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Secret X-Rated Meaning Behind the McDonald’s Logo

Secret X-Rated Meaning Behind the McDonald’s Logo

The secret meaning behind McDonald’s iconic Golden Arches has left fans in big shock.

The most loved and popular food chain restaurant is around again with an unusual fact after it was shared by Kidspot on TikTok.

 It’s natural to see the logo assuming the big yellow ‘M’ simply stands for McDonald’s and not even think even for a sec it could have a second meaning hidden behind it and that too is an x-rated meaning.

The bosses of the eatery McDonald’s wanted to completely overhaul the logo during the 1960s, according to Schlosser.

The company hired, Louis Cheskin, a creative logo design consultant, who convinced the executive in keeping the big ‘M’ as it had a powerful double meaning;  it was not just alphabetical but anatomical.

Cheskin believed in the teachings of psychologist Sigmund Freud, he thought that  ‘M’ had a sexual link because if you flip the letter upside down, it resembles the nurturing image of a mother’s breast.

He convinced the Macca’s bosses to hold on to the logo arguing that the arches symbolized “mother McDonald’s breasts” making hungry customers feel at home and comforted.

The chain slogan – “Give mum a night off” – played right into Cheskin’s reasoning at that time.

Soon after the information surfaced online a mixed feeling of amazed and shock was seen among the Macca’s fans, with many saying didn’t even see this before.

Others expressed their feeling on social media by saying that they would never be able to see Macca’s creative logo design the same way again. Some others added it gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘Golden Arches’.

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