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How to Understand the Difference Between Branding and Advertising

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How to Understand the Difference Between Branding and Advertising

Branding and Advertising are two terms we often hear while talking about businesses. While the two of them have distinctions, a lot of people are confused between the two. Sometimes, it is complicated to find the difference as there are overlaps in the concept of branding and advertising. Here we will try to present the key differences between the two terms and blow the fog from that differentiating line.

Let’s start with an example. We all love Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates. The purple wrapper and the iconic Cadbury logo maintain their distinct identity in the market. It’s easy even for a kid to identify Dairy Milk without reading the name. That’s what branding is, the ability of Cadbury to create a brand identity for its product.

Now coming through their sales tactic, Cadbury often focuses on targeting their customers via emotive campaigns. The company aims to promote the product and its values by using advertisements on different media. That’s what advertising is, promoting the brand itself.

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When clubbed with Marketing, the three drive the overall growth of the business. Although Branding, Advertising, and Marketing are utilized in promoting a business, the execution of each of them varies.

·        Branding defines the business identity while marketing determines the audience for the business. Advertising aims to promote the business’s reputation in the market.

·        Branding is understanding your products and services. Marketing is identifying customers’ needs, while advertising focuses on pushing the products or services to the customers.

·        Branding lets the business find its USP. Marketing compares the company’s features with client expectations. Advertising looks forward to communicating the unique feature to its audience.

·        Branding identifies the company’s long-term goals, marketing focuses on establishing communication channels, while advertising achieves those goals in chunks and influences the public’s perceptions.

The three concepts are interdependent. Each of them plays a significant role in creating a brand and generating revenue. You can go through the websites of branding agencies or a brand naming agency to learn more about branding.

When we delve deeper into these concepts, there is another term called Brand Advertising. So what is brand advertising?

Brand advertising aims to build a strong relationship with its customers by promoting the company’s key details like brand name, symbols or logos, or brand motives. Rather than completely focusing on features, brand advertising looks to establish brand image via advertising tactics.

Branding depends a lot on the brand name, taglines, and visual appearance (i.e. logo). Therefore, the first step in choosing the right brand name is the starting point of creating a brand identity. If you are facing any doubts while naming your company, it is suggested to seek help from a business naming agency. Several brand naming agencies in India offer extensively researched brand naming services.

If you want to target your audience via social media handles and digital platforms, there is another method called e-branding. As the name suggests, e-branding is all about creating your brand identity on the Internet.

E-branding consists of determining the digital customer base, finding the right channels and platforms, and creating suitable content to appeal to your audience. No doubt, several steps and tactics go into play. Due to a large presence of users on the internet, e-branding has become a less costly, yet effective way of conveying your brand identity to the audience.

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Branding and Advertising are related in various aspects, yet their roles and significance differ. Branding is a long-term process, while advertising assists in creating brand identity and exists in parts for a short time.

Both tools are essential for a business to fuel growth and establish the visibility of a brand in the market.


1. What is the difference between Branding and Marketing and Advertising?

Branding is a long-term aspect of a business that focuses on creating a brand identity in the market and amongst its target audience. Marketing focuses on identifying the target audience and understanding their needs. Whereas Advertising enhances brand objectives and aims to increase sales and generate revenue.

2. What is branding?

Branding is creating and defining the audience’s perspective of the company’s product or service, goals, and values by using various tactics.

3. What is e-branding?

E-branding is establishing your brand identity via the Internet. E-branding targets a digital audience and aims to create a positive image of the brand through various digital promotional methods.

4. What is an example of Branding vs. Advertising?

Take the example of Cadbury Dairy Milk. Their purple wrapper, milk bottles on the packaging, and calligraphic logo help it create a brand identity. That’s what branding is. Whereas the emotive advertising campaigns by Cadbury to promote its sales is what we call Advertising.

5. What is the difference between Advertising and Marketing?

Advertising is one of the aspects of marketing. Marketing focuses on conducting market research to identify the market conditions and determine customer needs. Advertising furthers the process by promoting sales within the market and creating brand awareness amongst the target audience.

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