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How to Check Trademark Class 7: Machines and Tools

How to check trademark class 7 Machines & Tools

To check whether a specific trademark falls under Class 7: Machines and Tools, you can follow these steps

  1. Determine the Goods and Services: The first step is to clearly define the goods or services associated with the trademark class 7. In this case, you’re looking for goods related to machines and tools.
  2. Consult the Nice Classification: The Nice Classification is an international system used to categorize trademarks into various classes based on the goods or services they represent. Class 7 specifically covers machines and tools.
  3. Search the Online Database: United States: If you’re in the United States, you can use the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO) online database called TESS (Trademark Electronic Search System). Visit the USPTO website (, navigate to the “Trademarks” section, and use the TESS search tool. Enter your trademark and search for similar trademarks in Class 7. International: For international searches, you can use the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) database ( It provides information on trademarks registered under the Madrid System and includes international classifications.
  4. Examine Search Results: Review the search results to see if there are any existing trademarks in Class 7 that are similar to the one you’re interested in. Pay attention to any potential conflicts or similarities in the goods or services descriptions.
  5. Seek Professional Advice: If you’re unsure about the classification or if you find similar trademarks in Class 7, it’s advisable to consult with a trademark attorney or agent. They can provide legal advice and help you determine if your trademark is registrable in Class 7.
  6. File a Trademark Application: If your search results are clear, and you’re confident that your trademark falls under Class 7 without potential conflicts, you can proceed to file a trademark application with the relevant trademark office in your country. Be prepared to provide a detailed description of the goods or services associated with your trademark.
  7. Goods Covered in Class 7: Class 7 specifically includes a wide range of machinery and tools. These may include power tools, hand tools, machines for industrial purposes, engines, motors, and other mechanical devices used in various industries. It’s important to accurately describe the goods or services you intend to protect under this class.
  8. Search for Similar Trademarks: When conducting a search, be thorough in looking for similar trademarks in Class 7. Similarity may not just be in the trademark itself but also in the goods or services description. You’ll want to avoid conflicts with trademarks that are identical or similar and used for related machinery and tools.
  9. Use Official Databases: Rely on official trademark databases provided by government trademark offices, such as the USPTO in the United States or the EUIPO in the European Union. These databases are the most reliable sources for conducting trademark searches.
  10. Consider Geographical Scope: Depending on your intentions, you may need to search for trademarks in various jurisdictions. If you plan to protect your trademark internationally, you should check both national and international trademark databases.
  11. Hire a Trademark Attorney: If you are uncertain about the process or concerned about potential conflicts, it’s a good idea to consult with a trademark attorney. They can guide you through the search process, help you understand the results, and assist with the trademark registration process.
  12. Check for Non-Registered Trademarks: Keep in mind that not all trademarks are registered. Some entities may be using unregistered trademarks that could still pose a conflict. A comprehensive search may include checking common law trademarks and business names in addition to registered trademarks.
  13. Consider Classes for Related Goods/Services: While you’re primary focus is on Class 7 for machines and tools, consider whether your business or trademark may need protection in other classes as well. Depending on your industry and product range, you might need to register in multiple classes.
  14. Keep Records of Your Search: Document the results of your search, including the date, databases searched, and any similar trademarks found. This documentation can be valuable if you encounter any legal challenges in the future.
  15. Maintain Trademark Registration: Once you’ve successfully registered your trademark in Class 7, it’s important to monitor and maintain your registration, including renewing it as required by the relevant trademark office.

Some Important Characteristics of Trademark Class 7

  1. Trademark Class 7 pertains to a specific category of goods and services as defined by the Nice Classification system. It includes a wide range of products related to machines, machine tools, motors, and engines. Here are some important characteristics and examples of goods and services covered by Trademark Class 7:
  2. Machines and Machine Tools: This class covers a variety of machines and machine tools, including power tools, hand tools, and cutting machines. Examples include drilling machines, milling machines, and saws.
  3. Engines and Motors: Class 7 includes internal combustion engines, electric motors, and other types of motors used in various industries and applications.
  4. Pumps and Compressors: It covers pumps, compressors, and hydraulic and pneumatic devices used for moving fluids and gases.
  5. Agricultural and Construction Machinery: Machinery used in agriculture, construction, and earthmoving equipment, such as tractors, excavators, and bulldozers, fall under this class.
  6. Industrial Robots and Automation Equipment: This class includes industrial robots, automation equipment, and machinery used in manufacturing and production processes.
  7. Packaging and Printing Machines: Machinery used for packaging, labeling, and printing, such as printing presses and packaging machines, is covered in Class 7.
  8. Food Processing Machines: This category includes machines used in food processing, such as mixers, grinders, and food packaging machines.
  9. Textile Machines: Textile manufacturing machinery, such as looms, knitting machines, and sewing machines, falls under this class.
  10. Mining and Construction Equipment: Equipment used in mining and construction, like drills, crushers, and conveyors, is included in this class.
  11. Woodworking Machines: This category covers woodworking equipment, including saws, planers, and routers.

Trademark Classification- Class 7- COMMON METAL AND ALLOY

  • Trademark Class 7 primarily encompasses goods related to machinery and machine tools, not common metals and alloys. It includes a wide range of industrial and mechanical equipment. Here are some examples of goods covered under Trademark Class 7:
  • Machines and Machine Tools: Various types of machines and machine tools, including milling machines, drilling machines, lathes, and more.
