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6 Ways to Create a Brand Name for Your New Business

How to create brand name

Your brand name speaks a lot about your business. It reflects how you will be perceived by your audience. A well-designed brand name reveals your brand values and evokes emotions that help your brand to stand out from the competition. The brand image of Apple, for example, is often equated with innovation. Similarly, if we think about Chanel, words such as elegance and traditional luxury come to mind instantly. From the tagline to the mission statement and visual identity, there are multiple elements that make a brand. With the right name, creating your brand identity becomes easier. For your brand name to be the highlight of your business, it must be unique, compelling, and memorable and must resonate well with your target audience. Creating a good brand name is much more than doing random wordplay or picking some catchy phrases or words. In this blog, we’ll talk about different ways to create a great brand name for your new business:

  1. Know Your Target Audience:

The primary market for your services or products is your target audience. The people you are catering to matter a lot when creating a brand. This includes the age, location, sex, hobbies, occupation, etc. of the people you wish to target. This helps create a brand persona that can help enhance your brand appeal. For gathering data pertaining to your target audience, it makes sense to speak with customers directly and study the market. Conduct market research and study various competitors to gather relevant information.

  1. Think About Your Brand Personality:

After defining your target audience, go ahead and define your brand personality. Think about how your target customers will be attracted to your brand. The key is to list down the values that your brand aims to create. Next, think about how those values can be expressed visually, verbally, and emotionally. Consider all the factors that go into creating your brand. What is your audience’s preference, and what type of language do they generally prefer? What’s their taste in music etc.?

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2. Prepare A List of Brand Name Ideas:

Once you have defined your brand personality and your target audience, you can brainstorm all the brand name ideas. The key is to allow yourself some time, be comfortable, and list down everything that crosses your mind. You must get as many ideas as possible on paper. Ask people to make their contributions and accumulate all the inspiring ideas. You may also seek the help of a dictionary.

3. Narrow Your Options

Post the completion of your brainstorming session, review all the names that you have. Evaluate whether all the criteria of a good brand name are being met and strike off all the options that don’t fit the bill. You can then narrow down the list. Ask yourself questions such as whether your brand name speaks to your target audience, whether it adds value and reflects your brand persona, whether it offers some clarity to the customers, whether it evokes some sort of emotional reaction etc.

4. Examine Your Shortlisted Brand Names

All your shortlisted brand names must be viable and meaningful. The best way to find the best is to put them to the test. Ideally, you must solicit feedback from people via surveys and focus groups. Ask them about their impression of the brand name. Their answer will matter to know whether your brand identity is being clearly portrayed via your chosen brand name.

5. Seek The Help of Specialists

Creating a brand name takes effort and time. However, if you have experts by your side, the task gets easier. Creating a brand name that’s memorable, unique, and future-proof gets easier with the help of a brand naming agency such as Unboxfame. Your brand name must reflect your brand values. Get in touch with professional experts to get your brand name designed in no time.

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