recognized website. Go through the list of prohibited marks. Indian government has published prohibited marks, which can be checked and monitored on trademark website. After that check for prominent brands. Next step is to do a word-mark search. Firstly, search for a trademarked logo through the website and type of brand name in the selected section user need to add and select wordmarks as search type which refers to the applicant’s trade name for registration. After that user needs to do phonetic search for registration. Phonetic logo search finds logos that sound like your input, making it easier to find even if you’re not sure of the exact name or spelling. Finally, go throughout the entire trademark provide user a list of trademarks which are.

How do I copyright my logo?

Execute a Copyright Search Process

Logo's design should be stored in word documents and free logo design checker should be used to check logo with existing logos.

Outline the Registration Application

The application for copyright registration should be recorded with the department name along with the mandated fee and necessary formalities. Later the successful application processes a diary number will be granted for it.

Wait for 30 days

The copyright department will hold onto the creations for a period of 30 days to provide an opportunity for any objections to be raised.

Checking by the examiner

If no objections are raised the application proceeds to the examiner for the next stages of assessment and processing.

Final Examination

If there are no discrepancies found till that stage the copyright registration will be granted approval.

Registration of certification

Once the application is accepted, the certificate of copyright registration is approved.

In case, you opted for trademark registration for both the logo and name. But if your logo consists of some unique symbolism, validate it with copyright registration in India.

10 different logo & image copyright checker tools

  1. Google image search
  2. Brandwatch image inside
  3. Amazon Rekognition
  4. Clarifai
  5. Google vision AI
  6. GumGum
  7. VISUA
  8. IBM’s Watson visual recognition
  9. Imagga
  10. Filestack processing API

How to check logo copyright?

These are the steps to follow to check logo copyright

Step 1: Determine the Right Class

We input the class on the official government website to check trademarks and to ensure our logo is unique.

Step 2: Carry out a Name Search process

We need to make sure that the name of our business, doesn’t conflict with any well-known brand. The Government of India maintains a list of prohibited names that can’t be used for trademarks, as well as a list of well-known trademarks which has broad security. We carefully go through these lists to make sure our business name doesn’t match with other brand names.

Step 3: Do a Word-Mark Search

Afterwards we check the complete database and conduct a search using our business name. This search helps us to identify other businesses that might have similar names.

Step 4: Initiate a Phonetic Search

Phonetic search helps us to find words by sound, not just spelling. It turns words into phonetic forms to improve search accuracy and it returns a detailed list of trademarks that sound equivalent to you when we talk.

Step 5: Finalize Database Search

After following above steps, we have done with the logo copyright checking. This ensures that any logos similar to yours are already registered or not or just abandoned.

Step 6: Report of analyses

We now analyze the search results and assemble a comprehensive report. This report provides the possible risks that can uplift conflicts for your logo registration. It will help us to find out whether our logo design can standout without getting into trouble with our competitors.

Why Choose Unboxfame to Copyright Your Business Logo?

Unboxfame copyright experts hold the extensive experience to help you with your copyright issues. With us by your side, you can be assured of the following things:

  • Prevention of confusion that is caused by two companies using the same logo.
  • Ensuring unique, memorable, and distinctive brand identity.
  • Protection of brand reputation from people who are accidentally or deliberately trying to destroy it.
  • Ensuring that no one else chooses the logo as you, no matter whether they belong to the same industry or niche or not.

By enacting a robust legal footing for your brand’s identity, you’re balanced to confidently navigate the business terrain, secure in the knowledge that your unique characteristics are safeguarded and allotted due reverence. At its core, brand identity protection We understand the time is of the crux and our streamlined processes guarantee swift registrations, enabling you to confidently utilize your logo without any blockade. Trust us and get immovable supervision guaranteed to heighten your brand with the professional logo design agency.

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