  • Motors and Engines: Internal combustion engines, electric motors, and other types of engines and motors used in industrial applications.
  • Pumps and Compressors: Equipment used for moving fluids and gases, such as pumps, compressors, and hydraulic devices.
  • Industrial Robots and Automation Equipment: This category includes industrial robots, automation equipment, and machinery used in manufacturing and production processes.
  • Agricultural and Construction Machinery: Equipment used in agriculture and construction, including tractors, bulldozers, and excavators.
  • Food Processing Machines: Machinery used in food processing, such as mixers, grinders, and packaging machines.
  • Textile Machines: Equipment related to the textile industry, such as looms, knitting machines, and sewing machines.
  • Printing and Packaging Machines: Machines used for printing, labeling, and packaging, including printing presses and packaging equipment.
  • Metalworking and Woodworking Machines: Equipment used in metalworking and woodworking, including lathes, milling machines, and saws.
  • HVAC and Refrigeration Equipment: Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment and machines.

1000+ Products List Enclosed Under Trademark Class 7

  1. 3D printing pens
  2. Abrasive belts for power-operated sanders
  3. Abrasive disks for power-operated grinders
  4. Abrasive disks for power-operated sanders
  5. Abrasive wheels for power-operated grinders
  6. AC generators
  7. AC generators [alternators]
  8. Acetylene cleaning apparatus
  9. Adhesive bands for pulleys
  10. Adhesive tape dispensers [machines]
  11. Adhesive tape dispensing machines
  12. Aerating pumps for aquaria
  13. Aerating pumps for aquariums
  14. Aero condensers
  15. Aeronautical engines
  16. Aero plane engines
  17. Aero plane motors
  18. Agitators
  19. Agitators for chemical processing
  20. Agitators for circulating liquid media
  21. Agricultural cultivators
  22. Agricultural elevators
  23. Agricultural implements, other than hand-operated
  24. Agricultural implements, other than hand-operated hand tools
  25. Agricultural machines
  26. Agricultural seed planting machines
  27. Air brushes for applying color
  28. Air brushes for applying colour
  29. Air brushes for applying paint
  30. Air bubble stone diffusers for aquarium
  31. Air bubble stone diffusers for hydroponic reservoirs
  32. Air cleaners [parts of engines]
  33. Air compressors
  34. Air compressors for vehicles
  35. Air condensers
  36. Air cushion devices for moving loads
  37. Air drills
  38. Air filters for automobile engines
  39. Air hammers
  40. Air intake systems and components for motor and engines
  41. Air intake systems and components for vehicles
  42. Air intakes being snorkels for motor and engines
  43. Air intakes being snorkels for vehicles
  44. Air pumps [garage installations]
  45. Air ratchet wrenches
  46. Air screwdrivers
  47. Air suction machines
  48. Air turbines for aircraft
  49. Air turbines, not for land vehicles
  50. Air turbines, other than for land vehicles
  51. Air-cooled condensers
  52. Air-operated power tools
  53. Air-powered tools
  54. Airbrushes for applying color
  55. Airbrushes for applying colour
  56. Airbrushes for applying paint
  57. Aircraft engines
  58. Airplane engines
  59. Airplane motors
  60. Alternating current generators
  61. Alternating current servo motors
  62. Alternators
  63. Alternators for land vehicles
  64. Angle valves being parts of machines
  65. Anti-friction bearings for machines
  66. Anti-friction pads for machines
  67. Anti-pollution devices for engines
  68. Anti-pollution devices for engines and motors
  69. Anti-pollution devices for motors
  70. Anti-pollution devices for motors and engines
  71. Apparatus for aerating beverages
  72. Apparatus for aerating water
  73. Apparatus for drawing up beer under pressure
  74. Apparatus for dressing
  75. Apparatus for embossing metal plates
  76. Apparatus for machining
  77. Apparatus for making printing plates
  78. Apparatus for the machining of printing plates
  79. Apparatus [machines] for filtering gases
  80. Aprons [parts of machines]
  81. Aquarium air pumps
  82. Aquarium air stones [pumps]
  83. Aquarium oxygen generators
  84. Aquarium pumps
  85. Arc welding robots
  86. Asphalt mixers [machines]
  87. Asphalt paving machines
  88. Assembling machines for liquid crystal display devices
  89. Assembly line conveyor machinery
  90. Atomisers [machines]
  91. Atomizers for industrial or commercial use, other than hand-operated
  92. Autogenous soldering machines
  93. Automated book sorting machines
  94. Automated paper sorting machines
  95. Automated parcel sorting machines
  96. Automated washers for surgical, medical and laboratory equipment
  97. Automatic electrostatic paint sprayers
  98. Automatic floor scrubbers
  99. Automatic fueling nozzles
  100. Automatic fuelling nozzles
  101. Automatic grapnels for marine purposes
  102. Automatic handling machines
  103. Automatic handling machines [manipulators]
  104. Automatic inlet control valves for reciprocating air compressors
  105. Automatic looms
  106. Automatic packing machines for food
  107. Automatic sprayers for electrostatic painting
  108. Automatic stamping machines
  109. Automatic tire removing and installing devices
  110. Automatic tyre removing and installing devices
  111. Automatic vending machines
