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Why Brand Activation Strategy is Crucial to the Development of Brands?

Why Brand Activation is Crucial to the Development of Brands

Brand activation Strategy entails offering a distinctive, memorable experience to raise brand recognition. According to studies, it takes five to seven brand impressions to stick in someone’s mind. A good brand activation offers a multi-touch brand experience with several surprises and engaging aspects, which enhances the process’s lasting appeal.

Using online tools, brand activation service might take the form of an event or a product sample campaign. The brand, its goods, and its services all play a major role. The purpose of brand activation is to draw in more devoted consumers and provide the audience or participants a memorable brand experience.

The principles of brand activation and its requirements are published in this article. To discover more, continue reading.

What Is Brand Activation?

A campaign, event, or encounter that promotes your brand name and creates enduring relationships with your target audience is known as brand activation. The majority of brand activations are interactive, enabling customers to interact with a brand and its goods.

Brand activation is sometimes misunderstood or conflated with more generic branding tactics. The misconception is understandable because the majority of branding and marketing operations do actually focus on raising awareness and engaging an audience.

However, rather than the overall, continuing process of branding, brand activation refers to a particular campaign or event, an isolated experience with the sole objective of enhancing your brand.

Why is Brand Activation Important?

In the digital marketing era, it may be quite challenging to stand out from the hundreds of other companies working hard to attain the same objectives. To establish a brand’s recognizability, marketers search for engaging and efficient ways to draw in their target audience. The help of many experiential marketing strategies, such as brand activation, guerilla marketing, ambient marketing, and ambush marketing.

Even though you are just starting your company, your audience may not be familiar with you. business activation is a fantastic way to promote your business and establish emotional ties with potential customers. Through experiential marketing, you may develop something unique and pertinent to your business that will pique people’s attention, even if they are unfamiliar with you.

How To Do Brand Activation

There are more options than ever to present your brand to consumers because of the proliferation of channels and touchpoints.

Let’s examine some of the techniques for brand activation.

1. Experimental Marketing: Allowing consumers to directly feel your brand may be the most effective approach to activate it in their brains. A campaign of this nature may be a practical approach to get your brand in front of consumers and cement it in their minds.

2. Campaigns for Sampling: Free samples of a new product may be a fantastic way to get people talking about your company and to introduce them to your brand. But to secure the best outcome, be prompt and inventive.

3. Brand Activation inside stores: Events or promotions that take place in-store provide another chance to activate a brand. Again, the key is to provide an experiential component that allows people to touch and engage with your brand.

Brand Activation Strategy

A boring and ineffective strategy won’t help your brand gain greater recognition. An effective brand activation plan may help you create buzz about your business. Let me lead you through a few essential stages.

1. Decide what your brand represents. Decide what you want to stand for and what you value most before everything else. It’s important to consider how consumers perceive your brand as well as how you position it. As a result, you must make sure that your brand’s message is understood.

2. Define your target market. It is not a good idea to make an educated estimate and attempt to satisfy the demands and desires of your audience without first researching and segmenting it. The poll found that 72% of consumers prefer to interact with marketing communications relevant to their interests. You must thus be aware of the characteristics, interests, and characteristics of your ideal customers. You should look for customers who will value your goods or services the greatest. Consider establishing buyer personas for this reason.

3. Analyze your SWOT. You should know the advantages, disadvantages, possibilities, and risks facing your brand before deciding on specific events, campaigns, and installations. Remember that certain brand activation efforts may need more resources than others, while others may be straightforward and inexpensive. To start a campaign, you don’t necessarily need a lot of money because even something as simple as a unique booth installation may draw large crowds.

4. Investigate your options for reaching your audience. Remember that there are a variety of strategies you may use to attract prospects, including product demonstrations, mobile vans, games, and other events. Pick an effective strategy to deliver your message to your target audience.

5. Take management into consideration. The final stage is to combine the previous ones and create a fantastic team to make it all happen. To include everyone on your team, give the appropriate individuals the correct duties.

5 Best Examples of Brand Activation

Brand stylists and designers may gain much expertise through brand activation initiatives. New immersive interactive designs in pop-up stores and location-specific temporal or immanent experiences are two examples of brand activation. Following are five creative brand activation examples from well-known multinational brands.

1. Adidas: Jump Store

Adidas: Jump Store

Adidas is a well-known multinational company best recognized for its athletic apparel and footwear. Adidas’s newest basketball sneakers were introduced with a gamified promotion that let participants 24 seconds to leap and pluck the item from a 10-meter height. Jumping should be attempted in order to obtain the sports shoes, as it is a durable and spectacular action that results in obtaining some of the top sports shoes on the market. People appreciated this promotion with a Chicago Bulls player on social media, and it was successful. Adidas designers promoted the brand’s principles and new goods with simple components.

2. Lipton Ice Tea: Be A Daybreaker

Lipton Ice Tea

Lipton Ice Tea, which, as you are aware, comes in 5 flavors, is another great brand activation that deals with tea and beverages. With the hashtag #beadaybreaker, Lipton launches a promotional activation for its ice tea gifts before 8 in the morning. Lipton directly contacts its target market with this innovative promotion by offering an unexpected complimentary iced tea on Friday mornings. It’s really intriguing and perhaps helpful for other businesses worldwide to conduct campaigns at specific times of the day.

3. Starbucks: Sparkle Shop

Starbucks Sparkle Shop

Starbucks Canada launched a glitter pop-up shop to showcase a new line of fizzy beverages in a pristine setting. Many bloggers and influencers from Toronto enjoyed this novel experience, participated in the pop-up shop, and popularised these Starbucks beverages on social media. Designers from Starbucks Canada gave this new line of iced tea beverages an excellent start and offered them to followers and Starbucks patrons. The main focus of the Sparkle pop-up shop is the many fizzy beverages that Starbucks provides under the Sparkle label.

4. HP Anti-Gravity Printer

A brand activation in zero gravity was organized by HP together with the debut of a new line of photo printers that defy gravity and may be used by astronauts in space. Influencers, journalists, and HP staff participated in this brand activation in a space with simulated zero gravity. Creating the narrative of a printer operated in zero gravity was a unique experience offered by the HP design team. When they need to purchase a printer, people will keep in mind the product and brand after seeing a number of influencers using a unique printer in a zero-gravity environment.

5. Revolve Around The World

Another international business that uses influencers and well-known people in its experimental ads is Revolve. Revolve embarked on a creative event inviting several influencers to a funfair in LA before setting off on a global tour. To create a distinctive experience, Revolve Carnival blends unexpected aspects with well-known influencers. This brand activation campaign was effective because it offered a unique, wonderful experience.

What Role Does Unboxfame Play In Brand Activation?

A successful brand takes time to develop and has many facets. Expecting a single campaign or event to quadruple your audience or establish your company as an overnight sensation is unrealistic.

However, brand activations in conjunction with your current branding campaigns might give you the extra boost you need. They aid in increasing visibility, winning over your target market, and changing how your consumers view your business and goods. Brand activations should be a crucial component of your branding strategy in a time when perception and a sense of connection with customers are so important to company success.

Contact Unboxfame right away for extra assistance with brand development. As a top brand name agency, we offer the resources you require to develop your marketing initiatives and expand your company.

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