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How To Check Trademark Class 5: Pharmaceutical & Medical Products?

How To Check Trademark Class 5: Pharmaceutical & Medical Products

A company that sells pharmaceuticals or healthcare products can protect its brand identification by registering its trademark under trademark class 5. Obtaining Trademark Registration confers numerous types of legal rights on the business owner. Choosing the suitable classes for your goods is critical during the Trademark Registration process.

Overview of Trademark Class 5

You can find various Pharmaceutical and veterinary products in Trademark Class 5. For example, sanitary products for medical purposes & personal hygiene, dietary substances adapted for medical use, food for babies, plasters, dressings materials, stopping teeth materials, dental wax, disinfectants, and products for destroying vermin, fungicides, and herbicides and so on.

Examples of Products included in Trademark Class 5

  1. Pharmaceutical Products: This category of products include pharmaceutical drugs used for preventing of diseases in humans and animals.
  2. Veterinary Products: These include veterinary medications used for the treatment of diseases in animals.
  3. Sanitary Products: It include personal care & hygiene products like toothpaste, shampoo, soap, and deodorants.
  4. Dietary Products: It includes dietary products such as vitamins and nutritional supplements.
  5. Disinfectants: It includes disinfecting products for floors, walls, etc.
  6. Antiseptics: These include products like sanitizers & mouthwashes for inhibiting microorganisms.

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1000+ Products List Enclosed Under Trademark Class 5

