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There are businesses that have become an essential part of our lives. Yes! We are talking about Adidas, Nike, Apple, McDonald's, and the likes. These have touched our lives in many impressive ways. Do you think that their business name has a role to play here?

Of course, it does! These business names have become an identity we can easily resonate with, and that's precisely what makes them memorable as well. Those entrepreneurs who don't give their business names enough consideration often think that it's cool to go for any random business name.

However, the truth remains different. A business name acts as a differentiating factor. It is your business name that will help you stand apart from the competition. Your business name creates that first impression that lasts for a long time to come. Therefore, giving it some extra thought is the way to go. At Unboxfame, we cover the extra mile to ensure that your business name is carefully derived, thoughtfully picked, and meaningfully selected.

Business name examples

  1. Nike
  2. Nike
  3. Reebok
  4. MacDonalds
  5. Apple

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Let's talk about why business names matter?

How Is Your Business Name Your Brand's Cornerstone?

What comes to your mind when you hear the word 'Nike'? Is it it's catchy 'Just Do It' slogan? Is it its logo? Or is it the Greek goddess of victory that they derived their name from? Nike worked on the concept of victory to create its brand and named it accordingly.

Its name reflects the purpose of its business and what it stands for. It aims to send out the message of victory to all its clients. They have in a way molded its brand identity via its business name. That exactly is how your goal as an entrepreneur must be. You must strive to create a business name that can serve as the cornerstone of your brand.

The process of creating such a brand name involves being creative, patient, flexible, and carefully brainstorming. Although you can try it out yourself, professional brand naming agency such as Unboxfame can help you create the business name of your dreams by considering it from all perspectives and facets.

How Can Your Business Name Help You Stand Out from The Crowd?

In terms of businesses, the competition today is extremely high. If there are other businesses dealing in the same business as you, it's crucial to pull your socks up so your business doesn't end up looking like every other business of your field.

Your potential customers must be able to establish what sets you apart from others. It is through your business name that you'll be identified. So keeping it unique and engaging is the key to success.

What are the Tips to Come Up with A Good Business Name?

Below-mentioned are a few tips that will help you for sure:

  1. Don't opt for restrictive business names
  2. Avoid hard-to-spell names
  3. Pick a meaningful name
  4. Discuss and rethink
  5. Research well and ensure that it's not available
  6. Book your domain name

How can you increase Sales with an Ideal Business Name?

If you wish to create customer loyalty, it's important to create strong brand names. Think of the brand name Amazon. It is short, sweet, and relevant. Named after the largest river, it suggests to the users that they sell everything from A to Z. The arrow on its logos represents happiness or happy customers.

The name is striking, easy to remember, and aligns with the company's values or purpose. This makes it special and memorable for customers. Making your brand name memorable must be the ultimate choice. You have to make great first impressions, after all. A mediocre brand name will fail to capture the essence and may also put your brand name in the negative limelight.

Your Brand Name Must Be an Attraction Magnet

A good brand name will help generate revenue by attracting more clients. However, one of the biggest and often overlooked advantages of a good brand name is that it helps attract the right clients. If your business name is suggestive of selling the services it deals with; there's a high possibility that it will target the apt audience. This is one of the reasons why many reputed companies go for rebranding and change their names.

Why to Choose Your Business Name Wisely?

Spending some time and resources to create the right brand name for your business can make a lot of difference. So, it's important to choose your brand name wisely. No matter the route you take or the type of brand name you opt for, you must enjoy the journey.

Unboxfame can help you come up with a great business name without much hassle. Let our brand naming experts work out their magic to give your brand a unique identity.