  112. Automatic vending machines for dispensing beverages
  113. Automatic vending machines for food and beverages
  114. Automatic vending machines for the dispensing of beverages
  115. Automobile oil pans
  116. Automotive engine blocks
  117. Automotive exhaust pipes
  118. Automotive intake manifolds
  119. Axial compressors
  120. Axial fans for industrial purposes
  121. Axial flow blowers
  122. Axial flow compressors
  123. Axial flow fans
  124. Axial flow pumps
  125. Axial-flow compressors
  126. Axial-flow fans
  127. Axial-flow fans for industrial purposes
  128. Axial-flow pumps
  129. Axles for machines
  130. Back pressure valves as parts of machines
  131. Back pressure valves being parts of machines
  132. Backhoes
  133. Backhoes [earth moving machines]
  134. Backpack vacuum cleaners
  135. Bagging machines
  136. Bags of paper for vacuum cleaners
  137. Bags of plastics for vacuum cleaners
  138. Balers for agricultural use
  139. Balers for industrial purposes
  140. Balers for industrial use
  141. Ball bearings
  142. Ball bearings for in-line skates
  143. Ball bearings for roller skates
  144. Ball bearings for skateboards
  145. Ball rings for bearings
  146. Ball valves being parts of machines
  147. Ball-bearings
  148. Band brakes, not for land vehicles
  149. Band brakes, other than for land vehicles
  150. Band saw machines
  151. Band saws
  152. Bar blenders, electric
  153. Barking machines
  154. Barley polishing machines
  155. Barley splitting machines
  156. Basket presses
  157. Beach cleaning machines
  158. Bearing brackets for machines
  159. Bearing housings for machines
  160. Bearing inserts for machines
  161. Bearings as parts of machines
  162. Bearings being parts of machines
  163. Bearings for engines
  164. Bearings for machines
  165. Bearings for transmission shafts
  166. Bearings for transmission shafts, being parts of machines
  167. Bearings [parts of machines]
  168. Beaters, electric
  169. Beating machines
  170. Beer pumps
  171. Bellows being parts of machines
  172. Bellows [parts of machines]
  173. Belt conveyors
  174. Belt pulleys
  175. Belt pulleys being parts of machines
  176. Belt sanding machines
  177. Belts for conveyors
  178. Belts for engines
  179. Belts for engines and motors
  180. Belts for farm vehicle machines
  181. Belts for machines
  182. Belts for motors
  183. Belts for motors and engines
  184. Bending machines
  185. Bending machines for metalworking
  186. Beverage preparation machines, electromechanical
  187. Bicycle assembling machines
  188. Bicycle dynamos
  189. Binding apparatus for hay
  190. Bits for mining machines
  191. Bits for power drills
  192. Bitumen making machines
  193. Blade holders [parts of machines]
  194. Blade sharpening machines
  195. Blade sharpening [stropping] machines
  196. Blades for circular saws
  197. Blades for earth moving machines
  198. Blades for electric food processors
  199. Blades for power saws
  200. Blades [parts of machines]
  201. Blanking presses
  202. Blenders, electric, for food and drink preparation
  203. Blenders, electric, for food preparation
  204. Blenders, electric, for household purposes
  205. Blenders, electric, for the preparation of beverages
  206. Blenders, electric, for the preparation of drinks
  207. Blending machines for chemical processing
  208. Block brakes, not for land vehicles
  209. Block brakes, other than for land vehicles
  210. Blow torches
  211. Blowers for use with conveying systems
  212. Blowing machines
  213. Blowing machines for the compression, exhaustion and transport of gases
  214. Blowing machines for the compression, sucking and carrying of grain
  215. Blowing machines or fans for the compression, sucking and carrying of grain
  216. Boat engines
  217. Boat lifts
  218. Boat motors
  219. Bobbins for machines
  220. Bobbins for sewing machines
  221. Bobbins for weaving looms
  222. Boiler tubes [parts of machines]
  223. Bookbinding apparatus and machines for industrial purposes
  224. Bookbinding apparatus and machines for industrial use
  225. Bookbinding machines for industrial purposes
  226. Bookbinding machines for industrial use
  227. Boring machines
  228. Boring machines for metalworking
  229. Bottle capping machinery
  230. Bottle capping machines
  231. Bottle capping machines for food and beverages
  232. Bottle filling machines
  233. Bottle sealing machines
  234. Bottle sorting machines
  235. Bottle stoppering machines
  236. Bottle washing machines
  237. Bottling machines
  238. Box filling machines
  239. Boxes for matrices [printing]
  240. Braiding machines
  241. Brake flushing machines
  242. Brake linings for machines
  243. Brake linings, other than for vehicles
  244. Brake pads, other than for vehicles
  245. Brake segments, other than for vehicles
  246. Brake shoes other than for vehicles
  247. Brake shoes, other than for vehicles
  248. Brakes for industrial machines
  249. Brakes for machines
  250. Bread cutting machines
  251. Brewing machines
  252. Broaches [machine tools]
  253. Broaching machines
  254. Broaching machines for metalworking
  255. Broadcast seeders
  256. Brushes being parts of machines
  257. Brushes being parts of motors, generators and dynamos
  258. Brushes for vacuum cleaners
  259. Brushes [parts of machines]
  260. Brushes, electrically operated [parts of machines]
  261. Bucket elevators
  262. Buckets for earth moving machines
