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11 Effective Domain Name Research Tools for Your Business

Domain Name Research Tool

The term “Domain Name Research Tools” could bring up some questions in your mind. It might seem like rocket science for some of you and It might be time taking to look and dive deeper to get an appropriate Domain name for your gig/business. You no longer need to squander your valuable time since I’m going to walk you through some amazing ideas for a creative and innovate Domain Name through the top most Research Tools for your business that will not only help it to expand but also increase its global recognition. Let’s explore it in depth to understand more about the most productive research tool for your gig or business to create a unique domain name.

The very first thing you should know is the type of business, product or service you are having and its nature. Since your domain name will reflect the type of business you are running. You will come across millions of domain out there on the internet and we have come across some of the most useful tools amongst other and sorted out the best form our knowledge. Moreover, you can use some of the tools listed below to make your business renowned globally.

1. Unboxfame Domain Name Research Tool

If you are struggling to find a creative and unique brand name for your Business along with a Domain Name then, Unboxfame can help you get a unique and eye catchy brand name ideas by the expertise dedicated team for your assistance to help you find a quirky name. Their services and assistance makes the Unboxfame different and unique from other tools. Moreover, the domain research tool is compacted with fully secured and safe features to access it confidentially.     

2. Shopify Domain Name Generator tool

This is a platform to generate the Domain name according to your brand and product in order to make it more unique and innovative because name speaks more than your products and services and It helps you in a brand naming and it is a key solution for an e-commerce business as it automatically generates name suggestion according to your product and services. 

3. Lean Domain Search

If you are someone who is frustrated by looking for the most commonly available Domain names on the website than, Lean Domain Search will help you get your Domain name in just few seconds. Moreover, it has come up with the most unique way to inverse your name to form a different name with Prefix and suffix. It is feasible to use since you only need to search for a name using a search tool to get the suggestion amongst the myriad of prefix and suffix combination domain names. However, you cannot use this tool if there is a hyphen, or numbers in your domain name extensions that you expect to have.

4. Bust a Name

Coming across a ways bust a name is one of the other research tool for domain, you can get a combination of linguistic date with a unique interface name of a domain that allows you to search through thousands of Domain names to suggest you a better name for your startup. Nevertheless, it also permits you to read the reviews and choose an appropriate hosting provider for your next gig’s site.

5. Domain Wheel

The moment you start looking for a domain name which is an online address to look for your business, sometime you run out of ideas while choosing a domain name for your product or service. Domain wheel helps you analyze the list of generated names and opt for the one suits your business the most, it allows you to search for name with word combination, rhymes, and a random suggestion will pop up automatically.  

6. Domainr

Domainr is another essential tool to find and create a domain name different from others. It will allow you to portrait your business in word i.e. your domain name. Furthermore, the best and unique thing about the Domainr is that it is the only ICANN-accredited domain status API provider platform. API can check and verify whether the name is available or taken as per your preference.

7. Business Name Maker

Here we found another useful tool for your business to find a perfect domain name to make your product, you need to enter the name you would like to prefer according to your business on a search bar of the website and then the website will walk you through the list of name available for your brand, domain, business.

8. GoDaddy

 The India’s most preferable and trusted website to search for a domain name amongst the other is GoDaddy the world largest registrar. You can get assistance with expert team available to connect with you they are just a call away. Every time you search for a name in their domain search box, their powerful engine searches the web’s enormous pool of names for you. However, the site charge you to buy and use the domain you will decide to choose, plus applicable taxes and fees, including ICANN fee.

9. Blog Name Generator

Blog name generator is a tool that allows you to generator your own domain name when you have certain sets of keywords in your mind for your blog. You can select 1-2 names from the suggestion list and enter them in the search box and the most suitable options will pop up.

10. Wordoid

It works as uniquely as its name (wordoid). It is the highly innovate blog name tool generator which can allow you to select more than one language and blend them to from a creative blog name and it is the most creative way to craft the name of your domain/blog.

11. Domaintyper

The Domain typer is a tool the helps you find the available domain names from its artificial intelligence suggestion list. Moreover, Your Domain Name Search is secured with SSL and the most amazing part about this tool is that, you can Use DomainTyper with Confidence while performing a confidential search which means. Your search result will not be saved and cache.

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