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How To Check Trademark Class 4: Industrial Oils & Greases?

How to check Trademark Class 4: Industrial oils and greases

Class 4 includes industrial oils, fuels and greases, lubricants, dust-absorbing, soaking, and binding substances, fuels (including motor spirit), candles, and wicks for illumination.

What is Trademark Class 4?

The class system serves as the basis for trademark registration. Registrations can only be done for classes that include the items or services that an individual currently sells or plans to market. The class number data is also used to narrow down the trademark database search.

Different services and goods are classified into 45 Trademark Classes according to the International (Nice) Classification of Goods and Services. Classes 1–34 include goods, while classes 35–45 include services. These categories are used by the Indian Trademark Registry & as well WIPO () to classify trademarks.

To avoid any objections from the opposition party and to simplify the trademark registration process, it is essential to register trademark 4 under the right class.

Trademark Class 4 includes the following types of goods:

  1. Sources of energy and light
  2. Chemicals that control dust when using electricity
  3. Grease, wax, fluids, and additives for industrial use are all categorized as lubricants.

What Benefits are Offered by Class 4 Trademark Registrations?

Trademarks accommodate the general public in differentiating the goods and services of a particular company. Brand names trademark class 4 should be simple and easy to remember so that the public does not confuse it with the other party’s brand names. There are numerous benefits of registering a trademark, some of which are given below:

  1. LEGAL PROTECTION: After trademark registration in India, it is considered intellectual property, and the owner is protected from having his trademark violated. It allows the user of the trademark exclusive rights, and the owner may sue anyone who attempts to use its particular trademark. Furthermore, if a person attempts to register an existing registered trademark, the trademark registrar resists. In the case of unauthorized use of a registered trademark, relief might be given.
  • PRODUCT DIFFERENTIATION: The registration of a trademark distinguishes your product from others by creating a separate recognition for a certain product. The public can then easily identify the product whose trademark has been registered.
  • ASSET CREATION: A trademark is considered a valuable asset for a business, and its registration generates one for the company. They are intellectual property that can be sold, franchised, or economically exploited in any way that profits the owner.
  • BRAND RECOGNITION: A customer recognizes a product by the name or logo related to the trademark. By registering the trademark, you are linking the image of your product to the brand name and building trust for your goods. It promotes trust in existing clients and brings new customers.

Which Necessary Steps are Crucial to Register a Trademark in Class 4?

Any solitary can register for a trademark in India by consecutive procedure and by presenting all the documents essential for trademark registering process. Formerly when a trademark is recorded & registered, it is valid for a decade and it can be renewed after that time span.

The following documents are required for trademark registration:

  1. The applicant’s proof, which includes basic information such as name, residence, and company.
  2. The trademark logo, which includes the brand name to be registered.
  3. The product, that’s one of the items or services to be registered.
  4. Proof of trademark usage
  5. An affidavit stating the date on which the trademark was first used.
  6. Form TM-48, which grants power of attorney, has been signed.

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580+ Products List Enclosed Under Trademark Class 4

