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12 tips to come up with a creative Business Name for your startup: Everything you need to know

Create a business name

There are many questions to consider before creating a business name for your startup, as it can have a major impact on your success. Naming your business should reflect your company’s ideas but should not be too wordy. It should catch attention but not be too similar to other brands. In contrast to a good name, a bad name can fail you to connect with the customers.

Here are 12 needful tips for how you can find a brand name for your business

  1. Create a business name that is easy to spell:- It may sound easy, but make sure the brand’s name is easy to spell and write because you don’t want future consumers to get confused about how to find your business online. You can use acronyms as they are easy to remember and convey the meaning to others. The latest study shows that a company’s stock performance is directly proportional to pronouncing its name.

Your ad campaigns will not work if customers can not remember your business name. This will also impact your mouth of marketing. Customers will not be able to refer to anyone if your business name is hard to spell.

2. The story behind your business:- As a founder, people will ask you multiple times the story behind the business name for your startup. The more compelling the story will be, the more impact you will create in your domain. If your business name does not have a story, people will not connect with you, so it is better to dig deep and find the story behind your business name. This will not only help recognize the company, but it will also help build its character.

Once you are able to create a story with your business name, you should set aside brainstorming time. Tell your team to brainstorm using words that describe your industry, your products, or the services you offer. Always try to look at the words that your competitors are using and words that describe the difference between your company and your competition.

3. Stick with your industry:- A creative business name for your startup is advised, but don’t go with names with no link to your industry, as it will create the wrong impression among your customers. This will help connect with the customers as the name will tell about the type of industry of your business. Your business name and brand is interconnected try to use descriptive words so customers can have a clear understanding of what your business consists of. Always remember an effective name create an immediate impact on your potential customers.

4. Try to avoid your own name:- It is something most people prefer to use while naming their company, but experts have suggested try to avoid naming your company after yourself as there can be multiple risks in naming the company just after your personal name. Some of the dangers of using a personal name as a business name are listed below:-

  • Personal names, as brand names, are too generic and can pause a threat of trademark infringement in the future.
  • They can limit your business growth.
  • They are hard to register.
  • It can decrease your company’s selling value.
  • It can create inheritance issues.

5. Stay away from narrow names:- If you are unaware of how your business might evolve, then make sure that the company name can grow with the business. For example, if you named your company PlayStation games but later expanded to sell all kinds of games, your name will look irrelevant. So, it is advised not to narrow down your name to a particular niche. Always have room to grow your business by avoiding restrictive words, as you don’t want to limit a business to one specific niche.

tips to come up with a creative Business Name

6. Try to build a name on the truth of the brand:- A great way to start your naming process can be based on why you have created the business and try to find the true story of your business. For example, KFC had their name as few feathers as this name was not justifying chicken, so they changed it and named it KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) based on the truth of the product they were selling.

7. Think twice before using geographic names:- Sometimes, people prefer to use their city, state, or area in their company’s name, but remember a geographic name could hinder you later. For example, if you choose to use a name like Delhi Bikes, it can work for the start, but in the future, it can restrict you only to a particular region and hinder your success.

8. Use catchy names:- Everyone wants a catchy business name because a boring name can hinder your success. For this practice, you can generate 10 or 12 names and then try to ask for feedback from your friends, family, and target audience. Feedback is critical as this will help you in generating better names. You can also do market research as well for getting a proper catchy name for your business,

9. Select web-friendly names:- Create a business name in the current world requires a significant online presence. It would help if you had a domain name that matches your business name and social media accounts in your name. For domain names, simplicity is best. A long name may look great, but it may be harder to find online for your potential customers.

10. Ensure domain availability:- If you need a name for your business, domain availability is a must. A .com domain is still the best as it offers extensions like .net, .org, and .co. You should try other alternatives if your desired name is unavailable as a domain.

There is a possibility that the .com name is already owned, but many domain owners are willing to sell, and if it is available at the right price, then you should buy it. Think of it as a part of business investment. You can check the availability of domains on websites like GoDaddy. Along with this, use this name on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

11. Better to have patience:- It is implausible that the perfect business name will come on the first try, and naming a business will take time and cost you. Evaluate the name on its potential rather than on someone’s opinion as it is going to be a part of your logo, your marketing, and your domain. Patience is the key here, as fastening this process can lead to a dark future for you and your potential consumers. So it is suggested to take time before naming the business.

12. Personal happiness:- You, the business owner, will be living with the name for your entire future, so ensure you are proud, comfortable, making sense, and happy with the name.

As you have seen, creating a business name is one of the most critical steps of a new business. Sometimes a great business name can come while dreaming on the other hand, there is a possibility that you may not even be able to find it, so, Unboxfame is making it easier for you by suggesting hundreds of quality options with the latest algorithms.

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