  263. Bulldozers
  264. Bushings for use as parts of machines
  265. Bushings [parts of machines]
  266. Butter machines
  267. Butterfly valves being parts of machines
  268. Cable cranes
  269. Cable-controlled crane mounted on crawlers
  270. Calenders
  271. Cam chains
  272. Cam shafts
  273. Cam sprockets
  274. Cams being parts of machines
  275. Camshafts
  276. Camshafts for vehicle engines
  277. Can openers, electric
  278. Canister vacuum cleaners
  279. Canning machines
  280. Capstans
  281. Car lifts
  282. Car washing installations
  283. Car washing machines
  284. Carbon brushes [electricity]
  285. Carburetor feeders
  286. Carburetors
  287. Carburetter feeders
  288. Carburetters
  289. Carburettor feeders
  290. Carburettors
  291. Card clothing [parts of carding machines]
  292. Cardboard box making machines
  293. Carding machines
  294. Cargo handling machines
  295. Carpet cleaning machines
  296. Carpet washing machines
  297. Carriage aprons
  298. Carriages for knitting machines
  299. Cartoning machines
  300. Cartridges for filtering machines
  301. Casting machines
  302. Catalytic converter units for vehicle exhausts
  303. Catalytic converters
  304. Catalytic converters for engines
  305. Catalytic converters for engines and motors
  306. Catalytic converters for exhaust gases of internal combustion engines
  307. Catalytic converters for motors
  308. Catalytic converters for motors and engines
  309. Cemented carbide machine tools
  310. Cemented carbide tips for use with machine tools
  311. Center drill bits being parts of machines
  312. Centering drill bits being parts of machines
  313. Central vacuum cleaners
  314. Central vacuum cleaning installations
  315. Centrifugal blowers
  316. Centrifugal compressors
  317. Centrifugal fans
  318. Centrifugal grinding machines
  319. Centrifugal juicers, electric
  320. Centrifugal machines
  321. Centrifugal metering pumps
  322. Centrifugal mills
  323. Centrifugal pumps
  324. Centrifugal separators
  325. Centrifuges [machines]
  326. Cereal processing machines
  327. Chaff cutter blades
  328. Chaff cutters
  329. Chaff cutters, electric
  330. Chain conveyors
  331. Chain saws
  332. Chain saws, electric
  333. Chainsaws
  334. Chasers [machine tools]
  335. Cheese making machines
  336. Cheese slicers [machines]
  337. Cheese slicing machines
  338. Chemical fiber spinning machines
  339. Chemical fibre spinning machines
  340. Chemical vapor deposition [CVD] reactors for semiconductor manufacturing machines
  341. Chick brooders
  342. Chisels for machines
  343. Chucks for power drills
  344. Chucks [parts of machines]
  345. Churns
  346. Chutes being parts of machines
  347. Cigarette machines for industrial purposes
  348. Cigarette making machines
  349. Cinder sifters [machines]
  350. Circular saw blades being parts of machines
  351. Circular saw machines
  352. Circular saws
  353. Circular saws for woodworking
  354. Circulating pumps
  355. Citrus juicers, electric
  356. Clack valves for machines
  357. Clack valves [parts of machines]
  358. Clamping tools for holding piece parts during machining
  359. Cleaning apparatus, electric, for household purposes
  360. Cleaning appliances utilizing steam
  361. Cleaning machines for aviation engines
  362. Cleaning machines for ponds
  363. Clippers [machines]
  364. Clothes washing machines
  365. Clothing pressing machines, electric
  366. Clutches and apparatus for power transmission, other than for land vehicles
  367. Clutches for machines
  368. Clutches, other than for land vehicles
  369. Coal loaders
  370. Coal-cutting machines
  371. Coffee frothers, electric
  372. Coffee grinders, electric
  373. Coffee grinders, other than hand-operated
  374. Coffee mills, electric
  375. Coffee mills, other than hand-operated
  376. Coffee vending machines
  377. Cog wheels being parts of machines
  378. Cog wheels for machines
  379. Cogwheels being parts of machines
  380. Cogwheels for machines
  381. Coin-operated vending machines
  382. Coin-operated washing machines
  383. Cold drink vending machines
  384. Cold press juicers, electric
  385. Cold saw machines
  386. Collating machines for industrial purposes
  387. Collating machines for industrial use
  388. Collets for power tools
  389. Color-washing machines
  390. Colour-washing machines
  391. Combination washer-dryers
  392. Combine harvesters
  393. Commercial vacuum cleaners
  394. Composters [machines]
  395. Composting machines
  396. Compressed air engines
  397. Compressed air guns for the extrusion of mastics
  398. Compressed air machines
  399. Compressed air pumps
  400. Compression molding machines
  401. Compression moulding machines
  402. Compressors as parts of machines, motors and engines
  403. Compressors being parts of machines, motors and engines
  404. Compressors for air conditioners
  405. Compressors for dehumidifying machines
  406. Compressors for machines
  407. Compressors for refrigerators
  408. Compressors [machines]
  409. Concrete finishing machines
  410. Concrete mixers [machines]
  411. Concrete paving machines
  412. Concrete placing machines
  413. Concrete vibrators
  414. Concrete vibrators, electric
  415. Condensate separators
  416. Condensing installations
  417. Cone brakes being parts of machines
  418. Confectionery vending machines
  419. Connecting rods for engines
  420. Connecting rods for engines and motors
