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How To Successfully Rebrand Your Business: A Complete Casestudy?

How to successfully rebrand your business: A complete Casestudy?

Most tycoons and title holders alter many significance’s when beginning a fresh business. Branding frequently takes a back seat. Unfortunately, most business proprietors study that frail branding weakens their exertions to cultivate their businesses. If this happens to you and your business, you are not alone. You may require to rebrand your business.

What is Rebranding?

Rebranding is a tactic that includes altering a company’s commercial image or association by emerging an innovative name, symbol, logo, and related visual monies like marketing materials. The objective of rebranding is to generate a fresh and differentiated brand identity distinctiveness in the minds of customers, investors, forecasts, challengers, personnel, and the broad-spectrum public.

This blog shares the actionable visions, guidelines, finest observes, and proficiency we’ve established subsequently aiding numerous amount of the realm’s utmost positive brands.

Why is Rebranding Necessary?

Businesses progress, and frequently, to stay modest, they must develop their brand and branding. This happens for various motives.

  1. You might no longer adore your brand logo, or your brand visual speaks to your brands values and merchandises.
  2. You might be intensifying your business range and inflowing a fresh market, and your brand name is too preventive.
  3. Or, you might have comprehended that your brand isn’t exploiting a decent enough job of distinguishing you in the flea market.

The fact is that countless corporations, counting some of the utmost popular, rebrand. We’ve seen this frequently with rebrands by Dunkin’ Donuts, Weight Watchers, Uber, Unilever, and several other companies.

Rebranding can effort miracles for any business hostile to revolutionize, distinguish itself from its rivalry, or even spurt an uninspiring repute, as was the case in Uber’s rebrand.

How to Rebrand your Old Business?

1. Start by Considering Your Mission, Vision, and Ethics

Before you rebrand, it’s decisive that you evidently comprehend your business’s assignment, dream, and ethics. Deliberate and evaluate what makes your business special. Why does your business exist, and what ethics are vital?

What is your business’s brand voice? The words, quality, and voice you custom for your brand must contest your messaging. These form the groundwork that bounces you a solid base to construct your fresh brand name.

No rebrand can be effective without this groundwork.

2. Have a Comprehensive Rebranding Strategy That Works With Your Existing Branding

Whereas things are more forthright if you’re mixing everything out and preliminary from cut, many businesses don’t have the extravagance of beginning from an uncontaminated schedule.

If you’re undertaking a fractional rebrand, make sure to take the remaining brand resources into account as you build your brand tactic. You want a rebranding a brand that lives holistically with what already subsists.

Be sure any new apprises to your branding are reliable with the brand rudiments you’re keeping.

3. Consider Your Brand’s Budience, The Market, And Your Competition

Before you rebrand, do your due persistence.

Study what your opposition does. Regulate how you stand separately from your opponents and what your true value proposal is. Inspect what’s hot (and what’s not) in brand trends. Be cognizant of what’s fashionable, and confirm you espouse a style that makes logic for your firm. Your fresh brand image must be different and pertinent but not so of the instant that it ends up looking outmoded too swiftly. It’s too tranquil to make an inaccuracy during rebranding and mislay market share when you make mistakes in your rebranding tactic. Rebranding and brand gratitude are part art and part science.

4. Reconsider Your Brand’s Slogan

“A decent slogan is memorable and seizures your company’s mission and visualization. It’s your company’s drive, shortened. Dissimilar altering names, altering slogans is slight easier for your advertising determinations.

But comparable to altering names, you should still deliberate it prudently. First, it’s important you ask yourself, why do you actually want to alter your slogan? It’s common to fall into the deception of detesting your slogan as you’ve heard it countless times. But it’s that identical replication that forms brand gratitude.

