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Home » Elon Musk Change His Twitter Name to ‘Titter’, What It Is Really?

Elon Musk Change His Twitter Name to ‘Titter’, What It Is Really?

Twitter to Titter what it is really

Days after Twitter’s blue bird logo temporarily replace with a Shiba Inu dog meme.  The company made headline again taking a photo circulating on social media showing the alphabet ‘w’ missing from ‘Twitter’ covered up at the San Francisco headquarter. 

Many users considered it was photo-shopped when CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the headquarters plans to make it ‘Titter’ by painting over the letter ‘w’ in the same color as the signboard.

Musk making a joke around the word ‘titter’ – which means to giggle – wrote, “They tried to muffle our titter.”

Musk said they are required to keep the ’Twitter sign legally because of the landlord and cannot remove ‘w’, so they painted it with the background color. He also share a picture of the board, claiming the problem was solved.

William LeGate, CEO of Pillow Fight, commented upon Musk’s ‘remarkable maturity’.  Writing he said that Elon Musk, shows remarkable maturity, he removed the ‘w’ from Twitter’s logo outside their San Francisco HQ. The company now reads as ‘Titter

Users reacted to Musk’s tweet with one user joking about the paint of the sign as a “background-color” like “it’s CSS”.

Last year, in 2022, Elon Musk joked and conducted a poll for renaming the company to ‘Titter’ in which hundreds of thousands of users took part.

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