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How to Check Trademark Class 6: Common Metals and Alloys

How to Check Trademark Class 6 Common Metals and Alloys

To decide whether the particular trademark is included in the Class 6 Trademark, which comprises common metals and alloys, you can follow the given procedures:

Understanding the Trademark Classes:

The World Intellectual Property Organization and the USA Patent and Trademark Office classify goods and services for trademark registration using a system of 45 trademark classes. Trademark Class 6 is dedicated to common metals and alloys.

Identify Your Goods:

List the goods or products associated with your trademark. In this case, if your trademark is linked to common metals and alloys, this should undoubtedly be expressed in your product list.

Search Online Databases:

1.USPTO Database: You can use the USPTO’s online database to search for trademarks in the United States related to common metals and alloys. To determine trademarks in Class 6, visit the USPTO’s website and employ their search tools.

2. WIPO’s Global Brand Database: Use WIPO’s Global Brand Database if your brand is international or if you want to registration procedure for trademarks in India internationally. It enables you to look for trademarks in a variety of classes, especially Class 6.

3. Consult a Trademark Attorney: If you’re uncertain about how to organize your trademark or if you want to ensure extensive analysis, it is advisable to confer with a trademark attorney. They can assist you with proficient trademark research and guide the proper classification.

4. Perform a Comprehensive Search: It’s important to conduct detailed research to make sure your trademark is not already registered in trademark class 6. The research should enclose variations and identical trademarks that could potentially generate confusion.

In your research to cover your trademark, it is crucial to maintain the originality and virtue of your trademark. The Trademark Registration process is just the beginning, and vigorously protecting your trademark’s exclusivity is an enduring responsibility.

This implicates observing the market for possible violations, taking legal action when required, and restoring your trademark as directed by the limitations in your jurisdiction. Remember that trademarks are helpful assets that can contrast your brand and products from competitors. Therefore, it’s worth investing time and resources to ensure your trademark remains a strong mark of your business. Conferring with a trademark class attorney is a good approach to guide the process successfully.

Overview Of Trademark 6

Trademark Class 6, defined by the Nice Classification system, pertains to goods made primarily of common metals and their alloys. This class comprises a wide range of metal products, and it’s essential to precisely categorize your goods under Class 6 when applying for a trademark registration to ensure suitable security. Here is an outline of the classes of goods covered by Trademark Class 6:

Common Metals: This classification encloses unwrought or semi-wrought common metals like iron, steel, aluminum, and copper. It covers raw metals not processed or manufactured into distinct shapes or structures.

Metal Ores: This class encloses metal ores and minerals extracted from the earth, which are typically used to produce metals.

Metal Sheets and Plates: Goods like metal sheets, plates, and foil made from common metals are included in Class 6. These materials of metal are used for various other industrial purposes.

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Metal Wire and Wire Goods: Wire products made from common metals, such as wire mesh, fencing, and cables, fall under this class.

Metal Hardware: This class surrounds diverse metal hardware objects like nuts, bolts, screws, hinges, and locks.

Metal Containers: Containers made of metal, including cans, barrels, and tanks, are included in this class.

Metal Building Materials: Materials like metal roofing, siding, and structural components are included in this class.

Metal Safes and Cash Boxes: Goods like metal safes and cash boxes developed to ensure useful things or cash are included in this category.

Small Metal Items: This class encloses small metal items like keys, nuts, bolts, and fasteners.

Metal Statues and Sculptures: Artistic and decorative metal statues and sculptures are also aspects of Class 6.

Metal Signboards and Nameplates: Metal signboards, nameplates, and badges are included in this category.

Broad Industrial Coverage: Class 6 provides a comprehensive range of goods used in various industrial sectors, including construction, manufacturing, and engineering.

Wide Applicability: Many of the goods in Class 6 have a broad range of applications, making this class diverse and important for businesses in multiple industries.

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1000+ Products List Enclosed Under Trademark Class 6

