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Is Your AI-Generated Content Protected by US Copyright?

Is Your AI-Generated Content Protected by US Copyright

Artificial Intelligence, commonly known as AI, generated content may soon be eligible for protecting copyright in the US, but only if the content has significant human involvement. The guideline issued by the US Copyright Office states that the materials produced by ‘sophisticated artificial intelligence technologies are protected under copyright. 

According to the US Copyright Office, works containing AI –generated content can be given copyright protection if the ‘element of authorship is the work’ are done by a human and not a machine.  If a work lacks human assistance or does not have authorship of the work then the Office will not register the work. Since copyright only applies to the content created and produced by the human mind.

Paul Roetzer, CEO and founder of Marketing AI Institute posted in the LinkedIn post saying “Generated AI tools are amazing and give us the ability to enhance creativity and scale content creation.  But, you may not own, or be able to protect the outputs. Talk to your IP attorneys.”

This clearly shows that one may be in great trouble if one takes someone else’s content copyright and have to pay for a crime not committed intentionally.

The rise of AI and its role in Marketing:  There has been an exponential skyrocket rise of generative AI over the last few months and this will keep on going in the nearing future. The reason for this is the recent development and advancement in using AI machine learning to process and generate content.

Allianz Globe noted that popular software like Dall-E and ChatGPT have already been able to evolve on their own to predict and calculate. “The machine has moved from being able to identify the dog in an image to creating an image of the dog”, Allianz Globe said.

There are hundreds of AI tools available in the marketing team to cater to customers in marketing business development. It is very easy to use software to develop a customer profile or cultivate personalized ads, but it can be used to help [p create taglines, slogans, logo designs, and web page layouts these days. but with content advancement via AI comes increased ownership question. not being able to create copy creative elements associated with your company may be determined by your brand.

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