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Home » SK Group South Korea’s conglomerate, is set to rename its 3 affiliates

SK Group South Korea’s conglomerate, is set to rename its 3 affiliates

SK-Group-South-Korea-conglomerate renaming its 3 affiliates

Third-largest conglomerate in South Korea, SK Group, is planning to rename its subsidiaries in line with Chairman Chey Tae-emphasis won’s on achieving fundamental reform and corporate strategy.

The investment arm of the SK Group, SK Inc., has finished the applications for three trademarks: SK green, SK echorus, and SK humost according to KIPRIS on Tuesday. In 2020 and 2021, registrations were completed.

One of the major conglomerates that renames its affiliates the most frequently is SK. The conglomerate recently changed the names of SKC Solmics, a chip materials and component investment firm, and SK lubricants, a manufacturer of lubricants, to SK enpluse and SK enmove, respectively. Above process is called as Brand Refresh.

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The name changes indicate Chairman Chey’s steadfast desire for major transformation.

In 2011, the SK Group also changed the name of its refining subsidiary, SK energy, to SK innovation. According to experts, SK Group chooses names to create futuristic and creative identities.

SK E&S and SK gas are a couple of the names up for revision. The most well-known among the affiliates is SK green, one of the three names for which SK applied for a trademark.

In order to achieve carbon neutrality, SK Group has been making efforts to actively engage in the hydrogen business.

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