  1. Accordion Doors Of Metal
  2. Acoustic Panels Of Metal
  3. Adhesive Tags Of Metal For Bags
  4. Advertisement Columns Of Metal
  5. Alloys Of Common Metal
  6. Aluminum
  7. Aluminums Foil
  8. Aluminums Wire
  9. Anchor Plates / Tie Plates
  10. Anchors*
  11. Angle Irons Of Metal
  12. Anti-Friction Metal
  13. Anvils
  14. Anvils [Portable]
  15. Arbors [Structures] Of Metal
  16. Armor-Plating Of Metal / Armor-Plating Of Metal
  17. Armored Doors Of Metal / Armored Doors Of Metal
  18. Aviaries [Structures] Of Metal
  19. Badges Of Metal For Vehicles
  20. Bag Hangers Of Metal
  21. Balls Of Steel
  22. Balustrades Of Metal
  23. Bands Of Metal For Tying-Up Purposes / Wrapping Or Binding Bands Of Metal
  24. Barbed Wire
  25. Barrel Hoops Of Metal
  26. Barrels Of Metal
  27. Bars For Metal Railings
  28. Baskets Of Metal
  29. Bathtub Grab Bars Of Metal
  30. Beacons Of Metal, Non-Luminous
  31. Beak-Irons / Bick-Irons
  32. Beams Of Metal / Girders Of Metal
  33. Bed Casters Of Metal
  34. Bells For Animal
  35. Bells*
  36. Belt Stretchers Of Metal
  37. Beryllium [Glucinium] / Glucinium [Beryllium]
  38. Bicycle Parking Installations Of Metal
  39. Binding Screws Of Metal For Cables
  40. Binding Thread Of Metal For Agricultural Purposes
  41. Bindings Of Metal
  42. Bird Baths [Structures] Of Metal
  43. Blooms [Metallurgy]
  44. Bolts Of Metal
  45. Bolts, Flat
  46. Bottle Caps Of Metal
  47. Bottle Closures Of Metal / Bottle Fasteners Of Metal
  48. Bottles [Containers] Of Metal For Compressed Gas Or Liquid Air
  49. Box Fasteners Of Metal
  50. Boxes Of Common Metal
  51. Boxes Of Metal For Dispensing Paper Towels
  52. Braces Of Metal For Handling Loads / Harness Of Metal For Handling Loads
  53. Brackets Of Metal For Building
  54. Brackets Of Metal For Furniture
  55. Branching Pipes Of Metal
  56. Brass, Unwrought Or Semi-Wrought
  57. Brazing Alloys
  58. Bright Steel Bars
  59. Bronze
  60. Bronzes [Works Of Art]
  61. Bronzes For Tombstones / Monuments Of Bronze For Tombs
  62. Buckles Of Common Metal [Hardware]
  63. Building Materials Of Metal / Construction Materials Of Metal
  64. Building Materials Of Metal With Soundproofing Qualities / Construction Materials Of Metal With Soundproofing Qualities
  65. Building Panels Of Metal
  66. Buildings Of Metal
  67. Buildings, Transportable, Of Metal
  68. Burial Vaults Of Metal
  69. Busts Of Common Metal
  70. Cabanas Of Metal
  71. Cable Joints Of Metal, Non-Electric / Cable Linkages Of Metal, Non-Electric
  72. Cables Of Metal, Non-Electric
  73. Cadmium
  74. Casement Windows Of Metal
  75. Cashboxes [Metal Or Non-Metal]
  76. Casings Of Metal For Oil Wells
  77. Cask Stands Of Metal
  78. 60289
  79. Casks Of Metal
  80. Cast Iron, Unwrought Or Semi-Wrought
  81. Cast Steel
  82. Cattle Chains
  83. Ceilings Of Metal
  84. Celtium [Hafnium] / Hafnium [Celtium]
  85. Cermets
  86. Chains Of Metal*
  87. Check Rails Of Metal For Railways / Guard Rails Of Metal For Railways
  88. Chests Of Metal / Bins Of Metal
  89. Chicken-Houses Of Metal
  90. Chill-Moulds [Foundry] / Chill-Molds [Foundry]
  91. Chimney Cowls Of Metal
  92. Chimney Pots Of Metal
  93. Chimney Shafts Of Metal
  94. Chimneys Of Metal
  95. Chrome Iron
  96. Chrome Ores
  97. Chromium
  98. Cladding Of Metal For Building
  99. Clips Of Metal For Cables And Pipes
  100. Clips Of Metal For Sealing Bags
  101. Closures Of Metal For Containers
  102. Clothes Hooks Of Metal
  103. Cobalt, Raw
  104. Collars Of Metal For Fastening Pipes
  105. Commemorative Statuary Cups Of Common Metal
  106. Common Metals, Unwrought Or Semi-Wrought
  107. Containers Of Metal [Storage, Transport]
  108. Containers Of Metal For Compressed Gas Or Liquid Air
  109. Containers Of Metal For Liquid Fuel
  110. Containers Of Metal For Storing Acids
  111. Copper Rings
  112. Copper Wire, Not Insulated
  113. Copper, Unwrought Or Semi-Wrought
  114. Cornices Of Metal
  115. Cotter Pins Of Metal
  116. Couplings Of Metal For Chains
  117. Covers Specially Made For Handling And Transport Of Metal Bottles For Compressed Gas
  118. Crampons [Climbing Irons]
  119. Cramps Of Metal [Crampons] / Crampons Of Metal [Cramps]
  120. Crash Barriers Of Metal For Roads
  121. Crucifixes Of Common Metal, Other Than Jewellery / Crucifixes Of Common Metal, Other Than Jewelry
  122. Dispensers Of Metal For Dog Waste Bags
  123. Diving Boards Of Metal
  124. Door Bells Of Metal, Non-Electric
  125. Door Bolts Of Metal
  126. Door Closers Of Metal, Non-Electric / Door Springs Of Metal, Non-Electric
  127. Door Fasteners Of Metal
  128. Door Fittings Of Metal
  129. Door Frames Of Metal / Door Casings Of Metal
  130. Door Handles Of Metal
  131. Door Knockers Of Metal