  1. Absorbent Cotton
  2. Absorbent wadding
  3. Acai powder dietary supplements
  4. Acaracides
  5. Acaricides
  6. Acaricides for agricultural use
  7. Acaricides for domestic use
  8. Acetaminophen
  9. Acetates for pharmaceutical purposes
  10. Acids for pharmaceutical purposes
  11. Acne medication
  12. Acne treatment preparations
  13. Aconitine
  14. Activated charcoal used as an antidote to poisons
  15. Adhesive bandages
  16. Adhesive bandages for skin wounds
  17. Adhesive bands for medical use
  18. Adhesive patches impregnated with pharmaceutical preparations
  19. Adhesive plasters
  20. Adhesive tapes for medical purposes
  21. Adhesives for dental purposes
  22. Adjuvants for medical purposes
  23. Adjuvants for use with vaccines
  24. Adjuvants for veterinary use
  25. Adrenal hormone preparations
  26. Adult diapers
  27. Adult vitamins
  28. Agricultural biopesticides
  29. Air deodorants
  30. Air deodorizer sprays
  31. Air deodorizers
  32. Air purifying preparations
  33. Albumin dietary supplements
  34. Albuminous preparations for medical use
  35. Alcohol for medicinal purposes
  36. Alcohol for topical use
  37. Alcohol-based antibacterial skin sanitizer gels
  38. Aldehydes for pharmaceutical purposes
  39. Algaecides
  40. Algaecides for agricultural use
  41. Algaecides for swimming pools
  42. Algicides
  43. Algicides for agricultural use
  44. Algicides for swimming pools
  45. Alginate dietary supplements
  46. Alginates for pharmaceutical purposes
  47. Alkaline iodides for pharmaceutical purposes
  48. Alkaloids for medical use
  49. All purpose deodorizing preparations for household, commercial or industrial use
  50. All purpose disinfectants
  51. Allergy capsules
  52. Allergy medication
  53. Alloys of precious metals for dental use
  54. Almond milk for pharmaceutical purposes
  55. Almond oil for pharmaceutical purposes
  56. Aloe vera gels for therapeutic purposes
  57. Aloe vera preparations for pharmaceutical purposes
  58. Aluminium acetate for pharmaceutical purposes
  59. Amalgams for dental purposes
  60. Amino acid preparations for medical purposes
  61. Amino acid preparations for veterinary purposes
  62. Analeptics
  63. Analgesic preparations
  64. Androgen preparations
  65. Anesthetics
  66. Anesthetics for non-surgical use
  67. Anesthetics for surgical use
  68. Angostura bark for medical purposes
  69. Anhidrotics
  70. Animal feed supplements for veterinary use
  71. Animal repellants
  72. Animal semen
  73. Animal vitamins
  74. Animal washes [insecticides]
  75. Antacids
  76. Anthelmintics
  77. Anti-adhesion gels for use with wound drainage devices
  78. Anti-arrhythmic agents
  79. Anti-cancer preparations
  80. Anti-cavity mouth rinses for medical purposes
  81. Anti-cough drops
  82. Anti-dermoinfectives
  83. Anti-diabetic preparations
  84. Anti-epileptic drugs
  85. Anti-fly lotions
  86. Anti-horse-fly oils
  87. Anti-infectives
  88. Anti-inflammatories
  89. Anti-inflammatory analgesic plasters
  90. Anti-inflammatory and antipyretic preparations
  91. Anti-inflammatory gels
  92. Anti-inflammatory ointments
  93. Anti-inflammatory preparations
  94. Anti-inflammatory salves
  95. Anti-inflammatory sprays
  96. Anti-insect sprays
  97. Anti-itch creams
  98. Anti-leprotic agents
  99. Anti-microbial hand wash
  100. Anti-motion sickness agents
  101. Anti-oxidants for use as dietary supplements
  102. Anti-sarcoma preparations
  103. Anti-syphilitics
  104. Anti-tuberculous preparations
  105. Anti-tussive expectorants
  106. Anti-uric preparations
  107. Anti-viral agents
  108. Antiallergic medicines
  109. Antiarrhythmic drugs
  110. Antiarrhythmics
  111. Antibacterial cleaners
  112. Antibacterial gels
  113. Antibacterial hand lotions
  114. Antibacterial handwashes
  115. Antibacterial pharmaceuticals
  116. Antibacterial preparations for veterinary use
  117. Antibacterial soap
  118. Antibacterial sprays
  119. Antibacterial substances for medical purposes
  120. Antibiotic creams
  121. Antibiotic handwash
  122. Antibiotic ointments
  123. Antibiotic preparations
  124. Antibiotic tablets
  125. Antibiotics for fish
  126. Antibiotics for human use
  127. Antibiotics for use in dentistry
  128. Antibiotics for veterinary use
  129. Antibodies for medical purposes
  130. Antibodies for veterinary purposes
  131. Anticancer preparations
  132. Anticavity mouth rinses for medical purposes
  133. Anticoagulants
  134. Anticonvulsants
  135. Anticryptogamic preparations
  136. Antidepressants
  137. Antidiabetic pharmaceuticals
  138. Antidotes
  139. Antiemetics
  140. Antiepileptic drugs
  141. Antiflatulants
  142. Antifungal creams for medical use
  143. Antifungal medication
  144. Antihaemorrhoidal preparations
  145. Antihelmintics
  146. Antihemorrhoidal preparations
  147. Antihistamines
  148. Antihypertensives
  149. Antileprotic agents
  150. Antileprotics
  151. Antimicrobial clay
  152. Antimicrobial preparations for inhibiting microbiological decomposition
  153. Antimicrobials for dermatologic use
  154. Antioxidant pills
  155. Antioxidants [dietary supplements]
  156. Antiparasitic collars for animals
  157. Antiparasitics
  158. Antipyretic analgesics
  159. Antipyretic drugs with sedative effect
  160. Antipyretics
  161. Antiseptic cotton
  162. Antiseptic liquid bandages
  163. Antiseptic preparations
  164. Antiseptics
  165. Antiseptics for agricultural purposes
  166. Antispasmodics
  167. Antisyphilitics
  168. Antitoxic serums
  169. Antitoxins
  170. Antituberculous drugs
  171. Antitumor drugs
  172. Antitussives
  173. Antivenins
  174. Antivenom
  175. Antiviral agents
  176. Apitoxin [honey bee venom] for medicinal purposes
  177. Appetite suppressants for medical use
  178. Aquatic herbicides
  179. Aromatic teas for medicinal use
  180. Arsenic detoxification agents for medical purposes
  181. Arterial grafts
  182. Artificial tears
  183. Aseptic cotton
  184. Aspirin
  185. Asthma treatment preparations
  186. Asthmatic tea
  187. Astringents for medical purposes
  188. Athlete’s foot lotions
  189. Athlete’s foot powders
  190. Athlete’s foot preparations
  191. Auto-injectors prefilled with epinephrine