  1. Additive concentrates (Non-chemical ) for lubricants
  2. Additive concentrates for motor fuels
  3. Additives for fuels
  4. Additives for petroleum products
  5. Additives for hydraulic fluids
  6. Additives for lubricants
  7. Additives for fuels to prevent combustion chamber deposits
  8. Additives for combustion enhancers
  9. Additives for oils
  10. Additives for greases
  11. Additives, non-chemical, to motor-fuel
  12. Alcohol (fuel)
  13. All purpose lubricants
  14. All purpose penetrating oil
  15. Animal fat for technical uses
  16. Animal oils for industrial purposes
  17. Anthracite
  18. Anti-freezing additives for fuels
  19. Anti-seize substances
  20. Arms [weapons]
  21. Aromatherapy fragrance candles
  22. Artificial fireplace logs
  23. Artificial petroleum
  24. Automobile fuels are a preferred type of Trademark Class 4
  25. Automobile lubricants
  26. Automotive engine oils
  27. Automotive final drive oils
  28. Automotive greases
  29. Automotive lubricants
  30. Automotive lubricants for car engines
  31. Automotive lubricating compounds
  32. Aviation fuel
  33. Bagasse for use as fuel
  34. Barbecue briquettes
  35. Barbecue fuel made from woodchips
  36. Barbecue lighting fuel
  37. Barbecue liquid lighters
  38. Base oils
  39. Baseball glove conditioning oil
  40. Beef tallow for industrial purposes
  41. Beeswax
  42. Beeswax for use in manufacture of candles
  43. Beeswax for use in manufacture of cosmetics
  44. Beeswax for use in manufacture of ointments
  45. Belt dressings
  46. Belting wax
  47. Belts (for Grease)
  48. Belts (for Non-slipping preparations)
  49. Benzene fuel
  50. Binding preparations for solid fuels
  51. Biodiesel fuel
  52. Biofuel is a preferred type Trademark Class 4
  53. Biomass fuel
  54. Bitumen emulsions for fuel
  55. Blocks of peat [fuel]
  56. Bone oil for industrial purposes
  57. Boots (for Grease)
  58. Bougies in the nature of wax candles
  59. Briquettes
  60. Briquettes (Combustible )
  61. Briquettes of bitumen
  62. Briquettes of coal
  63. Briquettes of wood
  64. Butane for lighting
  65. Butane fuel
  66. Butane gas for use as a household fuel
  67. Butane lighter fuel
  68. Cable lubricants
  69. Candle assemblies
  70. Candle torches
  71. Candle wax
  72. Candles is preferred
  73. Candles and wicks for lighting
  74. Candles (Christmas tree )
  75. Candles containing insect repellent
  76. Candles for absorbing smoke
  77. Candles for use as nightlights
  78. Candles for use in the decoration of cakes
  79. Candles are a preferred type of Trademark Class 4
  80. Candles (Perfumed )
  81. Carbon dioxide for lightning
  82. Carburants
  83. Carnauba wax
  84. Casting oils
  85. Castor oil for industrial purposes
  86. Castor oil for technical purposes
  87. Castor oil [not edible]
  88. Ceresine
  89. Chafing dish fuel
  90. Chain grease
  91. Chain oil is a preferred type of Trademark Class 4
  92. Charcoal based products for use as a fuel
  93. Charcoal briquettes
  94. Charcoal [for fuel]
  95. Charcoal lighter fluid
  96. Chassis grease
  97. Christmas lights [candles]
  98. Church candles
  99. Cigarette lighter fluid
  100. Coal
  101. Coal based fuels
  102. Coal briquettes
  103. Coal dust [fuel]
  104. Coal gas
  105. Coal naphtha
  106. Coal tar oil
  107. Coconut oils for industrial purposes
  108. Coke
  109. Colza oil for industrial purposes
  110. Colza oil for lubricating machinery
  111. Combustible agglomerated fuels
  112. Combustible briquettes [charcoal briquettes]
  113. Combustible gases
  114. Combustible materials
  115. Combustible oil
  116. Combustible products