  132. Door Openers Of Metal, Non-Electric
  133. Door Panels Of Metal
  134. Door Scrapers
  135. Door Stops Of Metal
  136. Doors Of Metal*
  137. Drain Pipes Of Metal
  138. Drain Traps [Valves] Of Metal
  139. Drawn And Polished Metal Bars
  140. Duckboards Of Metal
  141. Ducts Of Metal For Ventilating And Air-Conditioning Installations
  142. Ducts Of Metal, For Central Heating Installations / Ducts And Pipes Of Metal Central Heating Installations / Pipes Of Metal, For Central Heating Installations
  143. Elbows Of Metal For Pipes
  144. Enclosures Of Metal For Tombs
  145. Eye Bolts / Screw Rings
  146. Fences Of Metal
  147. Ferrules Of Metal
  148. Ferrules Of Metal For Handles
  149. Ferrules Of Metal For Walking Sticks
  150. Figurines Of Common Metal / Statuettes Of Common Metal
  151. Filings Of Metal
  152. Firedogs [Andirons]
  153. Fireplace Grates Of Metal
  154. Fireplace Mantles Of Metal
  155. Fish Plates [Rails]
  156. Fittings Of Metal For Beds
  157. Fittings Of Metal For Building
  158. Fittings Of Metal For Coffins
  159. Fittings Of Metal For Compressed Air Lines
  160. Fittings Of Metal For Furniture
  161. Fittings Of Metal For Windows
  162. Flagpoles [Structures] Of Metal
  163. Flanges Of Metal [Collars]
  164. Flashing Of Metal For Building
  165. Floating Containers Of Metal
  166. Floating Docks Of Metal, For Mooring Boats
  167. Floating Floor Boards Of Metal
  168. Floor Tiles Of Metal
  169. Floors Of Metal
  170. Foils Of Metal For Wrapping And Packaging
  171. Folding Doors Of Metal
  172. Foundry Moulds Of Metal / Foundry Molds Of Metal
  173. Frames Of Metal For Building
  174. Framework Of Metal For Building
  175. Furnace Fireguards Of Metal
  176. Furniture Casters Of Metal
  177. Galena [Ore]
  178. Gates Of Metal
  179. Germanium
  180. Gold Solder
  181. Gratings Of Metal / Grilles Of Metal
  182. Grave Slabs Of Metal / Tomb Slabs Of Metal
  183. Grease Nipples
  184. Greenhouse Frames Of Metal
  185. Greenhouses Of Metal, Transportable
  186. Gutter Pipes Of Metal
  187. Hand-Held Flagpoles Of Metal
  188. Handcuffs
  189. Handling Pallets Of Metal
  190. Hinges Of Metal
  191. Hooks [Metal Hardware]
  192. Hooks Of Metal For Clothes Rails
  193. Hooks Of Metal For Roofing Slates
  194. Hoppers Of Metal, Non-Mechanical
  195. Horseshoe Nails
  196. Horticultural Frames Of Metal / Cold Frames Of Metal
  197. Hot-Rolled Steel Bars
  198. House Numbers Of Metal, Non-Luminous
  199. Ice Moulds Of Metal
  200. Identification Bracelets Of Metal
  201. Indium
  202. Ingots Of Common Metal
  203. Insect Screens Of Metal
  204. Iron Ores
  205. Iron Slabs
  206. Iron Strip / Hoop Iron
  207. Iron Wire
  208. Iron, Unwrought Or Semi-Wrought
  209. Ironmongery* / Hardware* Of Metal, Small
  210. Ironwork For Doors
  211. Ironwork For Windows
  212. Jalousies Of Metal
  213. Jerry Cans Of Metal
  214. Jets Of Metal
  215. Joists Of Metal
  216. Junctions Of Metal For Pipes
  217. Keys Of Metal
  218. Knobs Of Metal
  219. Labels Of Metal
  220. Ladders Of Metal
  221. Latch Bars Of Metal
  222. Latches Of Metal
  223. Laths Of Metal
  224. Latticework Of Metal / Trellis Of Metal
  225. Lead Seals
  226. Lead, Unwrought Or Semi-Wrought
  227. Letter Boxes Of Metal
  228. Letters And Numerals Of Common Metal, Except Type
  229. Limonite
  230. Linings Of Metal For Building
  231. Lintels Of Metal
  232. Loading Gauge Rods Of Metal For Railway Wagons
  233. Loading Pallets Of Metal
  234. Lock Bolts
  235. Locks Of Metal For Bags
  236. Locks Of Metal For Vehicles
  237. Locks Of Metal, Other Than Electric
  238. Machine Belt Fasteners Of Metal
  239. Magnesium
  240. Manganese
  241. Manhole Covers Of Metal
  242. Manifolds Of Metal For Pipelines
  243. Masts Of Metal
  244. Materials Of Metal For Funicular Railway Permanent Ways
  245. Memorial Plates Of Metal / Memorial Plaques Of Metal
  246. Metal Cages For Wild Animals
  247. Metal Ramps For Use With Vehicles
  248. Metals In Foil Or Powder Form For 3D Printers
  249. Metals In Powder Form*
  250. Mobile Boarding Stairs Of Metal For Passengers
  251. Molybdenum
  252. Molybdenum Iron
  253. Monuments Of Metal
  254. Monuments Of Metal For Tombs
  255. Mooring Bollards Of Metal
  256. Mooring Buoys Of Metal
  257. Moldings Of Metal For Building / Moldings Of Metal For Building
  258. Moldings Of Metal For Cornices / Moldings Of Metal For Cornices
  259. Nails
  260. Nameplates Of Metal / Identity Plates Of Metal
  261. Nickel
  262. Nickel Silver / German Silver
  263. Niobium
  264. Nozzles Of Metal
  265. Nuts Of Metal
  266. Oil Drainage Containers Of Metal
  267. Ores Of Metal
  268. Outdoor Blinds Of Metal
  269. Packaging Containers Of Metal
