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Will AI change domain name search?

AI change domain name search

For years, domain registrars and name-spinning businesses have probably used a variety of artificial intelligence techniques to deliver domain search results. Now that registrars have access to a cost-effective method of utilizing AI to give extended search results, that use may increase dramatically.

Porkbun, a domain registrar, recently included ChatGPT in its search. Here’s an illustration of how that operates.

When I enter “baseball” in Porkbun’s primary search field, the outcomes aren’t particularly inventive. Just the term is what they are, followed by several extensions. I got more original results when I search “baseball” on Porkbun using the “AI” link: pitcher. life, triple play. fm, and

Given the limitations of AI, some ideas are incorrect. Homerun. hockey is not very logical.

More keywords enhance AI’s brilliance. I see sites like,, and when I search for “baseball hall of fame.”

A nice brandable domain could be created using AI. Artificial intelligence-related names include and brain-mind. tech, and when you search for them. just added AI to its DomainsGPT product. It gives you the option of selecting the kind of name you want (brandable, alternate spellings, etc.) and returns available domains that match your query.

My search for “a one-stop shop comparing sites for cars” on DomainsGPT yields hits such as,, and

Users are prompted by DomainsGPT to add more information than just a keyword; it also accepts a description of the search term. Demanding more information from domain searchers than just a term could become a trend.

Although you could argue that Porkbun and DomainsGPT’s findings could have been produced by already-existing domain-spinning technologies, what’s most impressive here is how quickly these businesses were able to integrate these tools via APIs. OpenAI has provided the average developer with high-quality AI tools. That’s strong, and we may anticipate that it will alter domain search as we currently know it.

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