  192. Autoinjectors prefilled with pharmaceutical preparations
  193. Automobile deodorizers
  194. Autonomic drugs for medical purposes
  195. Babies’ diaper-pants
  196. Babies’ diapers of paper and cellulose, disposable
  197. Babies’ diapers of textile
  198. Babies’ disposable nappies made of cellulose
  199. Babies’ disposable nappies made of paper
  200. Babies’ nappies
  201. Babies’ nappies made of paper
  202. Babies’ nappies of paper and cellulose, disposable
  203. Babies’ nappies of textile
  204. Babies’ nappy-pants
  205. Babies’ nappy-pants of paper and cellulose, disposable
  206. Babies’ nappy-pants [diaper pants]
  207. Babies’ nappy-pants, disposable
  208. Babies’ swim diapers
  209. Baby food
  210. Baby vitamins
  211. Bacterial poisons
  212. Bacterial preparations for medical and veterinary purposes
  213. Bactericides
  214. Bacteriological culture mediums
  215. Bacteriological cultures for medical and veterinary purposes
  216. Bacteriological preparations for medical and veterinary purposes
  217. Bacteriostats for medical, dental and veterinary use
  218. Balms for medical use
  219. Balms for veterinary purposes
  220. Balsamic preparations for medical use
  221. Bandages for dressings
  222. Bandages for skin wounds
  223. Barium for radiological use
  224. Barium for X-ray use
  225. Barks for pharmaceutical purposes
  226. Barrier lotions for protection against poisonous plants
  227. Bath salts for medical use
  228. Bee pollen for use as a dietary food supplement
  229. Bee venom for medicinal or therapeutic purposes
  230. Benzol detoxification agents for medical purposes
  231. Benzoyl peroxide for medical purposes
  232. Beta-blockers
  233. Beverages adapted for medical use
  234. Bicarbonate of soda for pharmaceutical purposes
  235. Biochemical preparations for medical or veterinary purposes
  236. Biocides
  237. Biodegradable implants for use in guided tissue regeneration
  238. Biological and chemical reagents for medical or veterinary use
  239. Biological fungicides
  240. Biological herbicides
  241. Biological implants
  242. Biological implants comprised of human or animal connective tissues
  243. Biological preparations for diagnostic purposes
  244. Biological preparations for medical or veterinary purposes
  245. Biological preparations for the treatment of cancer
  246. Biological preparations for use in cell cultures (medical)
  247. Biological preparations for veterinary purposes
  248. Biological preparations for veterinary use
  249. Biological reagents for medical purposes
  250. Biological reagents for veterinary purposes
  251. Biological tissue cultures for medical purposes
  252. Biological tissue cultures for veterinary purposes
  253. Biological tissue for implantation
  254. Biopesticides for agricultural purposes
  255. Biopesticides for domestic use
  256. Biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of cancer
  257. Biotechnological preparations for medical use
  258. Bird repellants
  259. Bismuth preparations for pharmaceutical purposes
  260. Bismuth subnitrate for pharmaceutical purposes
  261. Blood culture media for medical and veterinary purposes
  262. Blood for medical purposes
  263. Blood plasma
  264. Blood substitutes for medical or veterinary use
  265. Blood sugar reducing tea for medical purposes
  266. Body gels for pharmaceutical use
  267. Bonding and primer materials for dental use
  268. Bone cement for medical use
  269. Bone cement for surgical and orthopaedic purposes
  270. Bone fillers consisting of living materials
  271. Bone void fillers comprised of living tissues
  272. Bouillons for bacteriological cultures
  273. Bovine colostrum for veterinary purposes
  274. Bowel evacuant preparations
  275. Bracelets impregnated with insect repellent
  276. Breast pads
  277. Breast-nursing pads
  278. Breath fresheners for medical purposes
  279. Brewer’s yeast for medical purposes
  280. Brewer’s yeast for use as food supplements
  281. Bromine for pharmaceutical purposes
  282. Bronchial dilators
  283. Bunion pads
  284. Burn dressings
  285. Burn relief medication
  286. By-products of the processing of cereals for dietetic purposes
  287. By-products of the processing of cereals for medical purposes
  288. Cachets for pharmaceutical purposes
  289. Caffeine preparations for medical purposes
  290. Calamine lotion
  291. Calcium channel blockers
  292. Calcium fortified candy for medical use
  293. Calcium supplements
  294. Calomel [fungicide]
  295. Camphor for medical purposes
  296. Camphor oil for medical use
  297. Cannabis for medical use
  298. Cannabis [edible] for medical purposes
  299. Cannabis-infused drinks for medical purposes
  300. Cannabis-infused foods for medical purposes
  301. Capillary stabilizing agents for medical purposes
  302. Capsules for medicines
  303. Capsules for veterinary pharmaceutical preparations
  304. Capsules sold empty for pharmaceuticals
  305. Capsules, empty, for pharmaceuticals
  306. Car deodorants
  307. Car deodorizers
  308. Carbohydrate supplements
  309. Carbohydrate-based dietary supplements
  310. Carbolic soaps
  311. Carbolineum
  312. Cardiotonics
  313. Cardiovascular pharmaceuticals
  314. Carpet deodorizers
  315. Carrier excipients for pharmaceutical preparations
  316. Casein dietary supplements
  317. Castor oil for medical use
  318. Cat repellants
  319. Cattle washes [insecticides]
  320. Caustic pencils
  321. Caustics for pharmaceutical purposes
  322. Cedar wood for use as an insect repellant
  323. Cell culture media for medical purposes
  324. Cell culture media for veterinary use
  325. Cells for medical use
  326. Cellulose esters for pharmaceutical purposes
  327. Cellulose ethers for pharmaceutical purposes
  328. Cement for animal hooves
  329. Cement for bones for medical use
  330. Central nervous system stimulants
  331. Ceramic alloys used in dental crowns
  332. Ceramic materials for dental use for fillings
  333. Cereals adapted for invalids for dietetic or medical use
  334. Cerebral haemorrhage prophylactic agents
  335. Charcoal for pharmaceutical purposes
  336. Chemical conductors for electrocardiograph electrodes