  270. Padlocks Of Metal, Other Than Electronic
  271. Paint Spraying Booths Of Metal / Booths Of Metal For Spraying Paint
  272. Palings Of Metal
  273. Panties Of Metal
  274. Partitions Of Metal
  275. Paving Blocks Of Metal
  276. Paving Slabs Of Metal
  277. Peeled Metal Bars
  278. Pegs Of Metal
  279. Penstock Pipes Of Metal
  280. Pigsties Of Metal
  281. Pillars Of Metal For Building
  282. Pins [Metal Hardware]
  283. Pipe Muffs Of Metal
  284. Pipes Of Metal / Tubes Of Metal
  285. Pipework Of Metal
  286. Pitons Of Metal
  287. Platforms, Prefabricated, Of Metal
  288. Plugs Of Metal / Bungs Of Metal
  289. Poles Of Metal
  290. Porches [Structures] Of Metal
  291. Posts Of Metal
  292. Posts Of Metal For Power Lines / Poles Of Metal For Power Lines
  293. Pot Hooks Of Metal
  294. Prefabricated Houses [Ready-To-Assemble] Of Metal
  295. Preserve Tins / Tin Cans
  296. Prize Cups Of Common Metal
  297. Props Of Metal
  298. Pulleys Of Metal, Other Than For Machines
  299. Pyrophoric Metals
  300. Queue Ticket Dispensers Of Metal
  301. Rails Of Metal
  302. Railway Material Of Metal
  303. Railway Points / Railway Switches
  304. Railway Sleepers Of Metal / Railroad Ties Of Metal
  305. Recycling Bins Of Metal
  306. Reels Of Metal, Non-Mechanical, For Flexible Hoses
  307. Refractory Construction Materials Of Metal
  308. Registration Plates Of Metal / Number Plates Of Metal
  309. Reinforcing Materials Of Metal For Building
  310. Reinforcing Materials Of Metal For Machine Belts
  311. Reinforcing Materials Of Metal For Pipes
  312. Reinforcing Materials, Of Metal, For Concrete
  313. Rings Of Metal* / Stop Collars Of Metal*
  314. Rivets Of Metal
  315. Road Signs, Non-Luminous And Non-Mechanical, Of Metal
  316. Rocket Launching Platforms Of Metal
  317. Rock Fall Prevention Nets Of Metal
  318. Rods Of Metal For Brazing
  319. Rods Of Metal For Brazing And Welding
  320. Rods Of Metal For Welding
  321. Roller Blinds Of Steel
  322. Roof Coverings Of Metal
  323. Roof Flashing Of Metal
  324. Roof Gutters Of Metal
  325. Roofing Of Metal
  326. Roofing Of Metal, Incorporating Photovoltaic Cells
  327. Roofing Tiles Of Metal
  328. Rope Thimbles Of Metal
  329. Ropes Of Metal
  330. Runners Of Metal For Sliding Doors
  331. Safes [Metal Or Non-Metal] / Strongboxes [Metal Or Non-Metal]
  332. Safes, Electronic
  333. Safety Cashboxes
  334. Safety Chains Of Metal
  335. Sash Fasteners Of Metal For Windows
  336. Scaffolding Of Metal
  337. Screw Tops Of Metal For Bottles
  338. Screws Of Metal
  339. Sealing Caps Of Metal
  340. Sew-On Tags Of Metal For Clothing
  341. Sheaf Binders Of Metal
  342. Sheet Piles Of Metal / Pilings Of Metal
  343. Sheets And Plates Of Metal
  344. Shims
  345. Shoe Dowels Of Metal
  346. Shoe Pegs Of Metal
  347. Shuttering Of Metal For Concrete
  348. Shutters Of Metal
  349. Signaling Panels, Non-Luminous And Non-Mechanical, Of Metal
  350. Signboards Of Metal
  351. Signs, Non-Luminous And Non-Mechanical, Of Metal
  352. Silicon Iron
  353. Sills Of Metal
  354. Silos Of Metal
  355. Silver Solder
  356. Silver-Plated Tin Alloys
  357. Skating Rinks [Structures] Of Metal
  358. Slabs Of Metal For Building
  359. Sleeves [Metal Hardware]
  360. Slings Of Metal For Handling Loads
  361. Soldering Wire Of Metal
  362. Soundproof Booths, Transportable, Of Metal
  363. Split Rings Of Common Metal For Keys
  364. Spring Locks
  365. Springs [Metal Hardware]
  366. Spurs
  367. Stables Of Metal
  368. Stair Treads [Steps] Of Metal
  369. Staircases Of Metal
  370. Stakes Of Metal For Plants Or Trees
  371. Statues Of Common Metal
  372. Steel Alloys
  373. Steel Buildings
  374. Steel Masts
  375. Steel Pipes / Steel Tubes
  376. Steel Sheets
  377. Steel Strip / Hoop Steel
  378. Steel Wire
  379. Steel, Unwrought Or Semi-Wrought
  380. Step Stools Of Metal
  381. Steps [Ladders] Of Metal
  382. Stoppers Of Metal
  383. Stops Of Metal
  384. Strap-Hinges Of Metal
  385. Straps Of Metal For Handling Loads / Belts Of Metal For Handling Loads
  386. Street Gutters Of Metal
  387. Stretchers For Iron Bands [Tension Links]
  388. Stretchers For Metal Bands [Tension Links]
  389. Stringers [Parts Of Staircases] Of Metal
  390. Swimming Pools [Structures] Of Metal
  391. Swing Doors Of Metal
  392. Tacks [Nails] / Brads
  393. Tanks Of Metal / Reservoirs Of Metal
  394. Tantalum [Metal]
  395. Taps Of Metal For Casks / Faucets Of Metal For Casks
  396. Telegraph Posts Of Metal
  397. Telephone Booths Of Metal / Telephone Boxes Of Metal
  398. Telpher Cables
  399. Tension Links
  400. Tent Pegs Of Metal
  401. Thread Of Metal For Tying-Up Purposes
  402. Tile Floorings Of Metal
  403. Tiles Of Metal For Building
  404. Tin