  117. Combustible substances for use in heating apparatus
  118. Combustible waxes
  119. Combustion enhancers [oils]
  120. Combustion enhancers [petroleum products]
  121. Compositions for binding dust
  122. Compositions for preserving brickwork [oils]
  123. Compositions for preserving cement [oils]
  124. Compositions for preserving concrete [oils]
  125. Compressed natural gas
  126. Concrete preservatives [oils]
  127. Concrete sealing agents [oils]
  128. Conditioning oil for baseball gloves
  129. Corn oils for industrial purposes
  130. Corrosion penetrating oils
  131. Cottonseed oils for industrial purposes
  132. Crude oil
  133. Crude oil products derived from the refining of crude
  134. Cutting fluids
  135. Cutting oil for industrial metalworking
  136. Cutting preparations for metal working operations
  137. Deep drawing lubricants
  138. De-moulding oil
  139. Diesel fuel
  140. Diesel oil
  141. Dispersions of paraffins in water for use in waterproofing particle boards
  142. Drilling lubricants
  143. Dust lubricants
  144. Dust absorbing compositions
  145. Dust absorbing compositions in the nature of oils
  146. Dust absorbing preparations
  147. Dust absorbing, wetting and binding compositions
  148. Dust binding compositions in the nature of oils
  149. Dust binding compositions for sweeping
  150. Dust controlling compositions
  151. Dust laying and absorbing composition for use on unpaved roads
  152. Dust laying compositions
  153. Dust removing preparations
  154. Dust suppressants
  155. Dust wetting compositions in the nature of oils
  156. Dust wetting compositions
  157. Electrical energy
  158. Electrical energy from non-renewable sources
  159. Electrical energy from renewable sources
  160. Electrical energy from solar power
  161. Electrical energy from wind power
  162. Electricity
  163. Emulsions of bitumen (fuel)
  164. Emulsions of oil for fuel
  165. Energy (Electrical )
  166. Engine oils
  167. Engine starting sprays
  168. Ethanol [fuel]
  169. Ether (Petroleum )
  170. Extreme pressure oils
  171. Fine oils for motors
  172. Fire lighters
  173. Firelighters for grills
  174. Firelighters in the nature of kindling woods
  175. Fireplace logs
  176. Firewood
  177. Fish oil for industrial purposes
  178. Fish oil, not edible
  179. Floating candles
  180. Fluids (Cutting )
  181. Flux oil for use as an ingredient in asphalt
  182. Flux oils
  183. Fossil fuels
  184. Fragranced candles
  185. Froth flotation oils
  186. Fruit candles
  187. Fuel
  188. Fuel additives for inhibiting ash deposition in fossil fuel burning apparatus
  189. Fuel briquettes
  190. Fuel for aircraft
  191. Fuel for lighters
  192. Fuel for lighting purposes
  193. Fuel for motor vehicles
  194. Fuel for portable fireplaces
  195. Fuel for pyrophoric lighters
  196. Fuel for ships
  197. Fuel for use in barbecues
  198. Fuel from crude oil
  199. Fuel gas
  200. Fuel in the form of briquettes
  201. Fuel mixtures
  202. Fuel mixtures (Vaporized )
  203. Fuel oil
  204. Fuel pellets
  205. Fuel products of pressed wood chips
  206. Fuel with an alcohol base
  207. Fuels
  208. Fuels and illuminants
  209. Fuels derived from crude oil
  210. Fuels derived from oil
  211. Fuels for barbecues
  212. Fuels for cooking
  213. Fuels for heating purposes
  214. Fuels for lighters
  215. Fuels from biological sources
  216. Fuels in liquid form
  217. Fuels (including motor spirit)
  218. Fuels made from anthracite coal and coke
  219. Fuels with an alcoholic base
  220. Gas cartridges
  221. Gas for lighting
  222. Gas mixtures (fuel)
  223. Gas oil
  224. Gas oil for domestic heating