  337. Chemical contraceptives
  338. Chemical preparations for medical or veterinary purposes
  339. Chemical preparations for sanitary use
  340. Chemical preparations for the diagnosis of pregnancy
  341. Chemical preparations for treating diseases affecting cereal plants
  342. Chemical preparations for treating diseases affecting plants
  343. Chemical preparations for treating mildew
  344. Chemical preparations for treating phylloxera
  345. Chemical preparations for treating wheat smut
  346. Chemical reagents for medical or veterinary purposes
  347. Chemicals for medical use
  348. Chemico-pharmaceutical preparations
  349. Chemotherapeutics
  350. Chewing gum for medical purposes
  351. Chilblain preparations
  352. Children’s vitamins
  353. Chinese herbal extracts for medical purposes
  354. Chinese medicines for human purposes
  355. Chinese patent medicines
  356. Chinese traditional medicinal herbs
  357. Chinoline for medical purposes
  358. Chloramphenicol preparations
  359. Chlorine detoxification agents for medical purposes
  360. Chloroform
  361. Cholesterol reducers
  362. Chondroitin preparations
  363. Cinchona for medical purposes
  364. Citronella incense coils for use as insect repellent
  365. Cleaning solutions for contact lenses
  366. Cleansing solutions for medical purposes
  367. Clinical diagnostic reagents
  368. Cloth diapers
  369. Coca alkaloid preparations for medical purposes
  370. Cocaine
  371. Cod liver oil
  372. Cod-liver oil capsules
  373. Cold sore treatment preparations
  374. Collagen for medical purposes
  375. Collagen-based medicated food supplements
  376. Collodion for pharmaceutical purposes
  377. Collyrium
  378. Colostral antibodies for medical purposes
  379. Colostrum dietary supplements
  380. Colostrum for veterinary purposes
  381. Composite materials for dental use
  382. Compresses
  383. Conductive lacquers for dental use
  384. Contact lens disinfectants
  385. Contact lens wetting solutions
  386. Contraceptive foams
  387. Contraceptive preparations
  388. Contraceptive sponges
  389. Contrast media for in vivo imaging
  390. Contrast media for use with medical equipment
  391. Contrast media for use with medical ultrasound apparatus
  392. Contrast media for use with X-ray equipment
  393. Contrasting agents for diagnostic ultrasound imaging
  394. Cooling sprays for medical use
  395. Cord blood for medical purposes
  396. Cord blood for veterinary purposes
  397. Corn and callus creams
  398. Corn plasters
  399. Corn remedies
  400. Corn rings for the feet
  401. Cortisone-based dermatological creams
  402. Cortisone-based dermatological gels
  403. Cosmeceuticals for therapeutic or medical purposes
  404. Cotton buds for medical purposes
  405. Cotton sticks for medical purposes
  406. Cotton swabs for medical purposes
  407. Cough drops
  408. Cough lozenges
  409. Cough syrups
  410. Cough treatment preparations
  411. Crêpe paper for medical purposes
  412. Crêpe paper for sanitary purposes
  413. Cream of tartar for pharmaceutical purposes
  414. Creams for dermatological use
  415. Creosote for pharmaceutical purposes
  416. Crepe paper for sanitary purposes
  417. Croton bark
  418. Crude medicines
  419. Crystallized rock sugar for medical use
  420. Cultures of microorganisms for medical or veterinary use
  421. Curare for medical purposes
  422. Cured cannabis buds for medical purposes
  423. Cytostatic drugs for medical purposes
  424. Decoctions for pharmaceutical purposes
  425. Decongestant capsules
  426. Decongestant nasal sprays
  427. Dental adhesives
  428. Dental alloys
  429. Dental amalgams
  430. Dental anesthetics
  431. Dental ceramics
  432. Dental composite materials
  433. Dental impression materials
  434. Dental restoration compounds
  435. Dental wax
  436. Denture adhesives
  437. Deodorants for clothing and textiles
  438. Deodorants, other than for human beings or for animals
  439. Deodorising room sprays
  440. Deodorizers for automobiles
  441. Deodorizers for carpets
  442. Deodorizers for garbage disposals
  443. Deodorizers for shoes
  444. Deodorizing preparations for carpets
  445. Depuratives
  446. Dermatological preparations
  447. Detergents for medical use
  448. Detergents for veterinary purposes
  449. Diabetic bread adapted for medical use
  450. Diabetic fruit juice beverages adapted for medical use
  451. Diagnostic biomarker reagents for medical purposes
  452. Diagnostic preparations for medical or veterinary purposes
  453. Diagnostic radiopharmaceutical preparations
  454. Diapers for babies
  455. Diapers for pets
  456. Diaphoretics
  457. Diarrhea medication
  458. Diastase for medical purposes
  459. Diet pills
  460. Dietary and nutritional supplements
  461. Dietary and nutritionally fortified food products adapted for medical purposes
  462. Dietary fiber
  463. Dietary fiber for use as an ingredient in the manufacture of dietary supplements
  464. Dietary fiber to aid digestion
  465. Dietary food supplemental drinks
  466. Dietary food supplements
  467. Dietary food supplements in the nature of powdered drink mixes
  468. Dietary food supplements in the nature of ready-to-eat protein bars
  469. Dietary supplement drink mixes
  470. Dietary supplements
  471. Dietary supplements consisting of amino acids
  472. Dietary supplements consisting of minerals
  473. Dietary supplements consisting of trace elements
  474. Dietary supplements consisting of vitamins
  475. Dietary supplements for animals
  476. Dietary supplements for body weight control
  477. Dietary supplements for controlling cholesterol
  478. Dietary supplements for human beings and animals
  479. Dietetic beverages adapted for medical purposes
  480. Dietetic substances adapted for veterinary use
  481. Dietetic sugar for medical use
  482. Digestives for pharmaceutical purposes
  483. Digitalin
  484. Dill oil for medical purposes
  485. Dipsticks for medical testing purposes
  486. Disinfectant bathroom cleaners
  487. Disinfectant soap
  488. Disinfectants for agricultural purposes
  489. Disinfectants for chemical toilets
  490. Disinfectants for contact lenses