  405. Tinfoil
  406. Tinplate
  407. Tinplate Packings
  408. Titanium
  409. Titanium Iron / Ferrotitanium
  410. Toilet Paper Dispensers Of Metal
  411. Tomboy
  412. Tombs Of Metal
  413. Tombstone Plaques Of Metal
  414. Tombstone Stelae Of Metal
  415. Tool Boxes Of Metal, Empty
  416. Tool Chests Of Metal, Empty
  417. Towel Dispensers Of Metal
  418. Transport Pallets Of Metal
  419. Traps For Wild Animals*
  420. Trays Of Metal*
  421. Tree Protectors Of Metal
  422. Troughs Of Metal For Mixing Mortar
  423. Tubbing Of Metal
  424. Tungsten
  425. Tungsten Iron
  426. Turnstiles Of Metal
  427. Turntables [Railways]
  428. Valves Of Metal, Other Than Parts Of Machines
  429. Vanadium
  430. Vats Of Metal
  431. Vice Claws Of Metal
  432. Wainscoting Of Metal
  433. Wall Claddings Of Metal For Building
  434. Wall Linings Of Metal For Building
  435. Wall Plugs Of Metal
  436. Wall Tiles Of Metal
  437. Washers Of Metal
  438. Waste Dumpsters Of Metal, Other Than For Medical Use
  439. Water-Pipe Valves Of Metal
  440. Water-Pipes Of Metal
  441. Weather- Or Wind-Vanes Of Metal / Weather Vanes Of Metal / Wind Vanes Of Metal
  442. Wheel Clamps [Boots]
  443. White Metal
  444. Wind-Driven Bird-Repelling Devices Made Of Metal
  445. Window Casement Bolts
  446. Window Closers Of Metal, Non-Electric
  447. Window Fasteners Of Metal
  448. Window Frames Of Metal
  449. Window Openers Of Metal, Non-Electric
  450. Window Pulleys Of Metal / Sash Pulleys Of Metal
  451. Window Stops Of Metal
  452. Window Vent Lights Of Metal
  453. Windows Of Metal
  454. Wire Cloth / Wire Gauze
  455. Wire Of Common Metal
  456. Wire Of Common Metal Alloys, Except Fuse Wire
  457. Wire Rope
  458. Wire Stretchers [Tension Links]
  459. Works Of Art Of Common Metal
  460. Zinc
  461. Zip Ties Of Metal / Cables Ties Of Metal
  462. Zirconium
  463. Indium
  464. Ingots Of Common Metal
  465. Insect Screens Of Metal
  466. Iron Slabs
  467. Iron, Unwrought Or Semi-Wrought
  468. Iron Strip / Hoop Iron
  469. Iron Wire
  470. Iron Ores
  471. Ironmongery* / Hardware* Of Metal, Small
  472. Ironwork For Windows
  473. Ironwork For Doors
  474. Jalousies Of Metal
  475. Jets Of Metal
  476. Joists Of Metal
  477. Junctions Of Metal For Pipes
  478. Keys
  479. Knife Handles Of Metal
  480. Knobs Of Metal
  481. Ladders Of Metal
  482. Latch Bars Of Metal
  483. Latches Of Metal
  484. Late Of Metal
  485. Latticework Of Metal / Trellis Of Metal
  486. Lead Seals
  487. Lead, Unwrought Or Semi-Wrought
  488. Letter Boxes Of Metal
  489. Letters And Numerals Of Common Metal, Except Type
  490. Limonite
  491. Linings Of Metal [Building] / Cladding Of Metal For Construction And Building
  492. Lintels Of Metal
  493. Loading Pallets Of Metal
  494. Loading Gauge Rods, Of Metal, For Railway Waggons / Loading Gauge Rods, Of Metal, For Railway Wagons
  495. Lock Bolts
  496. Locks Of Metal, Other Than Electric
  497. Locks Of Metal For Vehicles
  498. Locks Of Metal For Bags
  499. Magnesium
  500. Manganese
  501. Manhole Covers Of Metal
  502. Manifolds Of Metal For Pipelines
  503. Masts Of Metal
  504. Memorial Plates Of Metal / Memorial Plaques Of Metal
  505. Metals In Powder Form*
  506. Mobile Boarding Stairs Of Metal For Passengers
  507. Molybdenum Iron
  508. Molybdenum
  509. Monuments Of Metal
  510. Monuments Of Metal For Tombs
  511. Mooring Bollards Of Metal
  512. Mooring Buoys Of Metal
  513. Moldings Of Metal For Cornices / Moldings Of Metal For Cornices
  514. Nails
  515. Nickel
  516. Nickel-Silver
  517. Niobium
  518. Nozzles Of Metal
  519. Nuts Of Metal
  520. Ores Of Metal
  521. Outdoor Blinds Of Metal
  522. Packaging Containers Of Metal
  523. Padlocks
  524. Paint Spraying Booths Of Metal / Booths Of Metal For Spraying Paint
  525. Palings Of Metal
  526. Partitions Of Metal
  527. Paving Blocks Of Metal
  528. Paving Slabs Of Metal
  529. Pegs Of Metal
  530. Penstock Pipes Of Metal
  531. Pigsties Of Metal
  532. Pillars Of Metal For Buildings
  533. Pins [Hardware]
  534. Pipe Muffs Of Metal
  535. Pipework Of Metal
  536. Pitons Of Metal
  537. Platforms, Prefabricated, Of Metal
  538. Plugs Of Metal / Bungs Of Metal
  539. Poles Of Metal
  540. Porches Of Metal [Building]
  541. Posts Of Metal
  542. Posts Of Metal For Power Lines / Poles Of Metal For Power Lines
  543. Pot Hooks Of Metal
  544. Prefabricated Houses [Kits] Of Metal
  545. Preserving Boxes Of Metal / Preserve Tins / Tin Cans
  546. Props Of Metal
  547. Pulleys Of Metal, Other Than For Machines
  548. Pyrophoric Metal
  549. Metal Cabinet Stops
  550. Metal Cable And Pipe Clips
  551. Metal Cable Clips
  552. Metal Cable Wire
  553. Metal Cages For Wild Animals
