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Silver Streak Records responds to copyright claim by Punjabi Singer

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Birmingham label (Silver Streak Records) responds to copyright claim by Pakistan-based Punjabi singer Akram Rahi.

The Birmingham-based record company Silver Streak Records has reacted to a lawsuit that Pakistan-based Punjabi singer Akram Rahi brought against the company in the UK last year, alleging that the label violated his rights by sharing his recordings with online music services (Content copyright).

Silver Streak director Kamraan Ahmed claims that his firm holds the rights to the Rahi recordings that it has disseminated to download stores and streaming services in a formal response to that legal action.

The label arranged for the recordings to be made, thus under UK law, it would be the default owner of the sound recording copyrights.

The label and Rahi have in the past argued over who has the right to publish those recordings on YouTube and collect money through the Content ID mechanism on the Google video platform, according to Ahmed’s statement.

The label is currently asking the court to certify that it is the owner of the rights to the tracks and is entitled to any revenue they produce.

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