  491. Disinfectants for dental apparatus and instruments
  492. Disinfectants for household use
  493. Disinfectants for veterinary use
  494. Disinfecting hand wash
  495. Disposable baby diapers
  496. Disposable liners for diapers
  497. Disposable sanitizing wipes
  498. Diuretics
  499. Dog repellants
  500. Domestic pesticides
  501. Douching preparations for medical purposes
  502. Dressings for medical and veterinary purposes
  503. Dronabinol drugs
  504. Drugs for medical use
  505. Drying agents for medical purposes
  506. Dysmenorrhea treatment preparations
  507. Ear bandages
  508. Ear candles for therapeutic purposes
  509. Ear drops
  510. Edible marine oils for medical purposes
  511. Embedding material for dental use
  512. Emetics
  513. Emollients for medical purposes
  514. Empty capsules for pharmaceuticals
  515. Enema preparations
  516. Energy bars used as food supplements
  517. Enzyme dietary supplements
  518. Epinephrine sold in pre-filled injectors
  519. Epsom salts for medical use
  520. Ergot for pharmaceutical purposes
  521. Erythromycin preparations
  522. Esters for pharmaceutical purposes
  523. Estrogen preparations
  524. Ethanol for pharmaceutical purposes
  525. Ethers for pharmaceutical purposes
  526. Ethyl alcohol for pharmaceutical purposes
  527. Eucalyptol for pharmaceutical purposes
  528. Evacuants
  529. Evening primrose oil for medical use
  530. Expectorants
  531. Extracts of hops for pharmaceutical purposes
  532. Eye drops
  533. Fabric deodorizers
  534. Febrifuges
  535. Feeding stimulants for animals
  536. Fennel for medical purposes
  537. Ferments for pharmaceutical purposes
  538. Fertility enhancement preparations
  539. Fever blister treatment preparations
  540. Filled first aid kits
  541. Fillings for teeth
  542. First aid kits
  543. Fish oils for medical purposes
  544. Fishmeal for pharmaceutical purposes
  545. Fixing materials for dental use
  546. Flaxseed dietary supplements
  547. Flea powders
  548. Flour for pharmaceutical purposes
  549. Flowers of sulfur for pharmaceutical purposes
  550. Fly catching paper
  551. Fly destroying preparations
  552. Fly paper
  553. Fodder supplements for veterinary purposes
  554. Food adapted for diabetics
  555. Food additives based on plant extracts for medical purposes
  556. Food for babies
  557. Food supplements consisting of minerals
  558. Food supplements for animals
  559. Food supplements for humans
  560. Foot care preparations for medical use
  561. Formic aldehyde for pharmaceutical purposes
  562. Freeze-dried food adapted for medical purposes
  563. Frostbite salve for pharmaceutical purposes
  564. Fumigants
  565. Fungi for therapeutic or medical purposes
  566. Fungicides
  567. Fungicides for medical use
  568. Galactagogue preparations
  569. Gallic acid for pharmaceutical purposes
  570. Gamboge for medical purposes
  571. Gargles for medical use
  572. Gases and gas mixtures for medical imaging use
  573. Gastrointestinal cleaning agents
  574. Gauze for medical use
  575. Gelatin capsules for pharmaceuticals
  576. Gelatin for medical purposes
  577. Gels for dermatological use
  578. General anesthetics
  579. Germicides
  580. Ginseng for medicinal use
  581. Glucose dietary supplements
  582. Glucose for medical purposes
  583. Gluing paste intended to trap and kill mice
  584. Gluten-free foods adapted for medical purposes
  585. Glycerin for medical purposes
  586. Glycerin for medical use
  587. Glycerophosphates
  588. Goulard water
  589. Gravel as a digestive aid for birds
  590. Greases for medical or veterinary purposes
  591. Ground flaxseed fiber for use as a dietary supplement
  592. Guaiacol for pharmaceutical purposes
  593. Gum for medical use
  594. Gummy vitamins
  595. Gurjun balsam for medical purposes
  596. Haematogen
  597. Haemoglobin
  598. Haemorrhoid preparations
  599. Haemostatics for medical purposes
  600. Hair growth shampoo
  601. Hair growth stimulants for medical use
  602. Hand-sanitizing preparations
  603. Headache relief sticks
  604. Heatstroke treating agents
  605. Hematogen
  606. Hemoglobin
  607. Hemorrhoid preparations
  608. Hemostatic pencils
  609. Hemp oil for veterinary purposes
  610. Hemp-based dietary supplements
  611. Herbal remedies
  612. Herbal sprays for medical purposes
  613. Herbal supplements
  614. Herbal teas for medicinal purposes
  615. Herbicides
  616. Homeopathic medicine
  617. Hormones for medical use
  618. Hormones for veterinary purposes
  619. Household deodorants
  620. Human allograft tissue
  621. Human growth hormone
  622. Human vaccine preparations
  623. Hydrastine
  624. Hydrated chloral for pharmaceutical purposes
  625. Hydroalcoholic solutions for medical use
  626. Hydrocortisone
  627. Hydrogen peroxide for medical use
  628. Hygienic lubricants
  629. Hygienic preparations for medical purposes
  630. Hypertension reducing tea for medical purposes
  631. Hypnotics
  632. Hypoglycemic agents
  633. Hypolipidemic agents
  634. Ibuprofen for use as an oral analgesic
  635. Imitation cigarettes for medical use
  636. Immunostimulants
  637. In vitro diagnostic preparations for medical purposes
  638. Incontinence diapers
  639. Infant formula
  640. Inhalant anesthetics
  641. Insect growth regulators
  642. Insect repellants
  643. Insecticides for agricultural purposes
  644. Insulin
  645. Insulin injectors sold filled with insulin
  646. Insulin sold in pre-filled syringes
  647. Intravenous fluids used for nutrition
  648. Iodides for pharmaceutical purposes
  649. Iodoform
  650. Irish moss for medical purposes
  651. Irrigating solutions for eye use
  652. Isabgol (psyllium husk,a medicinal plant used as laxative)
  653. Isopropyl alcohol for medical use
  654. Isotopes for medical use
  655. Jalap
  656. Jujube, medicated
  657. Lacteal flour for babies
  658. Lactose for medical purposes
  659. Larvae exterminating preparations
  660. Laxatives
  661. Laxatives for veterinary purposes
  662. Lead water
  663. Lecithin dietary supplements
  664. Lecithin for medical purposes
  665. Lice treatment preparations
  666. Licorice for pharmaceutical purposes
  667. Lime-based pharmaceutical preparations