  554. Metal Cans, Sold Empty
  555. Metal Caps For Bottles
  556. Metal Carabineers
  557. Metal Cash Deposit Boxes
  558. Metal Casks
  559. Metal Casters
  560. Metal Casting Forms For Concrete
  561. Metal Castings
  562. Metal Catches
  563. Metal Ceiling Panels
  564. Metal Ceiling Tiles
  565. Metal Chain Door Guards
  566. Metal Chain-Link Fences
  567. Metal Chain-Link Fencing
  568. Metal Chain Link Fences
  569. Metal Chain Link Fencing
  570. Metal Chains
  571. Metal Chains For Keys
  572. Metal Chests
  573. Metal Chimneys
  574. Metal Clamps
  575. Metal Clevis Fasteners
  576. Metal Clips
  577. Metal Clips For Cables And Pipes
  578. Metal Clips For Sealing Bags
  579. Metal Closures For Containers
  580. Metal Clothes Hooks
  581. Metal Clothesline Wire
  582. Metal Collars For Fastening Pipes
  583. Metal Conduits
  584. Metal Connectors For Decking And Decking Joists
  585. Metal Connectors For Pipes
  586. Metal Construction Materials
  587. Metal Containers For Compressed Gas Or Liquid Air
  588. Metal Containers For Storage Or Transport
  589. Metal Containers For The Storage And Transportation Of Goods
  590. Metal Cornices
  591. Metal Cotter Pins
  592. Metal Cotters
  593. Metal Couplings And Joints For Pipes
  594. Metal Couplings For Fire Hoses
  595. Metal Couplings For Pipes
  596. Metal Cove Bases
  597. Metal Coverings For Ceilings
  598. Metal Crash Barriers
  599. Metal Crash Barriers For Roads
  600. Metal Cup Hooks
  601. Metal Curtain Walls
  602. Metal Cylinder Locks
  603. Metal Cylinders For Compressed Gas Or Liquids, Sold Empty
  604. Metal Dead Bolts
  605. Metal Deadbolts
  606. Metal Decking
  607. Metal Decking Boards
  608. Metal Decorative Boxes
  609. Metal Diving Boards
  610. Metal Dock Cleats
  611. Metal Dog Tags
  612. Metal Domestic Shrines
  613. Metal Door Bolts
  614. Metal Door Fasteners
  615. Metal Door Frames
  616. Metal Door Frames For Refrigerating Rooms
  617. Metal Door Handles
  618. Metal Door Hinges
  619. Metal Door Kick Plates
  620. Metal Door Knockers
  621. Metal Door Latches
  622. Metal Door Locks
  623. Metal Door Panels
  624. Metal Door Stops
  625. Metal Door Surrounds
  626. Metal Door Trim
  627. Metal Door Units
  628. Metal Door Viewers [Non-Magnified]
  629. Metal Doorknobs
  630. Metal Doorknockers
  631. Metal Doors
  632. Metal Dowels
  633. Metal Down Spouts
  634. Metal Downpipes
  635. Metal Downspouts
  636. Metal Drain Pipes
  637. Metal Drain Traps
  638. Metal Drainage Pipes
  639. Metal Drains For Use In Construction Of Basement Waterproofing Systems
  640. Metal Drawer Trim
  641. Metal Drawer Trims
  642. Metal Ducts For Gas Conduits
  643. Metal Ducts For Gas Pipelines
  644. Metal Dust Proof Strikes
  645. Metal Ear Tags For Livestock
  646. Metal Elbows For Flexible Pipes
  647. Metal Elbows For Pipes
  648. Metal Elbows For Rigid Pipes
  649. Metal Engine Stands
  650. Metal Escutcheons
  651. Metal Espagnolettes
  652. Metal Expanding Sleeves For Affixing Screws
  653. Metal Expansion Joints For Floors And Walls
  654. Metal Expansion Joints For Piping And Ducting
  655. Metal Exterior Blinds
  656. Metal Fascias
  657. Metal Fasteners For Scaffolds
  658. Metal Fence Panels
  659. Metal Fence Posts
  660. Metal Fence Stays
  661. Metal Fences
  662. Metal Fencing Panels
  663. Metal Fencing Stays
  664. Metal Fire Doors
  665. Metal Fire Resistant Safes
  666. Metal Fire-Resistant Safes
  667. Metal Fireplace Grates
  668. Metal Fireplace Surrounds
  669. Metal Fittings For Compressed Air Lines
  670. Metal Fittings For Flexible Pipes
  671. Metal Fittings For Pipes
  672. Metal Fittings For Rigid Pipes
  673. Metal Fittings For Windows
  674. Metal Flanges
  675. Metal Floor Boards
  676. Metal Floor Hinges
  677. Metal Floor Panels
  678. Metal Floor Tiles
  679. Metal Floorboards
  680. Metal Flooring
  681. Metal Floors
  682. Metal Fluid Storage Tanks
  683. Metal Folding Doors
  684. Metal Forgings
  685. Metal Fuel Oil Hoses
  686. Metal Furniture Casters
  687. Metal Furniture Sliders
  688. Metal Garage Door Rollers
  689. Metal Garage Doors
  690. Metal Garden Sheds
  691. Metal Garden Stakes
  692. Metal Garment Hooks
  693. Metal Gate Hooks And Eyes
  694. Metal Gate Latches
  695. Metal Gate Stops
  696. Metal Gates
  697. Metal Gates And Fences
  698. Metal Gates And Fencing
  699. Metal Gates And Fencing Panels
  700. Metal Gates For Car Parking Facilities
  701. Metal Gates For Car Parks Or Parking Lots
  702. Metal Gazebos
  703. Metal Girders
  704. Metal Gratings
  705. Metal Greenhouse Frames
  706. Metal Greenhouses
  707. Metal Guard Barriers
  708. Metal Gutter Pipes
  709. Metal Gutters
  710. Metal Handrails For Stairs
