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Discover Top 15 AI Content Detector Tools That Will Blow Your Mind

Discover top 15 AI content detector tools that will blow your mind

We are all familiar with the fact the nowadays almost everyone relies on AI. The constant use of AI only shows human laziness and the loss in decision making qualities. However, worryingly, researchers and institutions across the globe are praising the positive role of AI but ignoring its concerns. Researchers did some study and collected some data of 285 students from different universities in Pakistan and China, and found out that AI significantly impacts the loss of human decision making quality and also makes human lazy.

Not only this, it also impacts security and privacy. The collective data analysis on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on humans shows 68.9% of laziness, 27.7% loss of decision making quality, and 68.6% in personal privacy and security issues. That’s the reason why we are in desperate need of AI- detection tools and why they play a vital role in various aspects.

But First Lets Learn What Is AI Detection And How Does It Work?

AI Detection tends to process the content generated from AI writing instruments like ChatGPT, Google Brad, GPT4, ChatSonic and more. AI detection tools employ wide amount of data compilations to discover if a text is genuinely created by human or craftily created by Artificial Intelligence. That’s why these tools play a very beneficial role in multiple aspects. I bet you guys would be wondering exactly how these AI detection tools work?

So here’s the thing, by utilizing machine learning algorithms, these tools discern patterns and insect textual elements such as length, grammar, structure, and syntax, to effectively establish AI-generated contents. This allows businesses to detect plagiarism or copyright infringement cases, critical in maintaining their reputation and legal standing.

So let us discover some 15 amazing AI- detention tools that will blow your mind and help you in various sections.

1. Winston AI

Winston is to be known as the most accurate detention tool and has a 4 star rating out of 5.

Amusing isn’t it!

However, this tool is not free like other AI detention tools and it charges $18 per month.

This tool gives no false positive and is able to detect highest proportion of edited AI texts.

You will have to sign up to use the tool before purchasing a plan. Although, it does give a free trial of 2000 words or 1 week but after that you’ll have to take the subscription to keep using this tool.

2. Originality.AI

Originality.AI is another premium AI detection tool like Winston AI.

It is almost well as Winston AI, but it have a rating of 3.5 stars out of 5.

It also requires a sign up and a monthly subscription of around $20 which is fairly generous.

However, this tool also detects the use of paraphrasing tools more than the half time.

Originality gives percentage likelihood that a text is AI-generated and highlights text in various colors to label it as AI or human.

3. Sapling.AI

Unlike Winston and originality.AI, this tool is absolutely free of cost.

It is the most accurate free tool that gives no false positive.

Sapling is very fast and straightforward to use. Fun fact, there’s no need to even sign-up just paste the text you want to check and find out the results.

Satisfying right!

However, it gives two highlighted versions of the check but it is not really clear how the user is meant to understand these two different highlighted texts.

4. Copyleaks

Copyleaks is not best but one of the better free tools in terms of accuracy. Like sapling it has 3.5 stars rating and it found all GPT-3.5 texts and over half of the GPT-4 text with no false positive results.

However, in this tool there’s a limit on daily checks, but if you sign up for a free account the limits will be increased.

Additionally, the results shown are quite unclear as compared to the other tools. You just get a highlighted text instead of an overall percentage. The tool is not quietly user-friendly as there is no explanation.

5. ZeroGPT

ZeroGPT can be considered as a quite well for a free tool.

Having 3 stars rating, it performed particularly well at finding texts that consisted of paraphrased AI content or mixed AI-and-human content.

This tool is straightforward to use. You just need to paste the text or you could just upload a file and then you’ll see a text lable such as “Your text is AI/GPT generated”, the text highlighting indicates which part of your AI text generated .

However, some users may find this tool difficult to understand but overall this tool did have 1 false positive as it declared a human text as AI-generated once.

6. GPT-2 Output Detector

GPT-2 Output Detector has a slightly below average performance in terms of accuracy and it has a 3 star rating.

There’s no sign up required and the interface provided is simplistic but clear.

You just need to simply paste in your text and you’ll get a percentage representing how much text is “real” and how much text is “fake”.