  668. Liners for diapers
  669. Lining materials for dental purposes
  670. Lint for medical purposes
  671. Lipid lowering agents
  672. Lipotropic factor preparations
  673. Liquid bandages
  674. Liquid vitamin supplements
  675. Liquorice for pharmaceutical purposes
  676. Living cells for medical use
  677. Local anesthetics
  678. Lotions for pharmaceutical purposes
  679. Low-salt bread adapted for medical use
  680. Lozenges for pharmaceutical purposes
  681. Lubricant gels for personal use
  682. Lupulin for pharmaceutical purposes
  683. Lyophilised food adapted for medical purposes
  684. Lysine preparations
  685. Maca-based food supplements
  686. Magnesia for pharmaceutical purposes
  687. Malted milk beverages for medical purposes
  688. Mangrove bark for pharmaceutical purposes
  689. Marijuana for medical use
  690. Marijuana for veterinary use
  691. Massage gels for medical use
  692. Material for dental fillings and dental impressions
  693. Materials for dental fillings
  694. Meal for pharmaceutical purposes
  695. Media for bacteriological cultures
  696. Medical adhesive tapes
  697. Medicated anti-cavity dental rinses
  698. Medicated bath preparations
  699. Medicated beverages
  700. Medicated body lotions
  701. Medicated candies
  702. Medicated cleansers for skin and wounds
  703. Medicated dry shampoos
  704. Medicated eye-washes
  705. Medicated face lotions
  706. Medicated grooming preparations
  707. Medicated handwash
  708. Medicated liquids for electronic cigarettes
  709. Medicated lotions for treating dermatological conditions
  710. Medicated lozenges
  711. Medicated muscle soaks
  712. Medicated protective creams
  713. Medicated shampoos
  714. Medicated skin care preparations
  715. Medicinal herb extracts
  716. Medicinal substances and preparations
  717. Medicinal tea
  718. Medicines for veterinary purposes
  719. Melissa water for pharmaceutical purposes
  720. Menstrual symptom treatment preparations
  721. Menstruation tampons
  722. Menthol
  723. Menthol bath preparations for medical use
  724. Metal alloys for dental use
  725. Microbicides
  726. Mildewstats
  727. Milk calcium concentrate [nutritional supplement]
  728. Mineral dietary supplements for animals
  729. Mineral dietary supplements for human beings
  730. Mineral food supplements
  731. purposes
  732. Mint for pharmaceutical purposes
  733. Mint-flavored chewing gum for medical purposes
  734. Miticides
  735. Miticides for agricultural use
  736. Miticides for domestic use
  737. Moleskin for medical purposes
  738. Mosquito repellants
  739. Moth repellants
  740. Mothproof paper
  741. Moulding wax for dentists
  742. Mouth cavity cleansers for medical purposes
  743. Mouthwashes for medical purposes
  744. Multi-purpose medicated antibiotic creams
  745. Multi-vitamin preparations
  746. Muscle relaxants
  747. Mustard oil for medical purposes
  748. Nabilone drugs
  749. Nail sanitizing preparations
  750. Narcotics
  751. Nasal sprays for medical purposes
  752. Nausea treatment preparations
  753. Nematicides
  754. Nematode pesticides
  755. Nervines
  756. Niacinamide preparations for the treatment of acne
  757. Nicotine patches for use as aids to stop smoking
  758. Nitrocellulose membrane for veterinary diagnostic purposes
  759. Non-medicated nutritional supplements for animal feed
  760. Non-precious metal alloys for use in dentistry
  761. Non-prescription medicines
  762. Nose drops for medical purposes
  763. Nucleic acid sequences for medical and veterinary purposes
  764. Nursing pads
  765. Nutritional drinks for medical use
  766. Nutritional meal replacements
  767. Nutritional powdered supplements
  768. Nutritional preparations for medical use
  769. Nutritional supplement drinks
  770. Nutritional supplements
  771. Nutritional supplements containing vitamins and minerals
  772. Nutritional supplements for animal feed
  773. Nutritional supplements for humans and animals
  774. Nutritional supplements for pets
  775. Nutritional supplements for veterinary purposes
  776. Nutritionally fortified beverages for medical purposes
  777. Nutritive substances for microorganisms
  778. Ocular pharmaceuticals
  779. Odor neutralizing preparations
  780. Oil of turpentine for pharmaceutical purposes
  781. Ointments for pharmaceutical purposes
  782. Ophthalmic drops
  783. Opium alkaloid preparations
  784. Opotherapy preparations
  785. Oral analgesics
  786. Oral vaccine preparations
  787. Ovicides
  788. Oxygen baths
  789. Oxygen cylinder, filled, for medical use
  790. Oxytocics
  791. Pain relief medication
  792. Pan masala [as a digestive aid for humans]
  793. Pancreatic hormone preparations
  794. Pants, absorbent, for incontinence
  795. Panty liners
  796. Paper diapers for babies
  797. Paracetamol
  798. Parapharmaceutical preparations
  799. Parasiticides
  800. Pectin for pharmaceutical purposes
  801. Penicillin preparations
  802. Pepsins for pharmaceutical purposes
  803. Pesticides
  804. Pet diapers
  805. Pet food additives in the form of vitamins and minerals
  806. Petroleum jelly for medical or veterinary purposes
  807. Pharmaceutical agents affecting digestive organs
  808. Pharmaceutical antitussive-cold preparations
  809. Pharmaceutical cold preparations
  810. Pharmaceutical cough preparations
  811. Pharmaceutical drugs
  812. Pharmaceutical preparations for diagnostic purposes
  813. Pharmaceutical preparations for human use
  814. Pharmaceutical preparations for immunity adjustment
  815. Pharmaceutical preparations for inhalers
  816. Pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of bone diseases
  817. Pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of cancer
  818. Pharmaceutical preparations for treating allergies
  819. Pharmaceutical preparations for treating digestive system disorders
  820. Pharmaceutical preparations for treating heatstroke
  821. Pharmaceutical preparations for treating hypertension
  822. Pharmaceutical preparations for treating respiratory diseases
  823. Pharmaceutical preparations for treating skin disorders
  824. Pharmaceutical preparations for wounds