  711. Metal Handrails For Use In Buildings
  712. Metal Handrails For Walkways
  713. Metal Hardware
  714. Metal Hardware, Namely, Double-End Swivels
  715. Metal Harnesses For Handling Loads
  716. Metal Heating Ducts
  717. Metal Hexagon Head Bolts
  718. Metal Hinges
  719. Metal Hinges For Doors And Windows
  720. Metal Hinges For Windows And Doors
  721. Metal Holders For Signboards
  722. Metal Holders For Signs
  723. Metal Hooks
  724. Metal Hose Clamps
  725. Metal Hose Clips
  726. Metal Hose Fittings
  727. Metal Hoses For Agricultural Use
  728. Metal Hoses For Plumbing Use
  729. Metal Hoses For Swimming Pools
  730. Metal House Numbers
  731. Metal Identification Bands For Blood Collection Systems
  732. Metal Identification Bracelets
  733. Metal In Powdered Form
  734. Metal Indicia Tabs
  735. Metal Inner Doors
  736. Metal Jalousies
  737. Metal Jerry Cans
  738. Metal Joinery Fittings
  739. Metal Joints For Pipes
  740. Metal Joists
  741. Metal Junctions For Pipes
  742. Metal Karabiners
  743. Metal Kegs
  744. Metal Key Blanks
  745. Metal Keys For Locks
  746. Metal Knobs
  747. Metal Knockers
  748. Metal Ladders
  749. Metal Ladders For Libraries
  750. Metal Landscape Edgings
  751. Metal Latch Bars
  752. Metal Latches
  753. Metal Laths
  754. Metal Latticework
  755. Metal Lawn Edging
  756. Metal Lawn Edgings
  757. Metal Letter Boxes
  758. Metal License Plates
  759. Metal License Plates
  760. Metal Lids
  761. Metal Lids For Cans
  762. Metal Lintels
  763. Metal Loading Dock Shelters
  764. Metal Lock Bolts
  765. Metal Lock Boxes
  766. Metal Locking Mechanisms
  767. Metal Locks
  768. Metal Locks And Keys Therefor
  769. Metal Locks For Doors
  770. Metal Locks For Windows
  771. Metal Locks, Non-Electric
  772. Metal Locksets
  773. Metal Mail Boxes
  774. Metal Mail Plates
  775. Metal Mail Slots
  776. Metal Mailboxes
  777. Metal Manhole Covers
  778. Metal Materials For Building And Construction
  779. Metal Military Identification Tags
  780. Metal Moldings For Building
  781. Metal Molds For Forming Cement Products
  782. Metal Mooring Buoys
  783. Metal Moldings For Building
  784. Metal Moulds For Forming Cement Products
  785. Metal Muffs For Pipes
  786. Metal Mullions
  787. Metal Nameplates And Door Nameplates
  788. Metal Number Plates
  789. Metal Number Plates
  790. Metal Nuts
  791. Metal Oil Cans Sold Empty
  792. Metal Ores
  793. Metal Outer Doors
  794. Metal Palings
  795. Metal Palisades
  796. Metal Pallets
  797. Metal Pantiles
  798. Metal Parking Curbs
  799. Metal Parking Kerbs
  800. Metal Partitions For Building
  801. Metal Patio Doors
  802. Metal Paving Slabs
  803. Metal Pegs
  804. Metal Penstock Pipes
  805. Metal Pet Doors
  806. Metal Pickets
  807. Metal Picture Hangers
  808. Metal Pig Houses
  809. Metal Pigsties
  810. Metal Pillars For Building
  811. Metal Pipe Clamps
  812. Metal Pipe Clips
  813. Metal Pipe Collars
  814. Metal Pipe Connectors
  815. Metal Pipe Couplings
  816. Metal Pipe Couplings And Joints
  817. Metal Pipe Elbows
  818. Metal Pipe Fittings
  819. Metal Pipe Joints
  820. Metal Pipe Junctions
  821. Metal Pipe Muffs
  822. Metal Pipe Supports
  823. Metal Pipes
  824. Metal Pipes And Fittings Therefor
  825. Metal Pipes And Tubes
  826. Metal Pipes For Building
  827. Metal Pipes For Liquid And Gas Transfer
  828. Metal Placards
  829. Metal Plant Markers
  830. Metal Plaques For Tombstones
  831. Metal Plugs
  832. Metal Plugs For Baths
  833. Metal Plugs For Showers
  834. Metal Plugs For Sinks
  835. Metal Poles
  836. Metal Porches [Structures]
  837. Metal Portable Piers Which Extend From A Shore Line Out Over Water
  838. Metal Posts
  839. Metal Powders For Use In Manufacturing
  840. Metal Powders Used In Manufacturing
  841. Metal Prefabricated Garages
  842. Metal Pulleys, Springs And Valves [Not Including Machine Elements]
  843. Metal Railings
  844. Metal Railings For Balconies
  845. Metal Railings For Bridges
  846. Metal Railings For Fences
  847. Metal Railroad Ties
  848. Metal Rails
  849. Metal Railway Crossovers
  850. Metal Railway Ties
  851. Metal Ramps For Use With Vehicles
  852. Metal Registration Plates
  853. Metal Reinforcement Materials For Building
  854. Metal Reinforcing Materials For Concrete
  855. Metal Revolving Doors
  856. Metal Rigging Chain
  857. Metal Rigging Chains
  858. Metal Rings
  859. Metal Rivets
  860. Metal Rocket Launching Platforms
  861. Metal Rods For Brazing And Welding
  862. Metal Roll Shutters
  863. Metal Rolling Window Shutters
  864. Metal Roof Flashing
  865. Metal Roof Tiles
  866. Metal Roof Trusses
  867. Metal Roof Vents For Residential And Commercial Buildings
  868. Metal Roofing
