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How to Choose the Best Website Address- You Have More Choices Than You May Think

Choose Your Best Website Address

Names are significant, as we all know. Yet, the name you decide on for your firm will have a significant impact on how people discover, understand, and interact with your brand. With a strong domain, your website can do so much more for you, from expressing the vision of your business to outlining your offering.

Identity Digital assists you in developing a more distinctive brand identity with an added touch of personalization by offering the most comprehensive inventory of domain names in the world. To help brands connect with their audience and raise awareness, Identity Digital’s portfolio includes domain extensions,.guru,.social,.restaurant,.life,.bio, and hundreds of others.

Brands can instantly convey what they do while also reflecting their target audience by using imaginative domain names. The following five websites are maximising their brand identity by using unique website addresses:


Canon, a well-known industry pioneer in the field of photography, has begun rerouting traffic from its primary website to

Most funniest Amazon reviews

Who doesn’t enjoy reading positive Amazon reviews? You may browse the funniest customer reviews on Amazon at, for your reading amusement.

American Automobile Association (AAA)

With the iconic new domain from AAA, club members can easily find the closest AAA club.

Make-A-Video Meta

Text-to-image generation technique is used by Make-A-Video by Meta AI to produce videos from photos and words. Make-A-Video uses cutting-edge video technology to enable you use the power of AI to bring your imagination to life. It is no accident that Meta AI enables users to create original videos when the domain name is


Mastodon is a decentralised social platform that enables people to discuss particular issues and subjects in-depth. By in its website URL,, the platform not only stays true to its brand but also makes it obvious what it is.

More than ever, developing a unified and recognisable brand online is crucial, and success here depends on choosing a memorable domain name. Explore Identity Digital’s domains here if you wish to boost your brand identification.

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