  825. Pharmaceutical preparations sold in pre-filled injectors
  826. Pharmaceutical skin lotions
  827. Pharmaceutical substances and preparations
  828. Pharmaceuticals
  829. Phenol for pharmaceutical purposes
  830. Pills for pharmaceutical purposes
  831. Plant and herb extracts for medicinal purposes
  832. Plasters, materials for dressings
  833. Poisons
  834. Porcelain for dental prostheses
  835. Potassium preparations for pharmaceutical purposes
  836. Pre-filled insulin syringes
  837. Pre-moistened medicated tissues
  838. Precious metal alloys for use in dentistry
  839. Pregnancy testing preparations
  840. Prenatal vitamins
  841. Preparations for callouses
  842. Preparations for cleaning contact lenses
  843. Preparations for destroying rodents
  844. Preparations for destroying weeds
  845. Preparations for the treatment of burns
  846. Preparations for treating athlete’s foot
  847. Preparations for treating colds
  848. Preparations for use in the diagnosis of pregnancy
  849. Preparations of microorganisms for medical or veterinary use
  850. Preparations of trace elements for animal use
  851. Preparations to destroy mildew
  852. Prescription synthetic narcotics
  853. Probiotic supplements
  854. Progesterone preparations
  855. Protein dietary supplements
  856. Protein supplements for animals
  857. Protein supplements for humans
  858. Purgatives
  859. Quinine for medical purposes
  860. Quinoa-based food supplements
  861. Radio-isotope markers for therapeutic or diagnostic use
  862. Radioactive substances for medical purposes
  863. Radium for medical purposes
  864. Rat poison
  865. Reagent paper for medical or veterinary purposes
  866. Red wine powder dietary supplements
  867. Refills for air deodorisers
  868. Remedies for foot perspiration
  869. Repellants for animals
  870. Respiratory stimulants
  871. Room deodorants
  872. Royal jelly dietary supplements
  873. Rubber for dental purposes
  874. Rubbing alcohol
  875. Salts for medical purposes
  876. Sanitary and hygienic preparations for medical use
  877. Sanitary napkins
  878. Sanitary preparations for medical purposes
  879. Sanitizing preparations for household use
  880. Sanitizing wash for fruit and vegetables
  881. Sanitizing wipes
  882. Scalp psoriasis treatment preparations
  883. Scapulars for surgical purposes
  884. Sea water for medicinal bathing
  885. Sealing agents for dental purposes
  886. Sedatives
  887. Serums
  888. Shoe deodorizers
  889. Silicone-based personal lubricants
  890. Skeletal muscle relaxants
  891. Skin care preparations for medical purposes
  892. Skin grafts
  893. Sleeping pills
  894. Slimming pills
  895. Smelling salts
  896. Sodium salts for medical purposes
  897. Soil-sterilizing preparations
  898. Solutions for contact lenses
  899. Solutions for dermatological use
  900. Soporifics
  901. Soy protein dietary supplements
  902. Starch for pharmaceutical purposes
  903. Sterile dressings
  904. Steroids
  905. Stick licorice for pharmaceutical purposes
  906. Sticking plasters for medical purposes
  907. Stimulants for medical use
  908. Stool softeners
  909. Streptomycin preparations
  910. Strychnine
  911. Styptic preparations
  912. Sugar for medical purposes
  913. Sulfonamides [medicines]
  914. Sulphur sticks for use as disinfectants
  915. Surgical and medical dressings
  916. Synthetic narcotics
  917. Syrups for pharmaceutical purposes
  918. Syrups for veterinary purposes
  919. Tanning pills
  920. Tartar for pharmaceutical purposes
  921. Textile diapers
  922. Therapeutic drugs and agents
  923. Thermal water
  924. Thiolutin preparations
  925. Threonine preparations
  926. Throat lozenges
  927. Thymol for pharmaceutical purposes
  928. Thyroid hormone preparations
  929. Tincture of iodine
  930. Tinctures for medical purposes
  931. Tinctures for veterinary purposes
  932. Tissues impregnated with pharmaceutical lotions
  933. Tobacco extracts [insecticides]
  934. Toilet deodorants
  935. Toilet [water-closet] deodorants
  936. Tonics for medical purposes
  937. Tooth filling material and dental impression materials
  938. Topical anaesthetics
  939. Topical analgesics
  940. Topical anti-inflammatories
  941. Topical first aid gels
  942. Topical pharmaceutical preparations
  943. Traditional Chinese medicine
  944. Tranquillizers
  945. Transdermal patches for medical treatment
  946. Transplants [living tissues]
  947. Trichomycin preparations
  948. Troches
  949. Trypsins for medical purposes
  950. Tumor suppressing agents
  951. Turpentine for pharmaceutical purposes
  952. Unit dose capsules sold empty for pharmaceutical use
  953. Urease for medical purposes
  954. Urinary tract disinfectants
  955. Vaccines
  956. Vaccines against flu
  957. Vaccines against influenza
  958. Vaccines for human use
  959. Vaginal washes for medical purposes
  960. Vaporized cannabis for medical purposes
  961. Vascular grafts [living tissue]
  962. Vasoconstrictors
  963. Vasopressors
  964. Venom antiserum
  965. Vermifuges
  966. Vermin destroying preparations
  967. Vermin repelling preparations
  968. Vesicants
  969. Veterinary preparations
  970. Veterinary preparations sold in pre-filled syringes
  971. Veterinary vaccines
  972. Veterinary vaccines for bovine animals
  973. Viscoelastic agents for eye use
  974. Vitamin A preparations
  975. Vitamin and mineral dietary supplements
  976. Vitamin and mineral supplements
  977. Vitamin B preparations
  978. Vitamin C preparations
  979. Vitamin D preparations
  980. Vitamin drops
  981. Vitamin enriched bread for therapeutic purposes
  982. Vitamin enriched water for medical purposes
  983. Vitamin for human consumption
  984. Vitamin for medical use
  985. Vitamins
  986. Vitamins for adults
  987. Vitamins for animals
  988. Vitamins for babies
  989. Vitamins for pets
  990. Wadding for medical purposes
  991. Wart removing preparations
  992. Weed killers
  993. Wheat germ dietary supplements
  994. Witch hazel
  995. Wound dressings
  996. X-ray contrast agents
  997. Yeast for medical purposes
  998. Yeast for pharmaceutical purposes
  999. Yeast for veterinary purposes
  1000. Zinc dietary supplements

