A Guide to Creating Brand Visual Identity

Through this book, you will learn how important Brand Visual Identity works and how it helps to draw more customers and distinguish itself in a heavy market.

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Why read this book?

After one has already started a business and the company is also doing well, the logo/ brand limits the extension of the business. The book covers ample information on the following:

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    What is a Brand Visual Identity?

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    The Purpose of Brand Visual Identity

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    How can you rebrand without losing customers?

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    Benefits of SEO for Branding Strategy

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    Benefits of Social Media for Branding Strategy

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    360° Digital Marketing for Branding Strategy

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    How does a paid Marketing Campaign work on Branding Strategy?

What are the main goals and purposes of this book?

The primary objective of releasing this book is to create an emotional impression of brand visual identity among the customers. To inform viewers about the importance of how a brand tells its story through a visual look and to understand the level of different businesses through consistent visuals.

Will this book be beneficial while working on Branding Visual Identity?

Yes, the book contains and covers all key points to be kept in mind while working on Branding Visual Identity.

Download A Guide to Creating Brand Visual Identity

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Yes! This book is absolutely free. We believe in spreading the knowledge we have.

Specifically, a logo is not a brand but part of the brand. A brand is everything someone thinks and feels when interacting with a business. It is influenced by marketing and every interaction people have with that company.

Branding is the foundation of marketing. A clear brand identity defines how every marketing piece should look and sound.

Essentially, branding sets out the story a company wants to tell and the rules around how it communicates, and then marketing is used to deliver this message consistently. Marketing is the vessel that brings a brand experience into the world.

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