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Home » Is this true that Google pays more than $10 billion to maintain default Search Engine

Is this true that Google pays more than $10 billion to maintain default Search Engine

Is this true that Google pays more than $10 billion to maintain default Search Engine

Google is misusing its dominance, or we can say the so-called supremacy of the market of internet search to prevent competitors and smother innovation”, the Department of Justice said Tuesday at the opening of the biggest U.S. antitrust trial in 25 years.

The Justice strongly raised severe concerns about Google’s troubling and deceiving tactics, exposing allegations of biased authority

According to the development of the Department of Justice (DOJ) Google has taken advantage of its supremacy of the search market to block its competitors and hinder creative development. “This case is about the future of the internet and whether Google’s search engine will ever face meaningful competition,” said Kenneth Dintzer, the Justice Department’s lead litigator.

So How can we justify that Google can cause a havoc for its leading Search Engine Competitors?

1. Allegations

3 years ago, Google fined by The Justice Department during the Trump administration, accused that the company has used its tech dominance in order to survive an unethical advantage against competitors. Government lawyers say Google protects its franchise through payola, spending billions of dollars each year to secure the position as the default search engine on the iphone and famous web browsers like Safari and Firefox. “Google pays more than $10 billion per year for these privileged positions,’’Dintzer said.

2. Monopoly and Domination

Google’s contracts ensure that rivals cannot match the search quality ad monetization, especially on phones,” he said. For more than a dozen this feedback loop has consistently worked in favor of Google for its benefits.

3. Influence on Competitors

As a big tech giant and despite of the fact that it has a control of about 90% of the internet search market Google still faces extensive competition. Its rivals argue and accuses the company that they direct its consumers to post questions about how they can buy or where they can buy.

There are many ways users can access the web other than default search engines, and people use them all the time,’’ said attorney John Schmidtlein, a partner at the law firm Williams & Connolly, representing Google.

4. Possible Results

But the more searches Google processes, the more data it collects – data that can be used to improve future searches and give it an even bigger advantage over its rivals, Dintzer said.

“User data is the oxygen for a search engine,” he said. Because of its market supremacy, “Google search and advertising products are dominating to what its rivals could ever aspire to achieve.

That is the main reason Google pays exceptionally for its search engine to be the default alternative on Apple products plus on other companies.

Google “began weaponizing defaults” more than 15 years ago, Dintzer said, quoting an internal Google document it defines its partnerships as an effective weakness for competing search engines just like offered by yahoo and MSN.

He also alleged that Google intimidated Apple by not allowing it as a default search engine on its own devices for sharing their parts in profit under conditions.

“This is not a negotiation,” Dintzer said. “This is Google saying: Take it or leave it.

Litigators proclaimed the company’s anticompetitive attitude and strategies shut out Apple from pursuing the development of its own search engine.

5. Google’s Security:

According to Google’s viewpoint never ending improvements for its search engine made clear why people keep coming back to it and why practice of “Googling” synonymous with checking things on the internet. Schmidtlein said Google’s tweaks simply made its search better than key rival Bing. “At every critical juncture,” he said, “they were beaten in the market.”


The Google antitrust case by DOJ causing panic and it proved to be the threat for other tech platforms. We as users should be much aware of the ill-effects created by such powerful tech giants and also that how they are hacking our privacy through internet in the name of development. Otherwise, there will be a big mess coming to change human behavior, automations and industry forever.

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