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New LeShuttle Logo Gets People Talking

New LeShuttle Logo Gets People Talking

The internet has stormed with debates between users regarding the redesign of LeShuttle which is now LeShuttle. LeShuttle has a very different look from the Channel Tunnel railway service.

Eurostar’s new logo attracted the freight train of criticism early this year, but now it has turned into LeShuttle, a railway shuttle service of vehicles and passengers that have been running between France’s Coquelles in Pas-de-Calais to Cheriton in Kent in the United Kingdom.

The brand logo LeShuttle was revamped from Landor & Fitch, which once worked on the previous identity, and changed its name from Eurotunnel Le Shuttle to LeShuttle to try to avoid confusion with Eurostar.

The agency has joined together the ‘L’ and ‘S’ representing the journey underwater tunnel, also a tunnel shape is given for the letter ’E’, and the ‘S’ is stretched out to convey a sensation of moving through the tunnel.

The LeSuttle is now sleek and makes people instantly think of the train to many if not everyone. The logo conveys the sensation of the emotion of an animated logo.

The LeShuttle conveys roads like bicycles and motorcycles, and passengers including animals by means of rail through the Channel Tunnel. Freight vehicles carry separate subtle trains hauled by some locomotives, which also consist of passenger coaches known as Club Cars.

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