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Home » 6 Best AI Tools to Create Animated Videos In 2023

6 Best AI Tools to Create Animated Videos In 2023

6 Best AI Tools to Create Animated Videos In 2023

These days, videos dominate everything. Social media tools’ algorithms favor video-focused content.

Video production, however, is only for some.

Did you know that you can now integrate your blog article into a program to produce a video? That the program allows you to enter a screenplay, which will create a movie for you?

Making and editing videos may take a lot of time, and only some are skilled.

But the procedure need not be unpleasant. It’s unnecessary to invest in equipment, hire a team, and spend many hours recording and editing to produce a high-quality video.

AI production tools make it easier to create films from the start. Thanks to these AI tools, you don’t need any tools or a team to get started right away.

6 Best AI Video Creation Tools

  1. Pictory
  2. FlexClip
  3. Synthesia
  4. DeepBrain
  6. Lumen5

1. Pictory

Pictory logo

Pictory is a powerful AI video tool. You may submit your script, and the AI platform will search through its enormous collection of movies and photos that are all free to use to find content that matches your screenplay. With this technique, you may produce gorgeous videos that adhere to your script and deliver your message.

Additionally, it aids in breaking down long-form video information into manageable chunks. With Pictures capabilities, any length of a screenplay or pre-existing video may be transformed into exciting entertainment.

2. FlexClip

FlexClip logo

You can make gorgeous films using FlexClip’s AI video production tool for various uses. You may make your film from the start using your design or choose one of their tens of thousands of templates.

FlexClip makes it simple to make customized films to share with your audience and consumers, whether you want to make a straightforward movie to share with friends and family or a brand or business.

They have a very user-friendly interface and lots of extra tools to let you make a beautiful film without employing an entire production crew or devoting hundreds of hours to editing.

3. Synthesia


You can create films with AI avatars in more than 60 languages with Synthesia. Utilizing Synthesia, you can design or include an avatar that serves as the “face” of the video and speaks the script you supply to deliver your message.

For instructional, how-to, and product marketing films, Synthesia works well. You don’t need to be an expert in video creation or shell out a lot of money to utilize Synthesia because it offers many features that make making films for novices straightforward and quick.

4. DeepBrain

DeepBrain logo

A cutting-edge platform called DeepBrain AI creates videos using AI designed with humans in mind. You can write in the text to create an AI-powered film with more than 80 avatars that demonstrate your message distinctively and engagingly, going above and beyond what is possible with words.

Because it can create films with AI human avatars that move and speak like actual humans, DeepBrain is unique. This results in a realistic and natural portrayal.

Additionally, the platform has many Asian human avatars, which is beneficial for various businesses. You may create a digital persona of a natural person with DeepBrain that replicates their voice, gait, and habits.

5. logo

With’s platform, you can make AI-generated logos, films, banners, mockups, and AI-generated videos. You need to choose the industry your video is for, create a title, and include the script you wish to utilize. After that, you may pick a voiceover. You may create a film with

It’s an excellent place to start so that you can edit afterward. Instead of displaying avatars, it depends on creating your B-roll automatically.

Additionally, offers free assistance features, including a calendar, font combinations, color picker, and graphic creator.

If you’re starting started or have expertise with AI-generated video, is a terrific platform. You may test out any of their tools without registering for anything.

6. Lumen5


Lumen5 enables companies, freelancers, and content producers to produce notable AI-generated films, transform blog entries into videos, and position themselves as industry leaders in marketing campaigns.

They provide templates for slideshows, marketing, how-to films, social media tales and videos, and YouTube videos.

You may turn blog content into videos using a video generator. This is something to look at if you’re searching for a quick way to convert blogs into videos. The videos have great production values.

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