  421. Connecting rods for land vehicle engines
  422. Connecting rods for machines
  423. Connecting rods for machines and engines
  424. Connecting rods for machines and motors
  425. Connecting rods for machines, motors and engines
  426. Connecting rods for motors
  427. Connecting rods for motors and engines
  428. Construction machines
  429. Construction machines and apparatus
  430. Continuous casting machines
  431. Continuous metal casting machines
  432. Control cables for machines, engines or motors
  433. Control mechanisms for industrial robots
  434. Control mechanisms for machines, engines or motors
  435. Control valves for regulating the flow of gases and liquids [parts of machines]
  436. Controlled volume pumps
  437. Converters for steel works
  438. Converters for steelworks
  439. Conveyer belts
  440. Conveying machines
  441. Conveyor belt scrapers
  442. Conveyor belts
  443. Conveyors [machines]
  444. Cooling radiators for engines
  445. Cooling radiators for motors
  446. Cooling radiators for motors and engines
  447. Cord making machines
  448. Cordless electric hand drills
  449. Cordless electric screwdrivers
  450. Cordless vacuum cleaners
  451. Core drilling bits
  452. Corn and grain husking machines
  453. Corn husking machines
  454. Corrugated cardboard making machines
  455. Corrugated cardboard manufacturing machines
  456. Corrugated paperboard making machines
  457. Cotton ginning machines
  458. Countersinks
  459. Couplings for agricultural implements
  460. Couplings for machine tools
  461. Couplings for machines
  462. Couplings for pneumatic apparatus
  463. Couplings, other than for land vehicles
  464. Cowlings [parts of machines]
  465. Cranes
  466. Cranes [lifting and hoisting apparatus]
  467. Crank shafts
  468. Crankcases for engines
  469. Crankcases for engines and motors
  470. Crankcases for machines
  471. Crankcases for machines, motors and engines
  472. Crankcases for motors
  473. Crankcases for motors and engines
  474. Cranks [parts of machines]
  475. Crankshafts
  476. Crawler cranes
  477. Crawler-tracked loaders
  478. Cream/milk separators
  479. Crushers for industrial purposes
  480. Crushers for industrial use
  481. Crushers for kitchen use, electric
  482. Crushers, electric, for household purposes
  483. Crushing machines
  484. Crushing machines for industrial purposes
  485. Crushing machines for industrial use
  486. Cryogenic valves being parts of machines
  487. Cultivators [machines]
  488. Current generators
  489. Curtain drawing devices, electrically operated
  490. Cutters [machines]
  491. Cutters [machines] for household purposes
  492. Cutting blow pipes, gas-operated
  493. Cutting devices being parts of machines
  494. Cutting machines
  495. Cutting machines for metalworking
  496. Cutting torches
  497. Cutting torches, gas-operated
  498. Cyclone separators
  499. Cyclonic vacuum cleaners
  500. Cylinder heads for engines
  501. Cylinders for engines
  502. Cylinders for engines and motors
  503. Cylinders for machines
  504. Cylinders for motors
  505. Cylinders for motors and engines
  506. Dairy machines
  507. Darning machines
  508. Dashpot plungers [parts of machines]
  509. DC generators
  510. DC motors
  511. De-aerators for feedwater
  512. Deaerators for feedwater
  513. Debarking machines
  514. Decatizing machines
  515. Deep well turbine pumps
  516. Deep-sea mining machines
  517. Deep-well turbine pumps
  518. Degreasers [machines]
  519. Degreasing machines
  520. Derricks
  521. Dethatchers [machines]
  522. Die-cutting and tapping machines
  523. Die-cutting machines
  524. Die-stamping machines
  525. Dies for use with machine tools
  526. Diesel engines for machines
  527. Diesel engines, not for land vehicles
  528. Diesel engines, other than for land vehicles
  529. Diesel-engine heating plugs
  530. Diffusion pumps
  531. Diggers [machines]
  532. Digital printing machines for ceramic surfaces
  533. Digital printing machines for decorating beverage cans
  534. Digital printing machines for industrial purposes
  535. Digital printing machines for textile industry
  536. Dip-dyeing machines
  537. Direct current generators
  538. Direct current motors
  539. Disc brakes being parts of machines
  540. Disc brakes for machines
  541. Disc harrows
  542. Dish washing machines
  543. Dish washing machines for household purposes
  544. Dish washing machines for industrial purposes
  545. Dish washing machines for restaurants
  546. Dishwasher racks [parts of dishwashers]
  547. Dishwashers
  548. Dishwashers for household purposes
  549. Dishwashers for industrial purposes
  550. Dishwashing machines
  551. Dishwashing machines for household purposes
  552. Dishwashing machines for industrial purposes
  553. Dishwashing machines for restaurants
  554. Disintegrators
  555. Disk harrows
  556. Distributors for vehicle engines
  557. Ditchers [ploughs]
  558. Ditchers [plows]
  559. Ditching machines
  560. Dividing machines
  561. Dock cranes
  562. Document sorting machines
  563. Domestic crushers, electric
  564. Domestic grinders, electric
  565. Door closers, electric
  566. Door closers, hydraulic
  567. Door closers, pneumatic
  568. Door openers, electric
  569. Door openers, hydraulic
  570. Door openers, pneumatic
  571. Dosing valves [parts of machines]
  572. Dough kneading machines
  573. Drain augers, electric
  574. Drain cocks
  575. Drain jetters