  869. Metal Roofing Hips
  870. Metal Roofing Panels
  871. Metal Roofing Tiles
  872. Metal Ropes
  873. Metal Runners For Sliding Doors
  874. Metal Safes
  875. Metal Safety Doors
  876. Metal Sash Fasteners For Windows
  877. Metal Sash Lifts
  878. Metal Sash Locks
  879. Metal Sash Pulleys
  880. Metal Scaffolding
  881. Metal Screen Doors
  882. Metal Screw Tops For Bottles
  883. Metal Screws
  884. Metal Security Lock Cylinders
  885. Metal Sewer Pipes
  886. Metal Shelf Brackets
  887. Metal Shelter Structures
  888. Metal Shims
  889. Metal Shingles
  890. Metal Shoe Dowels
  891. Metal Shoe Pegs
  892. Metal Shower Grab Bars
  893. Metal Siding
  894. Metal Silos
  895. Metal Skid Chains
  896. Metal Skylights
  897. Metal Slabs For Building
  898. Metal Sliding Doors
  899. Metal Slings For Loading
  900. Metal Soffits
  901. Metal Speed Bumps
  902. Metal Spring Locks
  903. Metal Sputtering Targets
  904. Metal Stables
  905. Metal Staircases
  906. Metal Stakes For Plants Or Trees
  907. Metal Stanchions
  908. Metal Stands For Barrels
  909. Metal Staples For Construction Or Industrial Use
  910. Metal Step Ladders
  911. Metal Step Stools
  912. Metal Stepladders
  913. Metal Stepladders And Ladders
  914. Metal Stoppers For Baths
  915. Metal Stoppers For Bottles
  916. Metal Stoppers For Industrial Packaging Containers
  917. Metal Stoppers For Showers
  918. Metal Stoppers For Sinks
  919. Metal Storage Drums
  920. Metal Storage Sheds
  921. Metal Storage Shelters
  922. Metal Storage Tanks
  923. Metal Storage Tanks And Roofs Therefor
  924. Metal Storm Shelters
  925. Metal Strong Boxes
  926. Metal Suspended Ceiling Systems Comprising Panels
  927. Metal Swimming Pools
  928. Metal Taps For Beer Kegs
  929. Metal Taps For Casks
  930. Metal Telephone Booths
  931. Metal Tent Pegs
  932. Metal Tent Poles
  933. Metal Tent Stakes
  934. Metal Threaded Fasteners
  935. Metal Thresholds
  936. Metal Time Capsules
  937. Metal Tomb Plaques
  938. Metal Tombs
  939. Metal Tool Boxes, Empty
  940. Metal Tracks For Rail Vehicles
  941. Metal Train And Bus Ticket Holders
  942. Metal Trellis
  943. Metal Trellis For Supporting Plants
  944. Metal Trellises
  945. Metal Trim For Buildings
  946. Metal Trims For Buildings
  947. Metal Troughs For Mixing Mortar
  948. Metal Tubes
  949. Metal Tubes For Gas
  950. Metal Tubes For Industrial Use
  951. Metal Tubing
  952. Metal Tubing And Tubing Couplings For Joining And Terminating Pipes
  953. Metal Turnbuckles
  954. Metal Turnstiles
  955. Metal Upholstery Tacks
  956. Metal Utility Poles
  957. Metal Valances
  958. Metal Valves For Controlling The Flow Of Gases In Pipelines
  959. Metal Valves For Water Pipes
  960. Metal Valves, Not Being Parts Of Machines
  961. Metal Vent Covers
  962. Metal Vent Covers For Hvac Ducts
  963. Metal Wainscoting
  964. Metal Wainscoting
  965. Metal Wall Claddings For Building
  966. Metal Wall Hooks For Pipes
  967. Metal Wall Tiles
  968. Metal Water Pipes
  969. Metal Water-Pipe Valves
  970. Metal Weather Vanes
  971. Metal Welding Rods
  972. Metal Wheel Clamps
  973. Metal Window Casements
  974. Metal Window Cranks
  975. Metal Window Fasteners
  976. Metal Window Fittings
  977. Metal Window Frames
  978. Metal Window Handles
  979. Metal Window Hinges
  980. Metal Window Jambs
  981. Metal Window Locks
  982. Metal Window Pulleys
  983. Metal Window Rails
  984. Metal Window Sashes
  985. Metal Window Screens
  986. Metal Window Shutters
  987. Metal Window Sills
  988. Metal Window Stops
  989. Metal Window Surrounds
  990. Metal Window Trim
  991. Metal Windows
  992. Metal Wire Fences
  993. Metal Wire Fencing
  994. Metallic Armored Doors
  995. Metallic Armored Doors
  996. Metallic Badges For Vehicles
  997. Metallic Doors
  998. Metallic Doors For Strong Boxes
  999. Metallic Doors For Strongboxes
  1000. Metallic Doors, Windows, Shutters And Slatted Shutters


To conclude, checking trademark classes, which pertain to “Common Metals and Alloys”, is a crucial stage for individuals or businesses seeking to protect their trademarks within this category. By verifying the availability and distinctiveness of your desired trademark in class 6, you can ensure that your branding and intellectual property are safeguarded in connection with common metals and alloys. This process involves thorough research, including reviewing current trademarks, understanding the specific goods or services protected, and consulting with trademark specialists if necessary. Successfully guiding trademark class 6 can help deter potential legal conflicts and find a unique brand identity in the world of metals and alloys.

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