Brand Name Ideas for Clothing

Naming A Clothing Brand

Picking the right brand name for your clothing business is an important step involved in the branding process. It communicates your brand perspective and personality to your potential clients. Especially when it comes clothing brands that are aimed at gaining recognition, it’s vital to play the cards right and soon you’ll see your clients being your source of advertisement. While there are many brand naming agencies in the market, it’s important to get your name designed only from #1 brand naming agencies such as Unboxfame. With proven expertise in the field of brand naming, we can name your products in addition to the brand.

Clothing brand name exmaples

  1. H&M
  2. PRADA
  3. Chanel
  4. Marks & Spencer
  5. Zara
  6. Mango

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How to make a clothing brand names

For naming a clothing brand name, there are some characteristics which are followed:

They can be adjusted

Since your name will also have to be converted into tags and logos, you must choose a simple and precise brand name that can also be shortened if required. Take Ralph Lauren, for example, that uses the abbreviation ‘RL’ on its garments.

They are a representation of your brand

No matter the business, your brand name must convey to your customers what your business is all about. It must set the expectations right. If your brand is about clothing, but brand name is related to food, it gives your customers a wrong idea about your brand.

They are well-thought out!

As a business owner, you must know about your target audience and their preferences. You may take the help of the most highly searched keywords to know what your clients are looking for. Next, work on those keywords, seek the help of SEO to boost your website traffic.

Name ideas for clothing brand

Naming your clothing brand isn’t as easy a task as it seems. However, with adequate motivation and clothing brand name ideas, you may get your creative juices flowing. We make the task easier for you by presenting you with a list of brand names. Explore through thousands of name ideas for clothing brands mentioned below to name your business in a way that attracts your potential customers.

Luxury clothing brand ideas
  1. Luxe Wardrobe
  2. Slaying fashion
  3. Fashion redefined
  4. Regal attires
  5. Top-notch styles
  6. Luxewear
  7. Regality redefined
  8. Bliss style
  9. Celeb fashion
  10. Instaworthy creations
Name ideas for Men's clothing brand
  1. Sharp impressions
  2. Refined styles
  3. Dapper line
  4. Gentleman’s fashion
  5. OTT Fash
  6. Right misfit
  7. Style chrome
  8. Treasure line
  9. Fashion fuse
  10. Suits and ties
Catchy clothing brand ideas
  1. The headturner club
  2. Donning art
  3. Limelight stealers
  4. Minimalfashion
  5. Premfab
  6. Regal couture
  7. Instaworthy styles
  8. Baseclub
  9. Coat&tie
  10. Brokode
Fitness clothing brand ideas
  1. Flexwear
  2. Cutflab styles
  3. Sportstorm
  4. Welltone
  5. Spotsport
  6. Thrivefash
  7. Zapstyle
  8. Athleticpro
  9. Rhenowear
  10. Hikehack
Name ideas for traditional clothing brand
  1. Ancestdress
  2. Flab2fab
  3. The first thread
  4. Heritage garb
  5. Celtic designs
  6. Classicouture
  7. Kimono bono
  8. Hudpud fash
  9. Senomania
  10. Woo trends
Fashion clothing brand ideas
  1. Meta tribe
  2. Universal couture
  3. Litattire
  4. Trendmend
  5. Cut&trend
  6. Threadista
  7. Fashionbista
  8. FashRevamp
  9. Divas&Hunks
  10. Bridezilla
Name ideas for Indian clothing brand
  1. Fashhash
  2. Tribebride
  3. BestofIndianStyles
  4. The great Indian diva
  5. MissIndia trends
  6. Instalicious
  7. Carving fashion
  8. Besttrends
  9. Zigstyle
  10. Dressense
Streetwear clothing brand ideas
  1. Gurrls&Guysss
  2. Sheets2street
  3. The Street Style
  4. Fashion path
  5. The elite tribe
  6. Unofash
  7. Golddip
  8. Sunshine couture
  9. Goget tribe
  10. Urban fashionista
Women clothing brand ideas
  1. 360 fashion
  2. Crepe dolce
  3. Fashion fiesta
  4. Infinite style archive
  5. Style hub
  6. Uber chic
  7. Fashion flair
  8. Celeb closet
  9. Wear gear
  10. Suit cloud 9
Name ideas for Indian clothing brand
  1. Dress2slay
  2. Spotlight trends
  3. Fashreplete apparels
  4. Lines and prints
  5. Dotandshot
  6. Fashiongram
  7. Trendbook
  8. Secretemptations
  9. Trendden
  10. Dresshub
Clothing brand name ideas for Instagram
  1. Fresh mess
  2. Fancy threads
  3. The overhaul room
  4. Fantashit
  5. Roses and buds style
  6. Best bet
  7. Glam damn
  8. Retro attire
  9. Sustainable fashion
  10. Trendmed
Name ideas for baby clothing brand
  1. Baby label
  2. Fashboo
  3. Babdap
  4. Little stars
  5. Munchbunch trends
  6. Lil divas
  7. Lil hunks
  8. Mompop fav
  9. Growpro
  10. Bunhun
Online clothing store name ideas
  1. Madmodels
  2. Threatread
  3. Trendbend
  4. Dramaura
  5. Brightlight fashion
  6. Tastehaste
  7. Bestfash
  8. Nile
  9. Ace fashion hub
  10. Laceface
Name ideas for western clothing brands
  1. Trendstitch
  2. Velvetouch
  3. Glam hub
  4. Fashion nation
  5. Attirend
  6. Premium cuts
  7. Toppop
  8. Best hunt
  9. Get set
  10. Highendbend
Thrift clothing store name ideas
  1. Makeovers pros
  2. Fuseduse
  3. Fastrends
  4. Fashionnation
  5. Bellshell
  6. Clever attire
  7. Future couture
  8. Treads&scissors
  9. The urban hippies
  10. Shostop
Urban clothing brand ideas
  1. UrbanEdge
  2. StreetStyle
  3. CityThreads
  4. UrbanChic
  5. MetroFashion
  6. UrbanSwag
  7. CityVibe
  8. StreetCouture
  9. UrbanTrendz
  10. CitySquad

With these clothing brand name ideas by your side, choosing an ideal brand name should not be a hassle. All it takes is a keen eye to select the one that best suits your interest.


We hope that the above-mentioned tips and brand name ideas will help you pick a perfect brand name for your business. Since your clothing brand name will set the stage for how your audience will be perceiving you, take some time to ensure that your brand stands out from the crowd.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you get your brand name designed by us, you won’t have to worry about your logo. Our creative experts will take care of that. Even if you have a brand name that you created on your own, we can still design a logo that suits your chosen name. You have an option to choose from different colors, icons and font options etc. to have your logo created.

Conduct an online research of the clothing brand name ideas that you plan to use. Next, you can go on platforms such as GoDaddy to check whether they’ve already been taken. If it’s taken, you can always modify the name in a completely unique manner or better still, choose another name. When your clothing brand name is decided, book your domain right away.

Out of the many techniques of naming a brand, using your own name is one. Yes, you can go ahead with it as long as it connects to your audience. Using their own personality is something many brands have done. Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger are some examples.