Examples of Trademarks in Class 5

Some popular examples of trademarks in Class 5 are given below:

  • Crocin ( Medicinal product)
  • Lizol ( Disinfectant cleaner)
  • Pampers (Babies diaper)
  • Cerelac (Instant food for babies)
  • Dabur (Ayurvedic company)
  • Cipla (Pharmaceutical company)

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Significance of Trademark Registration under Trademark Class 5

There are numerous benefits when registering a trademark under Trademark Class 5 for a company that offers medical products. Some are given below:

  • Having a trademark registered in Trademark Class 5 helps to identify a brand from its competitors and offers a distinct identity in the marketplace.
  • Registration under trademark classes secures a brand and grants the owner of the brand certain legal rights. It also aids in obtaining an exclusive right over the trademark by defining the attributes of the product.
  • Trademark registration under trademark class 5 helps to increase consumer trust in the company’s medicinal products and healthcare products.
  • Trademark class 5 accurately describes a product; registering under this class reduces the possibility of violation.


Trademark Class 5 is crucial for those businesses that formulate and deal with pharmaceutical, veterinary and sanitary products. Under this class, you can assure that your products are secured by the violation from other competitors in the market by recording & registering a trademark.

It will also help you to build and establish a particular identity and unique brand label for your business. Trademark delivers security for both businesses and customers by Creating them an important aspect of operating a successful company. For Trademark registration in India, you can get expert advice and consult on our website at Unboxfame.

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