  225. Gas oil for industrial heating
  226. Gas (Producer )
  227. Gas (Solidified ) [fuel]
  228. Gases for flame heating
  229. Gases for use as fuel
  230. Gases for use as illuminants
  231. Gases for use in cooking
  232. Gases for use in heating
  233. Gases for use in lighting
  234. Gasoline (fuel)
  235. Gear oils
  236. Granular absorbent oil-based composition for absorbing spills from floors
  237. Graphite as a lubricant
  238. Grave candles, non-electric
  239. Grease for arms [weapons]
  240. Grease for belts
  241. Grease for boots
  242. Grease for brake pads
  243. Grease for brake shoes
  244. Grease for footwear
  245. Grease for leather
  246. Grease for machines
  247. Grease (Illuminating )
  248. Greases for technical purposes
  249. Greases for the lubrication of exposed gears
  250. Greases for the lubrication of cables
  251. Greases for the lubrication of joints
  252. Greases for the preservation of leather
  253. Greases for use with ball-bearings
  254. Greases for weapons
  255. Gun barrel oil
  256. Hardened oils [hydrogenated oils for industrial use]
  257. Heat treatment oils for use in metal working
  258. Heating oil
  259. Heating oils containing additives
  260. Heavy oils
  261. High-octane petrol
  262. High pressure greases
  263. Hookah charcoal
  264. Household fuel briquettes
  265. Household fuel briquettes made from a mixture of coal, coke and quartz
  266. Household fuel briquettes made from coal with an admixture of quartz
  267. Household fuel briquettes made from coke with an admixture of quartz
  268. Hydrocarbon fuels
  269. Hydrocarbon fuels derived from tar
  270. Illuminants
  271. Illuminating grease
  272. Illuminating materials
  273. Illuminating oil
  274. Illuminating wax
  275. Industrial fuel oil
  276. Industrial gasoline
  277. Industrial oil is a preferred type Trademark Class 4
  278. Industrial oil for batteries
  279. Industrial oils and greases, lubricants
  280. Industrial oils being quenching oils
  281. Industrial oils for the lubrication of surfaces
  282. Industrial paraffins
  283. Industrial wax
  284. Isolating oils
  285. Kerosene
  286. Kerosene for domestic heating
  287. Kindling
  288. Lamp fuel
  289. Lamp oil
  290. Lamp oil with insect repellant agent
  291. Lamp oils containing insect repellant
  292. Lamp wicks
  293. Landfill gas
  294. Lanolin
  295. Lanolin for use in the manufacture of cosmetics and ointments
  296. Lanoline for industrial purposes
  297. Leather preserving oil and grease
  298. Light oils
  299. Lighter fluid for charcoal
  300. Lighting fuel
  301. Lighting (Gas)
  302. Lighting paper
  303. Lignite
  304. Lignite briquettes
  305. Ligroin
  306. Linseed oil for use as a lubricant
  307. Linseed oils for industrial purposes
  308. Linseed oils for paints
  309. Liquefied gases for driving motor vehicles
  310. Liquefied natural gas
  311. Liquefied petroleum gas
  312. Liquefied petroleum gases to be used for domestic purposes
  313. Liquefied petroleum gases to be used for industrial purposes
  314. Liquefied petroleum gases to be used in motor vehicles
  315. Liquid fuels
  316. Liquid gas
  317. Low ash content coal
  318. Low sulphur coal
  319. Lubricants
  320. Lubricants and industrial greases, waxes and fluids
  321. Lubricants being gear oils
  322. Lubricants containing low friction additives
  323. Lubricants for agricultural implements
  324. Lubricants for aircraft engines
  325. Lubricants for bicycle chains
  326. Lubricants for cables
  327. Lubricants for conveyor chains containing a disinfecting agent
  328. Lubricants for conveyor chains containing a corrosion inhibitor
