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Fetch Refresh Brand Name, Makes Fetch Happen


Fetch“, America’s No. 1 rewards app and leading consumer engagement platform refresh its Brand Name with “Fetch Happen“.

In order to more accurately represent its popularity among users countrywide and to be in line with expansion plans that will completely transform the way that people purchase, “Fetch happen” officially changed its name.

In the “Fetch Happened” advertising campaign, which will run online and on social media, actor Daniel Franzese pays homage to his famous character Damian to honor the occasion.

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The recent introduction of, the company’s new official name, and “Fetch Happened” herald a new age for Fetch as it expands upon the core service that 17 million users each month have grown to adore. With over one million sign-ups each month and 11 million receipts scanned daily, Fetch makes it easy for consumers to find new brands and get discounts on their favourite goods.

Franzese expressed her joy at partnering with Fetch to promote their enjoyable and gratifying shopping experience. Shopping is the only activity I enjoy more than receiving rewards. You can purchase from us.

Fetch old Logo

With the deliciously pink #FetchHappened limited-edition tee, accessible in the Fetch app, anybody can get in the mood for Fetch’s thrilling new chapter. Daniel’s favorite brands and deals are featured in the So Fetch Collection, which is available in the Fetch app until January 31.

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Fetch’s chief marketing officer, Birk Cooper, declared that there is no end to how thrilled the company is to introduce the company’s users to the next stage of Fetch. “At its core, Fetch is about giving customers a happy, enjoyable way to save.

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