  576. Drainage machines
  577. Dredging machines
  578. Drill bits for rock drilling
  579. Drill chucks for power drills
  580. Drill chucks [parts of machines]
  581. Drill hammers
  582. Drill presses [machines]
  583. Drill sharpening machines
  584. Drilling bits [parts of machines]
  585. Drilling heads [parts of machines]
  586. Drilling machines
  587. Drilling machines and parts therefor
  588. Drilling machines for metalworking
  589. Drilling rigs
  590. Drilling rigs, floating or non-floating
  591. Drills for the mining industry
  592. Drills [power tools]
  593. Drills, electric
  594. Drive belts for machines
  595. Drive belts for motors, other than for land vehicles
  596. Drive chains for machines
  597. Drive devices for opening and closing vehicle doors
  598. Drive pulleys for power transmission belts of agricultural machines
  599. Drive pulleys for power transmission belts of industrial machines
  600. Drive shaft couplings for machines
  601. Drive shaft couplings, other than for land vehicles
  602. Drives for elevator cabin doors
  603. Drives for elevators
  604. Driving belts for machines
  605. Driving belts for motors, other than for land vehicles
  606. Driving chains for machines
  607. Driving chains other than for land vehicles
  608. Driving chains, other than for land vehicles
  609. Driving motors, other than for land vehicles
  610. Drop-forging machines
  611. Drums [parts of machines]
  612. Dry cleaning machines
  613. Dry-cleaning machines
  614. Dust bags for vacuum cleaners
  615. Dust collecting machines
  616. Dust exhausting installations for cleaning purposes
  617. Dust filters for vacuum cleaners
  618. Dust removing installations for cleaning purposes
  619. Dust separators
  620. Dyeing machines
  621. Dynamo belts
  622. Dynamo brushes
  623. Dynamo pulleys for vehicles
  624. Dynamos
  625. Dynamos for bicycles
  626. Earth augers
  627. Earth compacting machines
  628. Earth moving machines
  629. Edible kelp processing machines
  630. Egg beaters, electric
  631. Egg brooders
  632. Egg incubators
  633. Egg slicers [machines]
  634. Egg slicing machines
  635. Ejectors
  636. Electric arc cutting apparatus
  637. Electric arc cutting machines
  638. Electric arc welders
  639. Electric arc welding apparatus
  640. Electric arc welding machines
  641. Electric bar blenders
  642. Electric beaters
  643. Electric blenders for food and drink preparation
  644. Electric blenders for food preparation
  645. Electric blenders for household purposes
  646. Electric blenders for the preparation of beverages
  647. Electric blenders for the preparation of drinks
  648. Electric brooms
  649. Electric can openers
  650. Electric caulking guns
  651. Electric chaff cutters
  652. Electric chain saws
  653. Electric cherry pit removing machines
  654. Electric citrus juicers
  655. Electric cleaning apparatus for household purposes
  656. Electric closing mechanisms for vehicle windows
  657. Electric clothing pressing machines
  658. Electric coffee frothers
  659. Electric coffee grinders
  660. Electric coffee mills
  661. Electric compressors
  662. Electric concrete vibrators
  663. Electric crushers for household purposes
  664. Electric door closers
  665. Electric door openers
  666. Electric drain augers
  667. Electric drills
  668. Electric drills, hand-held
  669. Electric drives for elevators
  670. Electric egg beaters
  671. Electric elevators
  672. Electric fan units for vacuum cleaners
  673. Electric floor polishing machines and apparatus
  674. Electric food blenders
  675. Electric food blenders for household purposes
  676. Electric food choppers
  677. Electric food grinders
  678. Electric food grinders for commercial use
  679. Electric food grinders for domestic use
  680. Electric food grinders for industrial purposes
  681. Electric food grinders for industrial use
  682. Electric food mixers
  683. Electric food mixers for household purposes
  684. Electric food processors
  685. Electric food processors for household purposes
  686. Electric food slicers
  687. Electric fruit juice extractors
  688. Electric fruit peelers
  689. Electric fruit presses
  690. Electric fruit presses for household purposes
  691. Electric fruit presses for industrial purposes
  692. Electric fruit squeezers
  693. Electric fruit squeezers for household purposes
  694. Electric fruit squeezers for industrial purposes
  695. Electric garbage disposal units
  696. Electric garden chippers
  697. Electric garden shredders
  698. Electric garlic choppers
  699. Electric garlic cutters
  700. Electric garlic peelers
  701. Electric garlic peeling machines
  702. Electric generators
  703. Electric glue guns
  704. Electric grass trimmers
  705. Electric graters
  706. Electric grinders for household purposes
  707. Electric hammers
  708. Electric hand drills
  709. Electric hand-held drills
  710. Electric hand-held mixers for household purposes
  711. Electric hedge cutters
  712. Electric hedge shears
  713. Electric hedge trimmers
  714. Electric hoists
  715. Electric hot plate welding apparatus
  716. Electric ice crushers
  717. Electric ice crushing machines
  718. Electric ice shaving machines
  719. Electric jacks
  720. Electric juice extractors
  721. Electric juice squeezers
  722. Electric juicers
  723. Electric juicers for household purposes
  724. Electric kitchen grinders
  725. Electric kitchen machines