  329. Lubricants for demounting pneumatic tyres
  330. Lubricants for industrial machinery
  331. Lubricants for metal working
  332. Lubricants for metallic surfaces
  333. Lubricants for motor vehicles
  334. Lubricants for mounting pneumatic tyres
  335. Lubricants for plastic materials
  336. Lubricants for polymeric surfaces
  337. Lubricants for surgical apparatus
  338. Lubricants for the protection of the chains of chainsaws
  339. Lubricants for use in industrial processes
  340. Lubricants for use in machine cutting
  341. Lubricants for use in the machining of metal
  342. Lubricants for use on conveyors
  343. Lubricants for use on wire ropes
  344. Lubricants for use with coaxial telephone cables
  345. Lubricants for use with power cables
  346. Lubricants having cleaning properties
  347. Lubricants in the nature of oils
  348. Lubricants of agricultural origin
  349. Lubricants of synthetic origin
  350. Lubricating agents in the form of talcum powder
  351. Lubricating agents in the form of graphite powder
  352. Lubricating agents, other than for medical use
  353. Lubricating fluids
  354. Lubricating graphite
  355. Lubricating oil for motor vehicle engines
  356. Lubricating oils and greases
  357. Lubricating oils being hydraulic oils
  358. Lubricating oils containing additives which protect metal against wear by friction
  359. Lubricating oils for automotive apparatus
  360. Lubricating oils for cooling metal during cutting
  361. Lubricating oils for laser printers
  362. Lubricating oils for petrol engines
  363. Lubricating oils for the cutting of metal pieces
  364. Lubricating oils for the shaping of metal pieces
  365. Lubricating oils for use as a cutting fluid
  366. Lubricating oils for wheels
  367. Lubricating oils [industrial lubricants]
  368. Lubrication grease for vehicles
  369. Lubrication oils for industrial refrigeration apparatus
  370. Lump charcoal
  371. Machine cutting fluids
  372. Manufactured solid fuels
  373. Marine greases
  374. Marine oils
  375. Masonry preservatives in the form of oils
  376. Materials for use in preserving buildings [oils]
  377. Mazut
  378. Metal cutting compounds
  379. Metal preservatives [oils]
  380. Metalworking [cutting] fluids
  381. Metalworking fluids in the nature of oils
  382. Metalworking lubricants
  383. Metalworking oils
  384. Metalworking products having lubricating properties
  385. Methanol fuel
  386. Methylated spirit
  387. Methylated spirits for fuel [denaturated fuel alcohols]
  388. Mineral coal
  389. Mineral fuel
  390. Mineral lubricating oils
  391. Mineral motor fuel
  392. Mineral oil for use in the manufacture of cosmetics and skin care products
  393. Mineral oil for use in paints
  394. Mineral oil for use in the manufacture of metal cutting fluids
  395. Mineral oils and greases for industrial purposes [not for fuel]
  396. Mineral spirits for use as an accelerant
  397. Moistening oil
  398. Motor fuel (Additives, non-chemical)
  399. Motor oils
  400. Motor spirit
  401. Motor vehicle lubricants
  402. Mould releasing oils
  403. Musk scented candles
  404. Naphtha
  405. Natural gas
  406. Nightlights [candles]
  407. Non-chemical additives for coolants
  408. Non-chemical additives for engine oils
  409. Non-chemical additives for fuels
  410. Non-chemical additives for motor fuels
  411. Non-chemical additives for gearbox oils
  412. Non-chemical additives for transmission oils
  413. Non-chemical additives for lubricants
  414. Non-chemical additives for cutting oils
  415. Non-chemical additives for greases
  416. Non-chemical additives to organic working fluids to act as in-situ lubricants

