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Top 9 Product-Naming Companies For Your Business

Product Naming Companies

Before launching your start-up business about the brand name you have chosen and always do some research about how brand naming is actually done so that you are not stuck or even face trial in the future. And if you ever happen not to be able to think or come up with a good name for your start-up business you are not sad, I have enlisted some of the most famous product naming companies of 2023.

The name of the brand should always be a catchy, creative, and descriptive name that anyone can pronounce and be able to recognize in the first few seconds after seeing the name a second time. It can be anywhere online, in advertisements, or in stores on display. A unique business name helps to separate your goods and products from other companies goods and products in the market.

If you have brainstormed enough but did not get one name that could fit your brand product, given below are the top naming companies of 2023 that you could take help from.

Top 9 Product Naming Companies in 2023 That You Can Consider For Your Business

1. Unboxfame

Unboxfame is one of the best brand naming agencies that give can give you the names you desire for your product which are not unique but also simple and catchy, easy to pronounce and recognize.

Unboxfame also does the digital marketing 360 of the brand, domain search, logo design, trademark search, and website design along with others.

2. Zinzin

Zinzin is a naming and branding agency. It creates powerful products and company names, branding beyond the competition.

3. Tungsten

Tungsten is a naming and branding service company for tech start-ups. It is known for intuitive brand name creation of companies, products, and service naming; it also specializes in rebranding growing businesses that have outgrown their original identity.

4. Catchword

Catchword a branding and naming firm has partnered with industry-leading brands since 1998. Situated in San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Denver, and Calgary, it helps customers in all possible ways.

5. Want

WANT is a business branding company, a B2B corporate branding agency that has been creating high-performance brands for business companies for over the past 22 years.

6. Tanj

Tanj is a global brand naming and language studio agency. It gives you the most consequential brand names that empower you and your team.

7. River Wolf

River+Wolf is a naming agency situated in New York City with clients around the world. Developing extraordinary company, product, and service is their goal. It also provides total packaging of naming clients, from strategy and developing names to designs.

8. La Visual

La Visual is a digital marketing and global branding service located in Los Angeles, California. The company hones its craft in creating creating and launching world-class brands with an emphasis on strategic development and more.

9. NameStormer

NameStormers, stationed at Austin & Boston-based naming agency has been creating company names, brand names, and product names for different types of businesses since 1985.

Now that you know some of the best naming agencies from whom you can get help if you still want to create a name for your company on your own, you can follow the following steps:

9 Steps to Creating a Brand Name:

1. Understand Your Own Business

Before deciding and starting up your business always plan your business plans and list them down, the list should consist of the following:

  • What your business stands for
  • The product or service you provide
  • Your business mission
  • Your business goals
  • Your target audience
  • Your value proportion

2. Think of Descriptive Keywords for Your Brand Name

Once you have your business plans, now is the time to brainstorm the keywords that describe your company and your work. Remember to make a descriptor of your business and brand so that you will be able to identify the ones that reflect you the best.

3. Consider SEO While Brand Naming

Good names are part of the ability to get found by potential prospects. For this very reason, consider how well your name can position your brand in the search engine.

  • Search Volume: One of the most favored strategies is to name a business on the most highly searched keywords.
  • Authority: Avoid choosing a name that is too heavy with competition on SERPs (search engine result pages)
  • Intent: Make sure when thinking through your business name that it does not match search intent.

4. Choose a naming style

While choosing your name keep the following in mind

  • If possible include the company founder’s name
  • Use a single word as the name
  • Changing, removing, or adding a letter from the keyword
  • Try making a combination of two or more words
  • Try to use a metaphor
  • Create an acronym

5. Tell a Story After Your Name

While catering a name for your brand try to create a story behind the name or the idea behind the name. This evokes emotional thoughts among the customers and consumers, highlighting the mission of your business.

6. Ensure the Trademark Available

Naming is not over just by following the details mentioned above. But now you need whether or not the trademark is available for you to use or not. If the name is not available then you cannot use it and you will have to think of something else

7. Ensure the Domain Is Not Taken By Anyone

The name is one of the most important parts of marketing business as it is the face of the company. Ensure the name you have chosen has not been already taken by someone else. If the name is not available then you cannot use it; never make the mistake of trying to go with the same name or you will have to face consequences in the future.

8. Make Sure The.Com Domain And Social Media Handles Are Available

We live in the 21st century and in today’s date, social media marketing is very important to promote your brand, product, or service and to reach out to your targetted audience. Make sure the (.)com domain name and social media handle is available.

9. Register Your Business

Once everything is done you are required to get your brand name registered with the officials to protect your brand name for the future and so that no one is able to use your business name. Different countries have different rules and regulations and requirements but the process is more or less the same in the world.

So let me tell you about our company. Unboxfame is a brand naming agency that has already given many names to many start-up companies which are running successfully now. We are not just a naming agency but also do domain research, trademark research, logo designing, website design, and 360-degree marketing, helping you reach the top of the market industry and make you stand out of the crowd so that your company is recognized by everyone.

Our main focus is to give our clients a name for their business that is catchy, easy to pronounce, and easy to recognize even after one has seen it after a long time even by a little child. Since new business persons do not know many things as they have just entered the market we also help them with the information about what should be done and what should not be done, what is the right time for the actions and plans, how one can improve their brand, how one can draw new customers and keep good relations with the existing clients, customers, and consumers. So, visit us and unbox your fame with us.

In this article, we have learned how you can name a brand for your start-up on your own and you are unable you I have enlisted some of the most famous product naming companies in 2023 which can help you get your desired name. Enjoy naming and building a successful business.

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