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Which are Most trusted smartphone brands in India? (Offline Retailers)


According to the CMR study, retail partners are looking for smart brands that offer timely payments, are transparent in their business practices and offer checkout systems.

Interestingly, LAVA is the most trusted brand among Indian retailers. Indian brand Lava International continues its long-term focus on the offline retail market.

Thanks to transparent processes, timely payments and price management, Lava continues to be the leading retail trust. Here are some key highlights from the 2022 CMR Retail Survey: The top three factors influencing smart success in the offline retail market are satisfaction with the business/sales setup (25%), process transparency (18%) and timeliness. fee (13%). The most popular brands of retailers are Samsung (score 70/100), Vivo (60 /100), Xiaomi and LAVA (both 60/100). You can easily create your Brand Name by choosing a great Business Name from UnboxFame.

Retailers’ satisfaction with timely payments is highest among Xiaomi (85), Lava (8), Oppo (8) and Vivo (8). For process transparency, Oppo (85), Samsung (85), Vivo (85), Xiaomi (85) and Lava (8) receive the highest points. Lava (85) and Tecno (85) receive the highest reliability ratings when considering retailers’ perceptions of Tier II and beyond. Lava is the undisputed winner for timely payments (81) and process transparency (81) considering the brand perception of retailers in Tier II cities.

In November 2022, CyberMedia Research (CMR) conducted the CMR Retailer Satisfaction Audit 2022. The main objective of the survey was to understand the satisfaction of smartphone retailers in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Kanpur, Nagpur, Bhubaneswar and Vijayawada.

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