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  1. Non-chemical additives to organic working fluids act as flow characteristic modifiers
  2. Non-chemical fuel additives
  3. Non-chemical gasoline additives
  4. Non-chemical motor oil additives
  5. Non-chemical petrol additives
  6. Non-mineral greases for industrial purposes [not for fuel]
  7. Non-mineral oils for industrial purposes [not for fuel]
  8. Non-slipping preparations for belts
  9. Non-soluble cutting oils
  10. Oil based lubricants
  11. Oil for the preservation of masonry
  12. Oil for the preservation of leather
  13. Oil-gas
  14. Oil well drilling lubricants
  15. Oils containing dissolved metal salts for use as additives to bitumen
  16. Oils containing dissolved metal salts for use as additives to asphalt
  17. Oils containing rust preventing additives
  18. Oils containing water dispersant additives
  19. Oils for automobiles
  20. Oils for engines
  21. Oils for lighting
  22. Oils for paints
  23. Oils for releasing form work [building]
  24. Oils for surface treatment
  25. Oils for tempering metals
  26. Oils for the hydrodynamic drive for vehicles
  27. Oils for the preservation of masonry
  28. Oils for the preservation of leather
  29. Oils for thermic treatment of metals
  30. Oils for turbines
  31. Oils for turbo units
  32. Oils for use as additives to heating oils
  33. Oils for use with machine tools
  34. Oleine
  35. Olive oils for industrial purposes
  36. Oxygen liquified hydrocarbon gas for use in torches
  37. Ozocerite
  38. Paints (for Oils)
  39. Paper spills for lighting fires
  40. Paraffin
  41. Paraffin wax
  42. Peanut oils for industrial purposes
  43. Peat (Blocks) [fuel]
  44. Peat briquettes [fuel]
  45. Pellets of compressed fiber manufactured from a plant crop to be used as fuel
  46. Penetrants
  47. Penetrating greases
  48. Penetrating oils
  49. Penetrating oils for use on door locks
  50. Penetrating preparations consisting principally of oils
  51. Perfumed candles
  52. Perilla oils for industrial purposes
  53. Petrol
  54. Petrol additives [non-chemical]
  55. Petrol additives [petrochemical]
  56. Petroleum
  57. Petroleum-based dust absorbing compositions
  58. Petroleum based dust suppressing compositions
  59. Petroleum by-products
  60. Petroleum coke
  61. Petroleum ether
  62. Petroleum gas
  63. Petroleum jelly for industrial purposes
  64. Petroleum, raw or refined
  65. Preparations for absorbing dust
  66. Preparations for binding dust
  67. Preparations for enhancing the combustion of fossil fuels
  68. Preparations for loosening rusted metal components
  69. Preparations for lubricating joints
  70. Preparations for reducing sliding friction between two surfaces
  71. Preservatives for brickwork [oils]
  72. Preservatives for cement [oils]
  73. Preservatives for concrete [oils]
  74. Preservatives for leather [oils and greases]
  75. Preservatives for metals [oils]
  76. Preservatives for metals [grease]
  77. Preservatives for rubber [grease]
  78. Preservatives for tiles [oils]
  79. Preserving oils for masonry or leather
  80. Process oil for use in bitumen extenders
  81. Producer gas
  82. Products for protecting concrete [oils]
  83. Products for sealing brickwork [oils]
  84. Propane for heating
  85. Propane for lighting
  86. Propane for use as fuel
  87. Propane gas
  88. Propane gas sold in cylinders for use in torches
  89. Protective coatings for buildings [oils]
  90. Protective coatings for concrete forms [oils]
  91. Rapeseed oil for industrial purposes
  92. Reclaimed oil used in the process of de-vulcanization of rubber compounds
  93. Release agents in the nature of grease
  94. Releasing agents in the nature of oils
  95. Scented candles
  96. Scented wax melts
  97. Sesame oil for industrial purposes
  98. Sewing machine lubricating oils
  99. Shale gas
  100. Shock absorbing oils
  101. Shoes (Grease for)
  102. Smokeless fuels
  103. Smokeless solid compositions for use as fuels
  104. Solid fire starters
  105. Solid fuels
  106. Solid lubricants for industrial purposes
  107. Solid lubricants for textiles
  108. Solid oxygen fuel
  109. Solid propellants
  110. Solidified gas [fuel]
  111. Soluble cutting oils
  112. Soy candles
  113. Soya bean oil preparations for non-stick treatment of cooking utensils
  114. Soybean oil for industrial purposes
  115. Special occasion candles
  116. Spray-on lubricants
  117. Stearine
  118. Substances for use in absorbing dust
  119. Substances for use in binding dust
  120. Sumac wax
  121. Sunflower oil for industrial purposes
  122. Sweeping (Dust binding compositions)
  123. Synthetic compressor oils
  124. Synthetic gas [fuel]
  125. Synthetic linear alcohols
  126. Synthetic lubricants in the form of aerosols
  127. Synthetic lubricating oils
  128. Synthetic oils
  129. Table candles
  130. Tallow candles
  131. Tapers for lighting
  132. Tea light candles
  133. Technical oils for processing metals
  134. Textile oil
  135. Thread cutting and tapping lubricant
  136. Tinder
  137. Vaporized fuel mixtures
  138. Vegetable charcoals
  139. Vegetable oils for lubricating food processing machines
  140. Vegetable oils for the non-stick treatment of cooking utensils
  141. Vegetable wax
  142. Votive candles
  143. Walnut oils for industrial purposes
  144. Waterproofing preparations in the form of oils for motor car ignition systems
  145. Wax for lighting
  146. Wax for making candles
  147. Wax for skateboards
  148. Wax for skis
  149. Wax for snowboards
  150. Wax for surfboards
  151. Wax for use in coating food packaging materials
  152. Wax for use in manufacture
  153. Wax lights
  154. Waxes being raw materials
  155. White oils
  156. Wicks
  157. Wicks for candles
  158. Wicks for lighting
  159. Wicks for oil lamps
  160. Wood briquettes
  161. Wood chips for smoking and flavoring foods
  162. Wood chips for use as fuel
  163. Wood coal for grilling
  164. Wood for use as fuel
  165. Wood heating pellets [fuel]
  166. Wood pellet fuel
  167. Wood spills for lighting fires
  168. Wool grease is a preferred type Trademark Class 4
  169. Xylene fuel

Conclusion of Trademark Class 4:

Trademark Class 4 includes a wide range of products that are necessary for a lot of businesses, transport vehicles, and residences. If you also want to register your trademark in class 2, you should take advice from a trademark oracle to ensure a smooth registration procedure.

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