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Home » 13 Tools To Make Conversational AI Chatbot For Smart Brand & Marketers In 2023

13 Tools To Make Conversational AI Chatbot For Smart Brand & Marketers In 2023

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13 Tools to make Conversational AI Chatbot for smart brand & marketers in 2023

If you’re a keen entrepreneur, you’re presumably examining for the finest AI chatbot for your business. But has this question ever occur to your mind, “Why so?”

Let us give you the answer, because the top AI chatbots can enhance your customer’s online understanding by furnishing them with quick and modified installation. Not only that, they can determine your deals by presenting product signatures that match each user’s sole requirements and benefits.

They can similarly finance your deals, rebates, events, and content to guard extreme acclimations and rendezvous. But how will you find the finest AI chatbots minus trying them all and gusting down your whole marketing modest?

Do not worry, we’ve revised certain finest AI chatbots and equated them grounded on their features, prices, and usability. Let’s get started.

1. Giosg

There are numerous effects Giosg bots can do for your business. Let’s learn about them below. Some of the crucial features of this tool are –

 a) This tool give ready to use templates, including the designs for FAQ bots, rally botsetc.

 b) This tool has deep integration with CRM and marketing robotization tools.

 c) It provides 30 targeting triggers and an bus- routing to live converse

Although the pricing of this tool starts from $53.24 per month for starters, $161.89 per month for business, and $542.16 per month for decoration pack. But there’s a 30 days free trial also. This tool is easy to use for newcomers intermediate.

2. Flow xo

Flow XO is one of the top AI chatbots for minor and immense businesses similar. With the help of this AI chatbot result, you can induce an excellent- charming chatbot to reach your callers and fold user anticipations.

It assimilates faultlessly with 100 apps to cost user data minus unsettling the UX, furnishing you with a cohesive AI result. Some of the crucial features of this tool are –

a) It supports Facebook, Whatsapp, slack, telegram, sandbox, and SMS

 b) Pre-filtered leads

c) WYS/ WYG editor

 d) 100 integrations with pall- grounded apps like Zapier, knack, Google wastes, etc.

When we talk about the pricing of this tool, it’s free for upto 500 relations, 2 weeks of logs, and 5 bots. After that the standard plan offers upto 5000 relations, 5 members, and 15 bots in just $19.

3. Many chat

ManyChat is the coming tool in our list of the stylish AI chatbots for 2023. 1M brands use ManyChat to absorb users on Instagram and Facebook Messenger, or produce leads via Shopify.

Manychat’s advanced AI chatbots can help you to extend client support or increase product deals with its substantiated and automated exchanges.

You can construct continued communication bots in two twinkles with the help of their drag- and- drop AI chatbot software, deprived of any coding chops.

What differently makes ManyChat one of the stylish AI chatbots? ManyChat isn’t only one of the stylish AI chatbots, but is an each- by- one marketing and deals platform that can be used for supereminent generation and CRM support. Crucial features of this tool are –

 a) It give ready- to- use templates

 b) It’s buil from scrape bots

 c) It also integrates with external platforms like Zapier, Shopify, Hubspot, and kalviyo

This tool is free upto 1000 connections and the pro subscription is for$ 15 per month for unlimited connections.

4. Drift

Drift has the stylish AI chatbots if you need a deals development representative that works 24 * 7 in generating good leads. Bots erected with Drift has the capability of handling multiple SDRs, without losing their cool or demanding time-out.

Drift proffers a profit Acceleration Platform that syndicates deals and marketing with AI to reveal profit for your business. Before investing in the stylish AI chatbots like Drift, it’s important to estimate the crucial features-

 a) Provides profit acceleration platform

 b) It’s substantiated, conversational flows

c) It has templates for playbooks

d) Canned response

Premium subscription is for$ 2500 per month which includes custom chatbots and drift Intel. The advanced subscription include everything in ultraexpensive advanced lead routing.

They also offer a free interpretation and a blinked interpretation for startups with lower than 50 workers.

5. Chatfuel

Chatfuel is one of the stylish AI chatbots for you if you’re in need of a no- law chatbot that delivers a great experience. It offers 21 free templates that can be acclimated to form modified inflow.

You can reduplicate chatbot overflows and A/B test them for better performance. It has a 75K-strong user community that can help newcomers get started with the platform which makes it one of the stylish AI chatbots.

The business pack starts at$11.99 per month and the enterprise pack starts at$ 199 per month.

6. MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is one of the stylish AI chatbots for omnichannel marketing via converse and SMS. It can handle the launch- to- finish process of converse marketing, from generating leads to stimulant and retargeting them.

It assimilates easily with Facebook Messenger and other web interfaces. You can collect leads from these places and cherish them over emails and textbook dispatches. Crucial features of this AI chatbot are –

a) Chatbox customization

b) Object emails

 c) Live converse available in- app

d) Client profiling

7. Botsify

If you’re leveling to put your customer support, sales, and marketing on autopilot, Botsify is one of the unsurpassed AI chatbots around. It’s a succeeded platform that leases you build customized conversation flows consuming their ready-made templates.

