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Google’s Duet AI Can Generate Custom Templates In Sheets

Google Duet AI can generate custom templates in Sheets

Google is introducing a new feature in Google Workspace called Duet AI, offering testers an opportunity to explore its capabilities.

Specifically, Google Sheets users will now have access to a convenient sidebar.

By simply describing their desired actions, Duet AI will generate personalized templates to facilitate their tasks.

This latest addition from Google aims to assist users with intricate organizational and tracking endeavors.

Some suggested applications include creating product roadmaps, planning company retreats, and managing team budgets.

If the feature performs as intended, it has the potential to significantly streamline workflows and save users valuable time.

Currently, it is accessible through workspace labs, providing users with an opportunity to experience its benefits.

Google has been rapidly expanding its AI toolset since the announcement of Duet for workspace during its I/O conference last month.

This innovative feature allows testers to enter prompts in the web version of Google Docs, and Duet can generate text based on those prompts.

Additionally, it can automatically insert smart chips, which provide relevant information and suggestions within the document.

In Gmail, Google’s AI can now assist in drafting emails, both on the web and mobile platforms.

This functionality is designed to make email composition more efficient and easier for users to respond to messages effectively.

Slides, another component of Google Workspace, has also received AI-powered enhancements.

Testers can now generate images from text prompts, allowing for dynamic and visually appealing presentations.

Looking ahead, Google plans to introduce more generative AI features to workspace labs in the coming months.

This signifies an ongoing commitment to enhancing productivity and creativity within the Google Workspace suite.

In addition to Duet and Bard, another AI developed by Google, Bard AI, now offers the ability to export the data it creates to Google Sheets.

This integration allows users to conveniently organize and modify the data in sheets, providing a more elegant and comprehensive solution for data management and analysis.

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