But there’s no text highlighted to identify which is which though.

7. Crossplag

Crossflag is also free tool in which no subscription is required.

It is quite simple to use as no sign up is required, just paste in your text which you want to check and you’ll get your result.

However its performance level is same as GPT-2 output detector.

Same as that tool it has no false positive.

Crossflag presents the information in a slightly more attractive way, but there’s no real difference in terms of content.

8. GPTZero

GPTZero is also a free tool which is simple to use as no sign up is required.

Just paste in the text and see the results.

Although it has a 2.5 stars rating, but it provides a stat that other tools don’t.

We can understand why it has only 2.5 stars ratings as it is unusual in the way it presents its result.

It provides a sentence stating what it detected in your text like “your text is entirely human or entirely AI”. It’s unable to detect mixed AI-human texts.

Because of this binary judgment, it seems to have a below average performance rate.

9. Writer

This tool is also a free AI detection tool, which require no sign up and gives no false positive.

But sometimes the tool often fails to load the result, which makes the tool kind of useless.

Therefore it has a very low accuracy rate and it also can’t detect GPT-4 texts at all.

In terms of the text information shown, Writer provides a percentage of “human-generated content” but no highlighting to indicate what content has been labeled .

It also has a character limit of 1,500 which is the lowest amongst vthe all.

10. AI Text Classifier

This is a free tool which is quick and straightforward to use.

It have a low accuracy rate with 2 stars rating.

This tool was developed by OpenAI, the company who made ChatGPT, still it doesn’t provide enough useful information.

It does not give a percentage or any kind or highlighting, just a statement that the text is very unlikely/unclear it is/possibly/likely AI-generated.

The overall accuracy of this tool is quite same as Writer.

Though the AI text classifier is free but it is necessary to sign up, although if you already have an account on chatGPT then you can sign in with the same account.

11. Content At Scale

This tool sets itself apart from others by delivering a verdict on submitted content within seconds.

What makes it unique is the inclusion of a “human content score”, which combines factors like predictability, probability, and pattern.

This score provides an explanation for why the tool believes the content is AI generated.

It assesses whether the content is too predictable, carries a high probability of being AI business name generator, or exhibits replicable patterns.

By offering these scores, the platform offers a comprehensive view of its assessment, making it an excellent choice for detecting AI-generated content.

This added insight enhances its effectiveness for your detection needs.

12. Corrector app

This tool is free of cost for all users.

While the corrector App may serve as a quick check tool, it falls short when compared to other options available on the market.

It requires minimum 300 words, and its users experience is not the most favorable.

Therefore there are more superior alternatives that provide a smoother and more comprehensive user experience for your needs.

13. Kazan SEO

If you are in search of both SEO and an AI detection tool, Kazan SEO is an excellent starting point.

This free software provides a wide range of features, including keyword clusters, content optimization, text extraction, AI-content generators, and notable, AI content detection.

Similar to other platforms, kazan SEO’s content detection feature is free to use and swiftly calculates the overall percentage of AI-generated content with a given text.

14. GLTR

Giant Language model Test Room or GLTR is a free tool.

Hendrik Strobelt, sebastin gehrmann, and alexander rush from MIT-IBM Watson AI lab and Harvard NLP, collaborated together to form this AI detection tool.

There is no plagiarism feature set here.

This tool is quite simple to use and it offers some overall scoring but mainly shows whether each word within a text was one of the 10,100, 1000 or outside the 1000 most likely words to be generated by AI based on the prior context in the text.

15. Writefull GPT detector

The writefull GPT detector is a free tool. It is quite simple to use with an API address. This tool also does not have any highlighting and plagiarism detection.

Writefull GPT detector is one of the AI text generator tol that helps you to identify the texts, articles, or any projects that are generated from GPT4 or GPT5. it is an abosolutely free tool, no monthly subscription is required. you just need to paste the article or text in the text box you’ll see after opening the site and then click on the check button placed right below where you pasted the text. the data you entered will be secured and encrypted. if the result shows higher percentange means your text is more likely created by an AI generator.

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