  726. Electric kitchen machines for making whipped cream
  727. Electric kitchen mixers
  728. Electric knife sharpeners
  729. Electric knives
  730. Electric lawn edgers
  731. Electric lawn mowers
  732. Electric lawn trimmers
  733. Electric lawnmowers
  734. Electric machines and apparatus for carpet shampooing
  735. Electric machines and apparatus for cleaning
  736. Electric machines and apparatus for polishing
  737. Electric machines and apparatus for wax-polishing
  738. Electric meat choppers
  739. Electric meat cutters
  740. Electric meat cutters for household purposes
  741. Electric meat grinders
  742. Electric meat grinders for household purposes
  743. Electric meat mincers
  744. Electric mechanisms [motors] for operating vehicle windows
  745. Electric milk frothers
  746. Electric mixers for household purposes
  747. Electric motors and parts thereof, not for land vehicles
  748. Electric motors and parts thereof, other than for land vehicles
  749. Electric motors for machines
  750. Electric motors for machines with a digital servo drive controller
  751. Electric motors for operating vehicle windows
  752. Electric motors, not for land vehicles
  753. Electric motors, other than for land vehicles
  754. Electric nail extractors
  755. Electric nail guns
  756. Electric nail pullers
  757. Electric nailing guns
  758. Electric opening and closing mechanisms for vehicle windows
  759. Electric opening mechanisms for vehicle windows
  760. Electric parquet wax-polishers
  761. Electric pasta makers for domestic use
  762. Electric pasta makers for household purposes
  763. Electric pasta making machines
  764. Electric pepper mills
  765. Electric pizza cutters
  766. Electric planers
  767. Electric plumbing snakes
  768. Electric polishers for floors
  769. Electric polishing machines and apparatus
  770. Electric potato peelers
  771. Electric power generators for emergency use
  772. Electric power generators for ships
  773. Electric pulley blocks
  774. Electric pumps
  775. Electric pumps for aquariums
  776. Electric pumps for swimming pools
  777. Electric ratchet wrenches
  778. Electric reels for garden hoses
  779. Electric rotary hammers
  780. Electric salt mills
  781. Electric sanders
  782. Electric sausage stuffers
  783. Electric saws
  784. Electric scissor sharpeners
  785. Electric scissors
  786. Electric screwdrivers
  787. Electric sewer rods
  788. Electric sewing machines
  789. Electric shearing machines
  790. Electric shears
  791. Electric shoe polishers
  792. Electric ski edge sharpening tools
  793. Electric smoothie makers
  794. Electric soldering apparatus
  795. Electric soldering irons
  796. Electric steam mops
  797. Electric steam mops for household purposes
  798. Electric sweepers
  799. Electric tin openers
  800. Electric vacuum cleaners
  801. Electric vacuum cleaners for domestic use
  802. Electric vacuum cleaners for industrial purposes
  803. Electric vacuum cleaners for industrial use
  804. Electric vegetable peelers
  805. Electric vegetable slicers
  806. Electric vending machines for beverages or foods
  807. Electric washing machines
  808. Electric washing machines for household purposes
  809. Electric washing machines for industrial purposes
  810. Electric waste disposal units
  811. Electric water pumps
  812. Electric water pumps for baths
  813. Electric water pumps for spa baths
  814. Electric water pumps for swimming pools
  815. Electric water pumps for whirlpool baths
  816. Electric wax-polishers for parquet
  817. Electric wax-polishing machines
  818. Electric wax-polishing machines for household purposes
  819. Electric wax-polishing machines for industrial purposes
  820. Electric welding apparatus
  821. Electric welding machines
  822. Electric welding torches
  823. Electric whisks for household purposes
  824. Electric window cleaning equipment
  825. Electric window closers
  826. Electric window openers
  827. Electric wood sawing machines
  828. Electrical apparatus for sealing plastics [packaging]
  829. Electrical coffee grinders
  830. Electrical drills
  831. Electrical juice extractors for fruit
  832. Electrical kitchen machines
  833. Electrical vacuum cleaners for domestic use
  834. Electrical water pumps
  835. Electrical water pumps for baths
  836. Electrical water pumps for spa baths
  837. Electrical water pumps for swimming pools
  838. Electrical water pumps for whirlpool baths
  839. Electrical welding apparatus
  840. Electrically operated brushes [parts of machines]
  841. Electrically operated brushes, being parts of machines
  842. Electrically operated curtain drawing devices
  843. Electrically powered kitchen appliances for dicing, mincing, slicing and chopping food
  844. Electrically powered machines for cutting and splitting logs for firewood
  845. Electrically powered ski sharpening machines
  846. Electrically powered windlasses
  847. Electricity generators
  848. Electrodes for welding machines
  849. Electrolysis apparatus for electroplating
  850. Electrolysis apparatus for electroplating purposes
  851. Electromechanical beverage preparation machines
  852. Electromechanical drive devices for opening and closing vehicle doors
  853. Electromechanical food preparation machines
  854. Electromechanical machines for chemical industry
  855. Electromechanical machines for food preparation
  856. Electromechanical machines for preparing beverages
