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Product Naming Made Easier!

Once you have picked a great brand name for your business and are done with all other formalities required to kick-start your business, it's time to name your products or services. Product and service naming involves a wide range of naming initiatives. It’s about going beyond the brand name and touching upon all the products, ingredients, or platforms. A serious entrepreneur will know how crucial each initiative is and how naming objective can be different as well.

Just like brand name, choosing a product name isn’t an easy task either. There are multiple things to take into consideration to come up with product names that are inspiring enough for the customers. At Unboxfame, we conduct thorough research to understand your business, evaluate your project requirements and suggest you product names that are in sync with your goals.

Product name examples

  1. iPhone
  2. iPad
  3. Amazon Kindle
  4. Amazon Go
  5. Prime Now
  6. AmazonFresh

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Why is the Product naming process important?

By fostering brand identification, the product naming strategies help guarantee that your products and services appropriately reflect your customers' tastes. Product names have an impact on your brand's future growth as well as the profitability and lifespan of your product. They are significant because you, your clients, or both can use them to recognize a company and its services.

List of famous product names

  • The Nike brand name
  • The Coca-Cola brand name
  • The Amazon brand name
  • The Sony brand name
  • The Fanta brand name
  • The Volkswagen brand name
  • The Lego brand name
  • The Starbucks brand name
  • The Vodafone brand name

Characteristics to Consider When Choosing a Product Name

A product naming process should involve the following:

  • Choose a Brand Identity
  • Make something brief and original.
  • Keep it simple and look out for trademark problems.
  • Make It Simple to Speak and Read
  • Keep Longevity and Purpose in Mind
  • Prevent SEO problems.
  • Take A Look at A Non-Dictionary Word

Our Product Naming Strategies

5 Principles of Success We use:

  • It ought to be both readable and writeable.
  • It ought to be distinctive.
  • It ought to be concise, direct, and memorable.
  • It needs to sound cool when said and look excellent on paper.
  • It ought to arouse a feeling, thought, or emotion.

How bad brand name can affect your brand name in a negative manner?

1. Thinking Of Going Ahead with An Average Name? Think Again!

An ideal brand or product name is memorable, appealing, timeless, and relevant. While coming up with such a name might appear doable for some, ticking all the boxes at the same time might be tougher than you think. This is the reason why most wise businesses rely on product naming services to give an identity to their products. This helps in many ways and helps them make their products go beyond the ordinary.

2. An Ordinary or Common Name Might Confuse Clients

Building customer loyalty and trust are two of the most important factors in launching a new product or service. Since your product name will be the first thing that your clients will notice about your offering, it makes all the sense to put in some efforts in that arena. An average product name might hamper the image that your target audience might have about your offering. There are many brands that aren’t able to create an audience base for the product that they are selling, simply because it wasn’t appealing enough and didn’t tell the audience about what exactly is being sold. You do not want to be making the same mistake for sure. This is where Unboxfame comes into the picture. We help you define your product name in ways that helps retain customers.

3. An Irrelevant Product Name Is Never a Worthy Investment

When searching for a brand or a product name, it’s crucial to choose a name that will last and will stay relevant as your business expands. The way you name your product can determine how well your product will perform (not entirely though). Consider a product name that is named as a candy but sells DVDs. Will the audience be able to relate to it? Or think of a product that sells world-wide but has a place name as a suffix. Not relevant right? The possibility is high that the potential customers will not be able to recognize such product names or relate them in the manner they should. Investing in such product names can never be considered a worthy investment. At Unboxfame, we realize the significance of each investment that you make and never let it go waste. Our experts give value for each penny that you spend on naming your product. Put your faith in us, and we’ll never let you down.

Why Choose Unboxfame for Your New Product Name?

The reason is simple. You deserve a product name that gives value to your creation. Creating names that spark excitement and appeal to your audience is our specialization, and we make sure to master the art. We believe in product names that can pave the way for your success. If you don’t believe in the ordinary and always strive to excel, we’ve got your back.