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Google Will Reportedly Reveal a Bunch of Big AI Updates At I/O

Google I/O 2023

Just a couple of days away from the event of Google’s I/O taking place, revealing some of the major AI-focused updates in the event.

A new language model (LLM) PaLM 2, one big component will be showcased in the event as a general-use LLM which is the most recent and advanced technology. The LLM is used for coding and performs math tests alongside creative writing tests and analysis. In April 2022, The first PaL was announced, a month prior AI ChatGPT application coming up.

A generative experience for search and Bard will be announced by Google, an AI-powered chatbot launched for an experiment in March, including the language Japanese and Korean languages. Right now, Brad is only available in the UK and the US for use.

A workspace-focused AI tool will be revealed by Google, which includes discussing template generation sheets and image generation in the Slides and Meet products. The company had also announced an AI-featured Gmail and Docs in March but only launched the with their trusted testers. For this very reason, people will have to wait and see the new feature.

Google did not reply to the request for the comment immediately, but it is no surprise that the company might make a big show AI splash at Google I/O. Google has recently put up AI front and center along with others after the rise of OpenAI and Mircosoft’s own AI efforts. But the company has already that I/O will not only be focused on AI.

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