It is a reliable tool trusted by mega-brands like Toyota and Spotify, Botsify empowers multi-channel marketing on Messenger, Telegram, WordPress, WhatsApp, and SMS.

With Botsify, you can get a quicker response rate, extra conversions and qualified leads, as well as an enhanced customer retention rate.

You also get a keen Chatbot Manager to monitor you through the bot-building procedure and solve your queries.

The tool provides two pricing subscriptions one for $49 per month and other for $149 per month.

8. Zendesk answer bot

As predicted of the best AI chatbots, Zendesk Answer Bot is well-matched with numerous messaging channels. This means you can organize it in chat, email, Slack, chat, and messaging platforms.

It propose vigorous additions with manifold platforms including WhatsApp, WeChat, Twitter DM, Instagram Direct, and ample more.

Although you can leverage Zendesk’s Answer Bot to rationalize customer service, you can also attach your prevailing AI chatbot with the Zendesk platform.

As one of the finest AI chatbots, Answer Bot delivers a combined workspace for agents, bids smart propositions on what exploit they should take afterward, and itineraries tickets.

This tool offers three subscription plans-

  1. Suite team – $49 per month
  2. Suite growth – $79 per month
  3. Suite professional – $99 per month

9. Hubspot chatbot builder

Hubspot chatbot builder offers pre-built templates, visual editor, and a spontaneous chatbot builder to help you create intelligent chatbots for your exclusive needs.

The finest part is you can assimilate the chatbot with HubSpot’s famous CRM platform to transport modified customer service.

Whether you want to internment leads, response to queries, or book meetings, you can ensure it all with HubSpot chatbot builder.

Appraise its structures to see if it fits to the list of the finest AI chatbots.

The key feature of this tool is that this is a free tool.

10. Watson Assistant by IBM

With Watson assistant builder, you can sequence your chatbot’s AI on any theme with a little sample queries.

It assimilates flawlessly with virtually any platform including WhatsApp, WordPress, Twilio, Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, etc.

With collaborating rudiments and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop visual editor, you can construct an extremely appealing chatbot for your website or social channels.

Go through the key features to associate them with that of the best AI chatbots.

  1. Built-in AI capabilities
  2. Supports interactive elements
  3. Preview features to fine-tune the chatbot
  4. Recognizes and handles synonyms, deviations, and vague requests

Pricing description –

  1. Lite – free
  2. Plus – $140 per month
  3. Enterprise – custom pricing

11. Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein has all the structures that you suppose from one of the top AI chatbots, counting pre-chat lead detention forms, modified customer greetings, and tenacities for mutual problems.

The key benefit of expending Einstein Bot is the expedient incorporation with Salesforce collection. You can contact the AI-powered Salesforce CRM data and route matters to human mediators via Salesforce Service Cloud.

That’s not everything. You can get in-depth intuitions into your chatbot stats over Salesforce Service Cloud Analytics.

Is it one of the true chatbot platforms for your commercial?
Key features of this AI bot is –

  1. Conversation flow builder
  2. Automate service tasks
  3. Preview bot before deploying it
  4. Pre-chat form to capture leads

If we talk about the pricing, the Einstein bot can be bought as an add-on at $50 for 100 conversations per month.

12. Intercom

Identical to utmost bots in this list of the finest AI chatbots, Intercom’s bot is powered by AI and machine learning.

Intercom’s website entitlements that its tenacity bot rapidly resolves 33% of mutual queries and recovers comeback times by 44%.

It bids pertinent responses even formerly consumers hit the enter button by noticing the words they are typing.

It also supports 38 languages and is entirely customizable. As Intercom puts it, the bot is not impartial meant for provision, but for “resolution.”

Take a look at the key features of this tool –

  1. Easy to train chatbot
  2. Detailed customer profiling
  3. Lead segmentation
  4. Live chat feature

This chat bot starts from $74 per month for very small businesses.

13. Live person

LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud bids “curiously human” involvements crossways channels.

You can use its informal AI to mechanize and distinguish all discussions, whether you want to rationalize online shopping practices or systematize customer support.

One of the numerous details to comprise it in the list of the finest AI chatbots is that it distinguishes customer determined to deliver human-like interfaces.

Plus, with leading-edge speech gratitude, it offers voice analytics, something very rare in this assembly of the top AI chatbots offer.

According to the entitlement ended on its website, LivePerson’s AI controls over a billion interactions every month. This means that the artificial intelligence chatbot is well-trained and more precise equated to others in this list of best AI chatbots.

It offers a 45-days free trial, after that the starter pack is of $599 per month.


These finest AI chatbots are worth your time and investment. They can hasten your business evolution by augmenting your client experience, retaining rate, and sales.

On top of that, they permit you to offer astral customer service which is a keystone of contemporary businesses.

So, go ahead and sign up for the top AI chatbots labelled above. Assess their presentation during pilot periods (if they offer one) and share your experience in the comments section.

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