However you might have become gruesome of your slogan after longsighted it regularly, your customers might love it. If you’re on the barrier, you can embrace concentration groups to see if the slogan is really echoing. If it isn’t, you can get some innovative business ideas for slogans with these starting points:

  • Make a claim
  • Get metaphorical
  • Use poetic language
  • Provide instructions
  • Leverage labels
  • Compliment customers”

5.  Rebuild Your Brand Identity

“The palpable rudiments you use to communicate your brand might have been in play for a many times by the time you start considering a rebrand. This means you’ve likely had plenitude of time to review their strengths and sins before replacing them. You might want to redesign your logo, use new colors in your brand material, or indeed produce new brand guidelines. Then are a many common changes you might make as part of your rebranding strategy:

  • Your Logo – Perhaps you adored your logo when you first make it, but you are discovering your guests no way really appeared to “get it”.  Else, conceivably your logo desires a refresh to reflect the other main variations you’ve made within. However, going back to the basics of what makes a good logo will help you to get it right this time, if you are seeing to do a logo redesign.
  • Stay simple – Jamming as important representation as imaginable into a logo generally does not work out veritably well. But that is a hard verity for fresh companies who are still vexing to prove themselves. Now that you are more honored, show your tone- assurance with a modest logo.
  • Make an impact – perhaps you went the differing route in your original logo design and were too alarmed to be stalwart, so you jammed with commodity innocent. Your logo does not value important if individualities can’t recall it, so when you are reforming your logo, don’t resolve for commodity that will not station out.
  • Be adaptable – One thing you might have dressed with your first logo is its confines. Now that you know what forms or flairs might not be as adaptable for the passages your brand truly uses, tolerate those in mind throughout the redesigning process.
  • Aim for applicable – As companies get established and get to distinguish their guests more, a logo that might have made intellect at launch could now be meditated wholly incorrect for that company’s target request.
  • Look to the long term –  As entertaining as rebrands might appear, you do not want to do this every now and also, so really look at your visualization, charge, ethics, and tenacity and contemplate whether this new fresh logo can provision them in the long run.
  • Maintain through lines – just like your name, your logo is one of your brand’s most notable modules. While rebranding, shirk losing too important brand gratefulness by trying to save the gobbets of your longstanding logo that worked. However, you will be suitable to transport over some of the brand gratefulness your old logo firstly had, if you can uphold a sense of immutability. Still, we can realize this procedure in exploit.

If we look at a many logo redesigns from 2019. Take Zara and The Knot, for illustration, two companies that changed their ensigns in the last many times.

Choosing Your New Color Palate

Color can have an enormous quantum of effect on your brand — in fact, some colors are now tantamount with the brands that use them, like McDonald’s yellow. But choosing the right color can be problematic, and as your company matures, your color might need a touch up.

Looking at your brand colors with new eyes using color psychology and opponent exploration can profit you estimate whether they are working with (or against) the brand image you are seeing to project.

Likewise, now that you’ve been employed with your color(s) for a while, you may have noticed that the way your colors show up on- screen vs. in- print is not dependable. When seeing colors during your rebrand, check to certify the color looks the same on a variety of brand accoutrements.


Likewise your color, your unique fountain may have shown up conversely in practice than in proposition. When you are reassessing sources, pay close consideration to what worked and what did not with your old fountain, along with any terms you had — like reacquiring the fountain for web design or Power Points.

You might also want to reflect whether your fountain is dependable with any commerce or dispatches exposed while rebranding. However, that super hipsterism Sans Serif fountain might be better off as a more traditional Serif fountain, if your guests are more established than you originally anticipated. After all, the intermediate is the communication.

And now that you distinguish your marketing channels, you will be able to make further educated choices on weight and cuts like which sources show up well, and which leave your words looking unreliable.

Conclusion –

Now that you know everything a rebrand involves, it’s time to meditate if and how you want to rebrand your own business. Whether you end up going with a logo redesign, a website redesign, some reinvigorated messaging or a comprehensive brand overhaul, these way can help you to consider your finest tactic for erecting a brand that gets it right this time.

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