  857. Electromechanical machines for the chemical industry
  858. Electron beam welding robots
  859. Electronic feeders for animals, other than pets
  860. Electronic ignitions for vehicles
  861. Electronic waterers for animals, other than pets
  862. Electroplating apparatus
  863. Electroplating machines
  864. Electro pneumatic drive devices for opening and closing vehicle doors
  865. Electrostatic coating machines
  866. Electrostatic generators
  867. Elevating apparatus
  868. Elevating platforms
  869. Elevating work platforms
  870. Elevator belts
  871. Elevator car parachute systems
  872. Elevator cars
  873. Elevator chains being parts of machines
  874. Elevator chains of metal
  875. Elevator chains [parts of machines]
  876. Elevator conveyors
  877. Elevator doors
  878. Elevator gears
  879. Elevator motors
  880. Elevator operating apparatus
  881. Elevator winches
  882. Elevators
  883. Elevators [lifts]
  884. Embossed printing machines
  885. Embossing machines
  886. Embroidery machines
  887. Emergency power generators
  888. End mills [machines]
  889. Engine bearings
  890. Engine camshafts
  891. Engine cylinders for land vehicles
  892. Engine cylinders for vehicles
  893. Engine gaskets, not of metal, for vehicles
  894. Engine injectors
  895. Engine mounts, other than for land vehicles
  896. Engine mufflers
  897. Engine rods
  898. Engines and motors for model aircraft
  899. Engines and motors for model boats
  900. Engines and motors for model vehicles
  901. Engines for aerostats
  902. Engines for air cushion vehicles
  903. Engines for boats
  904. Engines for marine use
  905. Engines for marine vessels
  906. Engines for model aircraft
  907. Engines for model boats
  908. Engines for model vehicles
  909. Engines, not for land vehicles
  910. Engines, other than for land vehicles
  911. Engraving machines
  912. Envelope inserting machines
  913. Envelope sorting machines
  914. Epicyclic gears, other than for land vehicles
  915. Epitaxial reactors for semiconductor manufacturing machines
  916. Escalators
  917. Excavating machines
  918. Excavators
  919. Exhaust apparatus for aircraft
  920. Exhaust apparatus for internal combustion engines
  921. Exhaust apparatus for land vehicles
  922. Exhaust apparatus for water vehicles
  923. Exhaust apparatus [parts of machines]
  924. Exhaust bypasses
  925. Exhaust gas recirculation [EGR] valves for motors and engines
  926. Exhaust manifold for engines
  927. Exhaust manifolds for engines
  928. Exhaust mufflers for engines
  929. Exhaust mufflers for motors
  930. Exhaust mufflers for motors and engines
  931. Exhaust pipes for land vehicle engines
  932. Exhaust silencers for engines
  933. Exhaust silencers for motors
  934. Exhaust silencers for motors and engines
  935. Exhaust systems for diesel engines
  936. Exhaust systems for vehicles
  937. Exhausts for engines and motors
  938. Exhausts for motors and engines
  939. Expansion tanks [parts of machines]
  940. Explosive actuated tools for driving rivets
  941. Explosive-actuated tools for driving rivets
  942. Extension bars for power tools
  943. Extractors for mines
  944. Extrusion machines for plastics
  945. Extrusion molding machines
  946. Extrusion mounding machines
  947. Fan belts for engines
  948. Fan belts for engines and motors
  949. Fan belts for land vehicle engines
  950. Fan belts for motors
  951. Fan belts for motors and engines
  952. Fans for engines
  953. Fans for engines and motors
  954. Fans for machine engines
  955. Fans for motors
  956. Fans for motors and engines
  957. Fans for the compression, sucking and carrying of grain
  958. Faucets [parts of machines, engines or motors]
  959. Feed grinding machines
  960. Feed mills
  961. Feeders [parts of machines]
  962. Feeding apparatus for engine boilers
  963. Feed water regulators [machines]
  964. Felting machines
  965. Fertilizer spreading machines
  966. Fertilizer spreading machines
  967. Fiber cutting machines
  968. Fiber cutting machines
  969. Filling machines
  970. Filter presses
  971. Filter presses for chemical processing
  972. Filtering machines
  973. Filtering machines for chemical processing
  974. Filters being parts of machines or engines
  975. Filters for cleaning cooling air, for engines
  976. Filters for engines
  977. Filters for engines and motors
  978. Filters for machines
  979. Filters for motors
  980. Filters for motors and engines
  981. Finishing machines
  982. Fish paste making machines
  983. Fittings for engine boilers
  984. Fixed cranes
  985. Flap discs for power-operated grinders
  986. Fleshing machines
  987. Flexible couplings [parts of machines]
  988. Flexographic printing machines
  989. Flexographic printing plates
  990. Floating cranes
  991. Floating or non-floating drilling rigs
  992. Floating production storage and offloading [FPSO] units
  993. Floor buffers [machines]
  994. Floor buffing machines
  995. Floor edger’s
  996. Floor polishers
  997. Floor polishers, electric
  998. Floor polishing machines
  999. Floor polishing machines and apparatus, electric
  1000. Floor sanders


In summary, Trademark Class 7 covers machinery and industrial equipment, while common metals and alloys are classified under Trademark Class 6. Properly classifying your trademark is vital for protecting the specific goods or services you offer.

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